Over the past couple of weeks, speculation around an Apple-flavored TV set has dramatically amplified. Between Steve Jobs’ “I cracked it” comment and a TV market that seems ripe for the picking, the time feels right for Apple to move in.

Word on the street is that the company is so serious about entering the television space that it already has a working prototype of a TV set. Obviously we won’t get to see the product until it’s finished, but we can look at this gorgeous concept…

Popular iDevice mockup artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen has created several renderings of what he believes Apple’s television could look like. The “iTV” set is expected to have game-changing features that would set it apart from the competition.

For starters, pundits believe that Apple’s TV set will have Siri built-in. This way, users could easily control their TVs with voice commands. The set is also rumored to have standard iOS features like FaceTime, iCloud support, and App Store access.

Nobody knows for sure when or if Apple will release its own television. But if it looks anything like the above concept, we’re sold.

What do you think of this iTV concept?


  • Peppe

    Everything looks very cool, and compeltely possible, except one thing…..
    Why the HELL would anyone want their TV to have multitouch control??? Anyone who is within arms reach of their TV doesn’t know how to use a TV…

    cool though

    • Ken

      I agree with you. Instead of multitouch screen, they should made something can control from iphone or ipad.

  • Looks like a fart could knock it over.

    • AsianLeader

      LMAO ……

  • Peppe

    Instead, I bet Apple would assume most of their customers own at least one iDevice that could act as the controler, (like remote on apple TV)

  • The only thing I’m not sure is the “Multi-Touch” screen. Touching an iPad or iPhone is ok, but a TV would mean:
    a) Having to stand up.
    b) Touch a BIG screen, which might result confusing for some people
    c) We’d have to clean it A LOT.

    Besides that, it looks amazing! I’m looking forward for the iTV (or AppleTV S or however they call it).

    • Mac

      they gonna call it Monster iPad !!!’

      • Ethan

        Or @MuscleNerd’s iPad

      • Ethan

        Or or “iPad on Steroid”

  • lol multi touch? 3d gestures patents…. anyone?

  • prplaya420

    imagine a jailbroken Itv lol,

  • Mac

    if they made a table to lay the table on to use
    multitouch will be perfecto!!!!!

  • Mac

    if the made a table to lay the tv on will be good
    to use multitouch !!!!

  • Brett

    Have we not established that it cannot be called iTV considering there is a tv network in the UK called ITV. Don’t really think apple wants anymore law suits

    • +1
      I was about to post that. Looked for someone who noticed that.

  • Brett

    Have we not established that it cannot be called iTV considering there is a tv network in the UK called ITV.

  • Sean

    Multi touch screen, plus using iPhone as a remote through Bluetooth 4.0 would be huge

    • Ouss_t


  • prplaya420

    jalbreaking would be huger lol

  • The time is ripe for this! People are tired of crappy cable & ready for a smarter TV experience.

    I recently bought a Samsung with their SmartTV interface to because it’s beautiful to look at & basically does this (stream TV, movies, music, Skype). The interface & UX is clunky (obviously). If Apple had even an updated AppleTV (even without screen) that handled higher resolution, Hulu+, Netflix, Pandora/Spotify & Skype, I’d absolutely get it. Add Siri in there & it would be amazing.

    Apple would clean up with this!!

  • Mr.MustacheRider

    what about a retina display lol

  • Asad

    It doesnt really need a multi-touch display.. no point really

  • T

    Nice but I think I’ll be more interested in the size of the tv they come out with.

  • DomPerignon

    I can’t believe some geeks are starting to masturbate about a TV set that nobody knows anything about it. This set exists only just in their imagination. Unbelievable!

  • Mike

    The name iTV will never get passed because of the TV network in the UK ITV.


  • Larry

    Sign me up for 2 of em I bet they’ll have it so u can use ur iPad/iPhone as a remote

  • Samuel Cortez

    a camera on a TV,Awesome! 😀

    • Mac

      with a flash led!!!!

  • DebTym

    Uhm..i’ve seen those kind of TVs. what I’m expecting from Apple is, like what they did to the phone market, established a whole new standard in terms of TVs.. like TVs we’ve only seen in our dreams and imagination. 😉

  • mohgui

    i assume the black markings below the Apple logo at the back of the TV are HDMI and some other ports. if not, then i also assume that everything will be on AirPlay…

  • unfortantely, it will no available in malaysia

  • heioo

    well all its missing is ipod touch like remote for web browsing(typing) and all iphones(ipod touches) work as remotes.

  • I think if I were Jony Ive, there would be NO BEZEL on the screen. Completely edge to edge image area, if that’s possible. Also, I’d explore whether I could get away from a black screen when it’s off. White would be wicked cool… Brushed aluminum or stainless steel for the edges and back.