Nintendo reported a net loss of $923 million for the first six months of the fiscal year, revealing the drastic effect that the company’s stance on mobile games has produced. Despite the fact that there has been huge consumer demand for Nintendo titles on mobile platforms like iOS, the company has been adamant that it doesn’t plan on porting its games to mobile devices like the iPhone.

This last report was the first loss that Nintendo has seen in 30 years. This is believed to be caused by a number of factors, including the economy and rapidly slowing sales of Nintendo’s Wii console.

Nintendo is a company that’s firmly entrenched in tradition, and CEO Satoru Iwata is still resolved to only keep Nintendo’s titles available on traditional consoles. Nintendo also sells the 3DS as a mobile gaming device, and the company has slashed prices from $249 to $168 due to slow sales.

Oddly enough, a privately-held company that owns the Pokemon license is set to release a Pokemon game on the iOS and Android platforms.

There’s absolutely no reason that Mario shouldn’t be available in the App Store. Get on the ball, Nintendo. Soon it will be too late.

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  • MrA

    I want Earthbound for iOS, pleassssseeeee!!!!

  • Gus Me

    If done right, there is a quite a bit of $ to be made my Nintendo by offering iOS versions of their games. Look what Rovio has done with sqwaking birds and oinking pigs….

  • Simche

    Mario games would definitely be big if they Ever realese it in App store 🙂 I would buy àt least

    • Dan

      if you play emulator games on iPhone you’ll see that Mario is near impossible to play. The fact that you need to press Y to run and B to jump at the same times makes it very difficult since you have no actual physical buttons.

      • Acolz

        The controls would have to be remastered and reset to iPhone

      • Jon Garrett

        Android devices support USB controllers and Game Pads work perfectly on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 so perhaps Nintendo should continue to keep their games out of Apple’s App Store and make them available only on a more flexible platform that Android offers.

  • prplaya420

    i dont no why they wont. they would make so much money

  • Ziad

    if they would release a mario collection (1,2,3) with a dock-thingy with buttons to imitate nintendos old controllers i would buy it with my eyes closed

    • m_bro

      Imagine retro controllers enabled with bluetooth and a huge list of Nintendo apps featuring good-ol’ games from the golden years… Add mirror airplay and you’ve brought the extinct consoles from their very graves. That’d be plain smart..

  • DebTym

    I want Mario Kart!!!!

    • mplsboywonder


    • me three

    • Dan

      mariokart would be awesome, similar to the sonic racing game on the iphone

  • rivageeza

    I’d be in heaven if they release iOS versions of Zelda a link to the past and Super Mario World

  • La Cucaracha

    I get the point that is might not be for the money, but Nintendo should also consider that customers would be very happy and excited to have this company’s games on their iDevices or Android or whatever.

  • Just Me!

    Well we can play some Mario games through emulators. You just need to jailbreak your idevices

    And Nintendo lost so much money, well I don’t know if they really loss money. But it’s due to poor Wii sales mostly and I’m surprised it took this long for people to realize that the Wii is not that great at all. It’s very outdated now.

    • AbuJaffer

      That’s not what happened; it’s just everyone that understands that it’s games that make a console, not the hardware, already got the system. Everyone else doesn’t realize what they’re missing out on.

      If you go back and play the SNES, it’s still an amazing console, with amazing games. Even if it’s decades old.

      I tried playing Nintendo games through emulators. I deleted the emulator as a whole after 10 minutes. Touch controls just don’t go well with difficult platformers, unless the game is made for the touch screen.

      • Dan

        yeah that’s what I said a few posts back, I couldn’t play mario like it was meant to be played on the iphone. Lacking physical buttons was a bitch. I play it on my wii when I feel like it.

  • Badlands

    If they put there games on phones, there would never be a reason to ever buy there equipment or actual games again. They spend a ton of time and money on the hardware as well as the games.
    Couple that with the rampant jailbreak scene, a HUGE percent of those games will be downloaded for FREE. I can imagine it. Shelves and shelves of nintendo products instantly obsolete from the simple choice of putting their games on smart phones. Remember, a phone is pretty much a necessity in a world with no pay phones and “smart phones” are almost a give me now that phones like the iPhone 3GS is free with contract.
    I fully believe that Nintendo refraining from putting their amazing games on a smart phone is the only thing keepin it from being the next Sega.

    • mplsboywonder

      not true at all. How many people are purchasing Super Mario Bros. 1&2. or Mario cart & Zelda. NO ONE! How many people would pay to play Super Mario & Mario Cart on iOS? EVERYBODY. The day they released Super Mario it would be (depending on how good the controls are) the number one selling app on iOS. Probably for years.

      That is straight profit on games that are dead stock. They could make a fortune off of dead stock games alone.

      • AbuJaffer

        That’s funny. They sold over 22 million for New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, and over 25 million for Mario Kart DS. That’s at $40 each. That’s billions of dollars right there, even after retailer and manufacturing costs. Even if a Nintendo game sold 1 billion copies on the iOS store (no game has reached one fifth that amount yet), it would still be MUCH less that they made on the DS.

        Those games are coming out on the eShop, by the way. Nintendo won’t let Apple make cash over THEIR games. Instead, people have to buy Nintendo games on Nintendo systems… like they’ve done for the past 25 years.

      • J-

        @AbuJaffer Those numbers are all fine if your talking about the last four years. The fact is dedicated mobile gaming systems will be virtually non-existant in 15 years. In ten years the mobile hardware will be advanced, and capable enough to run sophisticated software without a hitch. So if your going by trends everyone and their moms is going to have a smartphone. The number is increasing exponentially. There is going to be a time to make the decision, hey maybe there is a way to make mobile OS’ work for us, and not against us.

        To be fair they have had plenty of success with the DS even though they just posted a net loss of almost 1 trillion dollars in the last 6 months. It would be foolish for Nintendo to stay proud, and realize it’s not about pride, it’s about making all these mediums work for the company.

  • Joest

    The title of the article is misleading. It didn’t cost Nintendo $1 billion. They lost $1 billion, while they are refusing to make games for the App Store and similar services. The title implies that they would have made $1 billion from those sales.

    Besides, why should Nintendo make App Store games? This would only prove to further marginalize their current hardware business. There is no reason they should make games for the App Store.

  • Badlands

    If they put their games on phones, there would never be a reason to ever buy their equipment or actual games again. They spend a ton of time and money on the hardware as well as the games. Couple that with the rampant jailbreak scene, a HUGE percent of those games will be downloaded for FREE. I can imagine it. Shelves and shelves of nintendo products instantly obsolete from the simple choice of putting their games on smart phones. With phone like 3GS being free with contract.I fully believe that Nintendo refraining from putting their amazing games on a smart phone is the only thing keepin it from being the next Sega. 

  • AbuJaffer

    Isn’t that the same refusal that made the DS the best-selling system of all time?

    That’s not the reason they’re doing “badly.” A loss in profit simply means development costs that haven’t been met through sales; manufactured 3DS consoles that haven’t been sold yet (that will be sold in the holiday season), unreleased games (that will be sold in the holiday season), etc. If Nintendo ever developed for iOS, their games would have to be short, cheap, and generally low quality to accomodate for the low prices ($0.99) the games would have to sell for. That’s the opposite of a good game. While iOS apps are great for the price, none of them would stand a chance at full price. The same can be said for full-fledged games; unless you want to lose money, spending full-time development costs for $0.99 a piece, while simultaneously paying 30% to Apple, is just a disaster. The company would go bankrupt in weeks. If Nintendo wanted to make crappy games for $0.99, no one would buy it because they’re crappy games; it doesn’t matter if Nintendo makes them anymore.

  • Just imagine how long a Mario title would stay on the number 1 spot. I would so play a Mario game.

  • Pokemon on iOS can you say #1 best selling game?

  • Corey

    Pokemon on my iPhone?! Im too stoked.

  • Svnelvn

    Nintendo could make the app store so much better with their games. Squarenix games are more fit for the large acreen


    I love Nintendo, and have for 3 decades (that’s right, since I was born). However, apple needs to buy Nintendo. Apple became a gaming company by accident, but it’s time they took on Microsoft and others head on. Buying a company like Nintendo that shares their sense of style and protects thieir own products would be a win for both.

    Then, they could finally come out with an iPhone enclosure that adds physical buttons and analog sticks, merge the eshop into the app store, and rebrand the wii u to the epic iNES! Think of it, that product could the be the new apple tv box, as well and integrate into the apple ecosphere.

    I love my ps3 more than any other gaming system, but that set up would have me switching in a heart beat.

  • Tm

    How much will they lose with Apples greedy required 30%. I think They should just go through Amazon and Android Market. Apple is getting greedy.

  • That Nintendo lost money isn’t in question, but it is not because they don’t make mobile games. If Nintendo did make mobile games they would lose a lot more money and lose control of their hardware advantage, which is one of the reasons that their games have a quality reputation.

    • J-

      The Nintendo Wii sucks balls! How’s that for reputation?

  • Solid Snake

    Does anyone remember that one app, Monino, that was released on the App Store a while ago? It was a clone of Mario, complete with sprites and music, and was $.99. In it’s short life on the App Store before being pulled (less than an hour) it made it to #6 on the Top 25 list! I agree, Nintendo would profit immensely if they put older or just smaller games on iOS. I just want Ocarina of Time…

  • Ace

    I really think it would be a great idea for Nintendo on the App Store they could make so much money and their games would be a huge hit