Since Apple released iOS 5 and its latest handset with the new software pre-installed to the public, customers have been complaining about poor battery life. It appears that something in the iOS update has directly affected battery performance.

Other than a few rumors of its engineers contacting customers regarding their complaints, Apple has been relatively silent on the matter… until now. AllThingsD has just received an official statement from the company confirming the problem…

“A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices. We have found a few bugs that are affecting battery life and we will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.”

Apple certainly seems to be taking the issue seriously, as it’s already seeded a 5.0.1 update to developers. The new software contains fixes for the reported battery bugs, as well as for other components, including iCloud and Siri Dictation.

As aforementioned, the 5.0.1 update is only available to developers at this point. Apple likely wants to make sure it does the trick before releasing it to the masses. If you can’t wait for the public release, we’ve found that this trick really helps improve battery life on iOS 5.

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  • Well, it took Apple only 2 weeks to acknowledge the problem…

  • what about the awful audio distortion apple?? :@ if they leave it like this, hell, I’m gonna be pissed!

  • This is a test from my iPhone.

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      Working like a champ!

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    uuhhhh 5.0 has big bugs…and MY GOD the Music App is the buggiest of all!!
    Jane’s Addiction is in my “L” Section :S:S i HOPE Apple Engineers will read/consider this comment, Thank You!

    • Why would they? You wrote nothing of constructive use.

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    I hope this does not patch any possible jailbreak holes.

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    Good news. Then I hope the jailbreak comes right after the update. I need my tweaks!!!

  • Gus Me

    At least we didn’t hear that we weren’t charging our idevices right. I wonder if the update is going to be like the update for the death grip problem that we caused by holding our phones “wrong”.

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    Safe for IOS 5 untethering jailbreak? Have they confirmed? When is it coming?

  • Wishing for a tethered jailbreak by tomorrow! bloody iPad 2

  • Apple starting to look like Microsoft with all the updates and patches. Well, nothing is perfect, right?

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    Wonder if this will at least help a tiny bit with my poor battery life on my hacktivated iPhone. Since stupid SAM didn’t work, anyone know if this will fix any battery issues on other iOS 5 devices, say 3GS?

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      Great, now my name is a cartoon character…

  • Am I on iDownloadblog? This feels new

  • And I have one interesting question . . isn’t it there is a new feature on iOS 5 called “Software Update” if they released publicly the iOS 5.0.1 can I just update using it? And What are its pros/cons? esp to unlockers ?

  • That always happens whenever they release stuff e.g. 3.0 , 4.0, and now 5.0. I always wait for other people to try the new ones first before jumping into the wagon. Better to be stuck with the old version that is stable rather than to have new features but unstable.

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  • I’ve not had any problems on iOS 5 with battery. In fact it’s been better than iOS 4 for me. Hope this does fix the problems for the people that do have problems.

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