A few hours ago a video was posted by esteemed jailbreak developer chpwn (Grant Paul) and Steven Troughton-Smith. Multiple stories from different sources have been published on a Siri port for non-iPhone 4S hardware, and this most recent video demonstrates the software running on an iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch.

There have been multiple parties working on a Siri port on and off for weeks now. It’s not a new fact that the Siri UI can be run on non-4S hardware. The real magic happens when Siri is able to talk back to you…

As you can see in the above videos, Steven and Grant have been able to get Siri connecting with Apple’s server. Performance is smooth and Siri responds very quickly.

The first public evidence for a Siri port to the iPhone 4 was posted by Steve Troughton-Smith weeks ago in conjunction with Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac. A second video was posted showing performance enhancements, but Siri would still not connect with the device. Only the Siri UI had been ported, not the full package.

It’s all changed since then.

Any type of Siri port for the public is very much not ready for prime time. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

Update: This article has been heavily amended to better respect all parties involved.

  • MrA

    If there’s a way to do it, can’t apple fix/patch something on their end (the servers siri talks to) instead of an iOS update to all iPhones?

    • Rody

      I don’t think they can, unless they have a way to update the authentication token on the iPhone 4S without releasing an OS update.

  • Jorge

    Whao this looks promising , i guess we can wait all the time needed for the port to be ready . The most important thing here is: I don’t have to sell my iPhone 4 . Yeahhh! Great jobs developers , you will always have our support 🙂

  • Hold Your Horses

    I understand you want your butt buddies to get credit for this and everything. And I know you want your site to get all of the hype. But seriously. Let’s get real. They’ve provided proof from the beginning. Your “bros” haven’t. What makes you think these people are going to believe that they figured this out first? Even you said it, your method isn’t even practical compared to theirs. They would’ve found out how to do it this way even if you told everyone your guys found the DNS way first and blew them out of the water. Besides, it’s not like this is going to be the biggest thing in history and they need credit for it. Just relax. It’s a port for Siri.

    And to all of the people asking about it, calm down for fucks sake.

  • Never mind that by 1Q2012, Apple will bring Siri out of beta and make it available as an iOS 5 update to all devices that can support itin hardware – at least the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (if not the 3GS as well – the AppStore version of Siri worked just fine on the 3GS).

    • Keith

      Is this true? It would make sense though

    • Jeff

      Would love it if you would cite your source. Also, you are mistaken, Siri is not in beta….

      • Jeffrey

        …yes…yes it is.
        See the little beta tag?
        Did i cite my source well enough for you?

      • javierE186

        While I he is lying about Siri going to the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, Siri is in beta as of now. Apple has stated this multiple times. Just look at their keynote or even on articles on this site say it. I think you should do your homework before you try and correct someone else xD.

  • Pointless

    By time we get this working, iphone 5 will be out and everyone will have already upgraded.

    • Itsyaboy4

      Wrong ! It’s already done it’s just a prety long process to do it your self about 20 steps it will be out in a few days i think their just working on a tutorial and also they dont know if their Gonna charge or not, I wonder if each token is unique to each iPhone 4s That way I’ll grab my own token and return my phone

  • Erik

    They should post a guide on how to do the port. They don’t have to post any files. They just need to post a guide, with no file links but instructions only.

    • bob

      that is what will happen… but it will get out..lol

    • Highlander

      Remember they have a cash cow there and DO want to make money. Posting a guide will give them NO exchange whatsoever and no money will be earned except from donations.

      • Itsyaboy4

        Not much money kuz after the 1st purchase someone will upload it for free i know i would I think they just need to do the right thing and release it for free

  • Pointless

    Guys listen carefully, stop following these guys and just get a 4s.

    they will NOT release it anytime soon and as i said by then the next gen iphone will be out and no one cares anymore.

    They just want their 15 minute of fame.

    • Some people can’t just go BYE an iPhone 4S u know..,

      • Josh

        LOL people can’t BYE an iPhone? Damn right, they can’t. But they can BUY one though…

    • 4till5

      Shut up dude if i can put siri on my 4 i want it done and so does everybody else… U go waste ur money on a 4s

      • FAGBOY’s

        Not every1 wants Sirir !! Some people don’t give a fuck about it, it’s just a tool for lazy fuckers to use cos they cba to actually open a program or write a message .. Mainly for fat, lazy Americans and some of you guys must be retarded if you shelled out hundreds of dollars to buy a 4S just for Sirir, pathetic that, typical fanboys though, like all the posters on here !!

      • Jeff

        What a stupid and poorly thought out retort… Siri has MANY practical uses(i.e. responding to emails and texts hands free).

      • Mork

        I signed a 3 yr contract for my iPhone 4 why would I want to go spend another huge upgrade fee just so apple can rape my wallet for a service my current phone is perfectly capable of handling? I jailbreak because when I pay that much for a product I want choices. 

    • Keith

      I makes no sense to buy a phone for software thats free especially if your not new to an iPhone like I say… You lol existing costumers deserve it….. Just go buy a new one funny

      • N4w3l

        I think this guy buy an 4s just for Siri… Faiiiiiilllllll!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex Trott

      I think you are unaware how how much @stroughtonsmith has done, he has done the following Emoji, iOS Tethering, AirPrint, Siri, iPad Page Curl, so i think he has done more then his 15 minutes for fame, and as for @chpwn I think you know he has a lot more then 15 minutes of fame,

    • Itsyaboy4

      Apple employee???? You sound like one or an idiot what do u know these people personally? I doubt it , yes they will be releasing this no one listen to POINTLESS as is his comments pointless

  • QuarterSwede

    He’s planning on releasing the details just not the files (obviously).

    From Steve Troughton-Smith’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/#!/stroughtonsmith/status/130505293397368832

    “To confirm: all details will be revealed once I confirm it works, doesn’t break other things, and is safe. Likely after 4S JB release (reqd)”

    That means we’re talking about _months_ since the 4S JB is in the early stages.

  • Carl

    do you not understand what he wrote? I said buy a 4s BECAUSE THEY WON’T RELEASE SHIT

  • DebTym

    If your buddies can’t do it. Someone will!!!

  • Your all gonna think this is dumb
    But have they spoken to jay Freeman about it the guy is a legend and has opend many doors for the hackers
    Maybe he could help find a Soloution that protects the hackers and the end user

    I’m just saying

  • TheBreezer

    haven’t the fools heard of piratebay??

  • Joseph

    Man, some of you are such babies. Do you really need Siri so badly that you just can’t wait until you can get afford to buy a new phone?

    And Keith, whoever said that Siri was free? With all these yahoos porting Siri to other devices, that gives people one less huge reason to go out and buy the 4S, which is a loss for Apple.

    • Troy

      a loss for apple? who gives a damn. Apple are thieves who claimed Siri was not capable of running on Iphone 4. Why? just to make dollars, they deserve to lose all potential 4S buyers because what they did was straight deception. Thank you Steve now i can laugh at all the dumbasses that bought a 4S for Siri alone 🙂

  • Very nice article! Good to see someone has an idea of what is really happening.

    I won’t be releasing it anytime soon given that there is so much legal issues, but I can guarantee one thing and that is that it will be released early feb/march, IF everything goes as planned.

    I’m still thinking whether I should upload it to cydia or make a video on youtube instead? anyway hit me up at @jackoplane.


    • DebTym


    • Tom

      “whether i should upload it to cydia” meaning the port itself?

    • Josh

      Who the fuck are you, “Jack”?

  • Silent screamer

    Well, all of this just proves that Appel just want us to buy their new phone. Technically there is no restriction whatsoever to have Siri running on a IP4. But the Apple’s company needs to sell new hardware, pure and simple… Even I f like the designs of Appel’s products I still hate their policy. Their stuff might be good but way too expensive and I’m not totally satisfied with the IP4… I won’t change for the little green robot but definitely DON’T want to spend so much money on a new IP4S either so if cool new fetures work on the old one and I can get it why not?…

  • Marnix1991

    Can’t you create your own authification servers to fool siri, would be legal

  • Ive manged to get Siri working on my i4 – responding to questions aswell via a cydia app.

    Crazy huh!

    • iPwned3

      What is the Cydia app?

    • Tom

      So you managed to get Siri fully working on your iphone 4… Hrm… Alright, show me how I can do it too them.

  • Martyn Hoskins

    Are some people just dumb they are getting excited saying they are keeping there ip4 for when Siri comes out ……. Above they said it will never be released , it’s so illegal that apple would f**k you in the street I am just going to wait and see If apple do the right thing by releasing to all iOS 5 device or go out and upgrade or buy a ip4s , do u people really want to stay in and speak to your phone and tell it you love it and want it to vibrate on your ass hole people should be more involved with the c3 maps project now that looks kool

  • CK

    Wait so if it ain’t going to be released, why make a video? why tweet saying you sucessfully done it? why do all this? what do you want honestly, money? fame? make your mommy proud?

  • Angelo

    Good article Alex and nice job @ Jack & Josh. Thanks to all Devs wasting time for us the community. 🙂

    So my thoughts:
    I think its not a big legal issue, its more a time problem. They just have to do it like the dev team has done before with the iPad baseband. A PwnageTool version that needs two .ipsw files. The first .ipsw is the one from the iPhone 4S with the Siri data inside. The second one is the target device for example a iPhone 4. So imagine we have a jailbreak for the 4S that would also mean that PwanageTool is able to open the 4S .ipsw and take the required data. Then PwanageTool transfers the data to the iPhone 4 plus Jailbreak and performs the necessary steps in order of bringing Siri to work. Only problem we need a 4S Jailbreak. But as i said this is only a time problem.
    So this is legal cause Apple offers both Firmware, files for FREE and PUBLIC, on they Servers.

    Excuse bad english please. 🙂

  • Steve

    I don’t rate this blog and yes it is full of fanboys. But “FAGBOY’s” you are a fu@king narrow minded prick. Can’t you see the benefits of Siri to people with vision issues of dexterity issues. It’s definitely not just for lazy people. So just chill out you bender.

    • Binary-Stalker

      You’re dropping down to their level.



  • |-|4cK3R

    Trust me lads, this article is pure biased, trying to defend the arrogant jackoplane who thought he was the worlds greatest hacker, then got f**ked today by Troughton-Smith. It seemed he loved the attention he was getting on Twitter but his followers have been treated to a solution instead by his competitor. Once the 4S jailbreak comes out, this port will be released, and that should certainly be within the next month.

    • Dan

      This is so true that it hurts.

  • the_bellybutton

    this article’s author = total poser

  • Seriously biased.

  • n

    Am waiting for Jon Garret to comment… = )

  • Robnasty

    Am, Am not hateing but but why did we upgrade in the jailbrake commuty get Siri for free I waste my money I should of kept my iPhone 4

  • Matt

    Well for one the 4s is Jailbreakable at the moment thats one reason why people want Siri on their 4`s

  • Dan

    so much hate in this thread

  • DomPerignon

    iPhone 4 users, let’s face it; Siri IS NOT going to be ported to iPhone 4 because:
    Using the files required to make Siri work on an iPhone 4 is ILLEGAL! and a validation token from an iPhone 4S is needed for the validation from Apple. Therefore, FORGET ABOUT IT!

    The good news about this is that someone jailbroke an iPhone 4S to get the files and the validation needed for Siri.

    • Me

      Anyone who think anything with apple is illegal is an idiot u guya should l stick a dick up ur ass and suck a ball or 2

  • Jorge

    Yeah indeed , Im just gonna wait till the port is ready ps: I hate you all!!
    Just kidding 🙂

  • tdecker363

    Seriously, that and those who have no need for an iPhone, but already spent enough money on an iPod touch, what are we supposed to do.?

  • If you could give the source and the name of where to get it that would be nice then I wouldn’t need to hack into my files on my iPod my theory is all you need to do is replace all the files that coraspond with voice command with Siri files on a jailbroken iPod/iPhone

    • tdecker363

      Even if that was to work, you’d still have to figure out how to connect it to the servers, and that’s the issue, “the files are not theirs to distribute”

  • Nick

    Wtf is wrong with some of you people, stop with the drama…

  • ishitmypants

    all of you guys are suckin’ on dry man tits! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TakumiDK

    I don’t really get it !!!

    Sow many time …. so many videos, so many day spent… and now that is ready and working is not going out !?

    What the point of this video !? To say ” I have it and only me !!! ” ?

    • Binary-Stalker

      If you saw the original article, you would know that doing such a thing at this point is illegal.