Apple’s iPhone 4S has already proved to be a huge success across the globe, so long as you happen to live in one of the seven initial launch countries. International Apple lovers fear not, for Apple’s iPhone 4S has now gone on sale in 22 more countries.

Two weeks after the US launch, the iPhone 4S is now available in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Mexico, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria and Denmark…

Despite websites, forums, and social networks seemingly full of Apple fans who were upset at the lack of a redesigned iPhone, the 4S has sold like crazy, with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint experiencing huge sales. Judging by demand across the world, there is no reason why other carriers won’t also see huge sales numbers, just as they seem to with each and every iPhone release.

If you’re currently in one of these 22 countries, you can pick up an iPhone 4S in one of two ways. There’s the usual carrier route, which will probably mean a two-year contract in exchange for a lower up-front cost, or the often-preferred option of buying the handset outright.

If you decide on the latter option, you’ll receive an unlocked iPhone 4S, meaning you can plug any SIM into it, no matter the carrier.

Capacities and colors are exactly the same as elsewhere, too.

Have you been waiting to pick up an iPhone 4S in your country? Let us know where you are and what you’re buying, that’s what the comments are for!

  • Pranay


    • inliferound

      Didn’t the iPhone 4 just come out in India a few months ago?
      On a different note, do they sell unlocked iPhones in India?

    • Bhavik

      iPhone 4s comming this 24 nov. in INDIA…

      • Kamesh

        Who told u Bhavik?? I doubt with iPhone launched recently 4s will come to India so soon..

    • aneesh

      its comin on nov 24 dude

  • Jason

    Location : Singapore
    I’m getting a white 16GB πŸ™‚

    • Ashraf

      Jason, I will be in singapore next week, Can you please tell me from where can i buy the I Phone S 64GB and for how much?

    • Jacky ho

      Can u help me to order 4s? U can just makeup the price.pls reply me as soon as possible. Tq

  • Sanket Prabhu

    Sanket, From India. Every year apple made huge delay in launching iphone in India. Iphone4 launched year after its original launch in US. So I am not expecting iphone4s to be launch anytime soon before oct. 2012

  • Grace

    Spain, ordered an unlocked white 16 GB on Oct. 21st, waiting to get it in the mail

  • Shelbythekid

    I think it’s BULLSH*T that there is a waiting list for weeks but they can release in 22 more countries! I think they should pick a country, supply it than move to the next. Just doesn’t make sense to me…

    • AbuJaffer

      That’s what they did… they supplied the US, then moved to other countries… you’re being incredibly selfish by the way.


    • inliferound

      There are people from all over the world reading iDB. They live in different timezones to you.

  • Yusri

    When Malaysia?

  • kokhean

    Too many people ordering online. A few hundred people outside the store overnight. I don’t stand a chance. Getting one 2 months later.

  • 100011101000110


  • Kamesh

    The point here is iPhone4s is costlier than launch price of iPhone…on all instances of launch like 3GS and 4 the price used to remain same in Singapore/Hongkong where iPhone from starting is sold as unlocked…can see price is higher in Spore..waiting to see at wat price they launch in Hongkong

  • Jex

    its coming in January in India in Reliance Digital Stores.. and they will sell unlock iphone 4s.

  • kalpesh

    jex wats the source of ur info ???

  • YourFriendBen

    Well I’m pretty sure Samsung has made korea not fall on the first or second international release of the 4s. Man, childish corrupt Samsung has screwed korea again. Sheesh

  • I tried calling the Apple I Store in Hyderabad. From there i came to know that they are sure that iPhone 4S will be launched in India this year itself. Most probably it is on the 24th of November.

  • tgm

    We don’t have apple stores in Cyprus, boo hoo πŸ™

    • tgm

      I don’t Apple quite understand the concept of the European Union…

  • R.I.P. Steve

    Yet siri doesn’t work outside the US? Hmm?

    • inliferound

      Let’s hope they send through some updates soon. It’s no fun chatting to Aussie-voiced Siri asking her for good restaurants and being rebuffed because she doesn’t recognise businesses outside of U.S.

  • Jacky ho

    Who can help me to find 4s? I got a lot of order fr customer.we can share the profit.

  • lol in india probably it’ll be like 12 million rupes or whatever their money is haha