While Apple’s Photo Stream is a great way of getting photos to sync across multiple devices, there’s one glaring problem. Photo Stream doesn’t support video, presumably because Apple doesn’t want its servers full of hours and hours of 1080p videos showing cats sleeping.

It makes sense from a technical standpoint, but that doesn’t help you if you need to get a video from one device to another. There’s syncing with iTunes, and doing the iPhoto jig in the hope that everything works as planned, but it’s a pain, and not always practical.

That’s where PhotoSync comes in…

Priced at a reasonable $1.99, PhotoSync fills in the gaps left by Photo Stream by allowing the sharing of video and photos between iOS devices, and even Macs and PCs, wirelessly.

Operation is about as easy as it gets. Set the receiving devices up to be able to accept connections via the app’s settings, and it will show up as a potential destination for others. You can even have PhotoSync send content to web-based services like Flickr and SmugMug, should you wish.

All transfers are done over your Wi-Fi connection, so keep that in mind when moving huge video files between iDevices. If you’re happy with Wi-Fi iTunes syncing, chances are you’ll be fine with this, too. Once you’ve initiated the transfer you can even close the app, with the files continuing to copy in the background.

This is a great little app for getting photos and videos from one iDevice to another. It’s perfect for sharing baby photos and similar memories between iPhones and iPads.

Do you use another app to serve the purpose of Photo Stream on your iPhone?

  • Gus Me

    I used this app with my iPhone 4, and it worked great, but only one way. I could get photos from my PC to iPhone with no problem. I could never get pics/vids from my phone to PC though. I tried disabling firewall and changing router settings, but I had no luck at all. It could still be an issue with my home network configuration, but still wanted to give my .02…

    • Asad

      Probably cuz apple doesnt allow that

      • Gus Me

        It has nothing to do with Apple, it’s supposed to work with Mac/PC according to the program and article. I just haven’t been able to get it to work from phone to PC, but I was sure it had to do with my network. It seems @Mytduck33 has it working okay, as I’m sure others do to.

  • Mytduck33

    This app works great. I have the desktop version on both my MacBook pro and my PC. Then, I transfer photos/videos frm my 4S, 4 and ipad2 between each other. If I’m not mistaken, the desktop version is free.

  • Touchbyte

    Hi Gus,

    We are the authors of Photosync. Please write to info@photosync-app.com for support. I am pretty sure it’s a firewall or network issues.



  • Mark

    Can I transfer videos from my idevice to my friends idevice?

  • Anonymous

    Can you share between different iTunes accounts? (ie wife has another acct)

    • Yes you can. I found out that the date stamp is not correct. It is based on when you transfer the pictures not when the picture was taken.

    • Hot12345

      Yes you can

  • Let me know what you find out OliverF, I am in the same boat.

    We have been toying around with SnapSync by utilizing the same registered e-mail account on SnapSync (but different e-mail on iCloud). SnapSync works okay, but it is buggy and does not transfer videos.

    I am willing to shell out $1.99 on each of our Apple accounts, if that means we can share pictures and videos via WiFi without losing any quality. I also would like for the DropBox Camera Uploads function to detect duplicates properly. For example, if I sync with my wife’s phone, the Camera Upload feature is smart enough to not upload the same picture and/or video twice.