If you’ve been experiencing issues with the battery on your new iPhone 4S, you’re not alone. The problem has spawned a thread in Apple’s Support forums that has seen over 100,000 visitors in the last two weeks.

Even with all of the evidence, Apple has yet to officially comment on the issue, but they’re very much aware of it. According to a report by The Next Web, Apple’s engineers have started contacting customers regarding the complaint…

The site points to a Guardian article that claims that an Apple engineer from Cupertino has contacted at least one iPhone 4S owner over the battery issue. The customer posted a rant complaining about the battery life on his new iPhone, and apparently Apple heard him.

“I then got a call from a senior [Apple] engineer who said he had read my post and was ‘reaching out’ to users for data and admitted this was an issue (and that they aren’t close to finding a fix!) and asked lots of questions about my usage and then asked if he could install the file below and that he would call back the day after to retrieve the info. I extracted the file from my Mac after a sync and emailed it to him. He was incredibly helpful and apologetic in the typical Apple way!”

Apple has been known to ask users for device diagnostics while investigating issues, so the story does hold water. It is, however, odd that the engineer told the customer that they weren’t close to finding a fix — that’s not very Apple-like.

But we have a theory on what’s causing the battery problems, and it has something to do with the time zone settings. In fact, the theory has been echoing around the web for the past 24 hours. So if you can’t wait on Apple to fix the issue, you might want to check it out.

  • Kp

    My iPhone 3GS loses a lot of battery after upgrading to iOS 5!!

    • Zombie

      I’ve had that problem as well with my 3GS. It seems to be a common issue.

    • Cameron MacGregor

      The 3Gs uses a Lithium-Ion Battery same as the 4 and 4S. The 4 and 4S (I Believe have larger batteries) have much more ‘Power Protective’ Processors. The 3Gs uses an ARM Chip which is alot older. Remember the 3Gs is an old device now so iOS5 will put strain on the processor and chew through battery more. There’s tips you can use which will help keep your battery 😉

      • Dylan

        My iPhone 4 battery is worse on iOS 5

      • Diddyo

        my iphone 4 on ios 5 drains incredibly fast to what it was on 4.2.1/4.3.3

  • Michael hernandy

    1. How do you a file via call?
    2. I don’t think apple would randomly “call” you
    3. Im sure apple wouldnt ask you to download an install a file…

  • It’s not just iPhone4 users. It’s anyone that uses iOS5.

    I’ve done the changes in the earlier post, it ha helped some, but not completely.

    It would be awesome if Backgrounder was iOS5 compatible.

  • Alina

    Made the suggested change yesterday. I barely used my phone today and i’m at ~60%.

    • Dick Fontaine

      Pretty much the same here

  • ourjim

    How sure is this guy that it was Apple who contacted him? It sounds like a scam tactic. Perhaps I’m just paranoid about this type of thing? I hope he doesn’t find that his apple ID has been hijacked, or worse, his identity stolen!

  • Monkeyboy23

    ” odd that the engineer told the customer that they weren’t close to finding a fix — that’s not very Apple-like.”

    Post Steve Jobs era

  • Frustrating first few charges but seem to be improving by running down at least 3% and then charging 100% plus extra charging time
    Hope it works

  • Scaredy Shroom

    I hate the fact that you have to disable half the features just to save battery life. I would much rather leave features like a raise to speak unable instead of disabling them just to save battery life

    • Eric

      How hard is it to have sbsettings and just toggle 3G on and off, thats a huge battery drain by itself. Location services, unless your using maps or photo app and you care about geo tags, keep that crap off. Your battery thanks you.

      • Noisy

        You can even use auto3g or simular app that does it automatically. I believe there’s even one in appstore atleast i got it, if not removed from store.

    • Janet

      Just buy a spare battery. Put a couple of them in your top pocket. Problem solved.

      • JJ

        Your kidding right? That was a joke. Please tell me it was a joke

  • firdaus

    My iphone 4 running on ios 5 seems running exactly the same like on ios 4. I didnt experience any battery issues with it.

  • Eric

    i have an iPhone 4 on iOS 5 and my battery life is perfect.

  • I’m wondering if I’m the only one with the following issue.

    Since iOS5, which I love the inprovments when I go to charge my iPhone4 it seems to take awhile longer then before.

    Once it runs out of battery later tonight, I will time the next charge from 0-100% and see what I get. Anyone else want to join in on the fun?

  • Sidd

    the battery life on my iPhone 4 has been significantly better while running iOS 5. I go a couple of days without plugging it in. And everything is on.

    • I wish that was my case. My iPhone has never lasted two days. Lucky, lucky.

  • Tomb198269

    Where do I go to complain about the rattle in my iPhone 4S and battery issue. Are they one in the same for everybody?

    • FrankH

      My battery life with iPhone 4 also inproved with iOS 5. Im often at 30% afer a day’s use, compared to ~5% before. Timezone +1 GMT.

  • Joeyjohari

    Yes iphone4 running on IOS 5 does used up a lot of power…..

  • LT

    Holy shit man!!!! I just got my 4s yesterday. And definitlelt noticed a huge difference on battery life. Geezus. I hope there is an upcoming firmware update that will help!

  • JJ

    Hmmm. My 4s battery last just about all day

  • Justin M.

    Hehe I’m the creator of that thread in the apple forums! Woot.

    • John

      My 4s battery drains about 20-25% an hour even in standby. I need to be near a source of energy constantly. After a full charge at 1am, I set an alarm to wake up at 8. The phone died before I woke up!

  • kokhean

    Is a yellow tinted screen better than a blue tinted screen?
    Which is the ‘correct’ standard?

  • moob

    i tried your time zone tweak on my 3GS, my device is used in approximately the same way each day. before the tweak the battery was at 47%, when i compared yesterday, 24 hours after the tweak the reading was 59%. hardly scientific proof but an improvement. will compare again today.

  • Jason

    no issues on mine at all..ofcause if you use location based reminders your battery dies MUCH faster.

  • Josh

    Now imagine if it ha a bigger screen, LTE, and a thinner profile…. It would really kill the battery!!!!

  • Max

    Has anyone had any success going to an Appe Store so they can see it themselves?

  • NoWhiner

    Stop complaining! No body forces you whiners to buy an Iphone. What’s wrong with America today?

  • J B

    iPod touch 4 seems to have lost about 20-30% of battery life post iOs 5. Not so good with tethered jailbreak.

  • I took my iPhone 4S off the charger the other morning to answer some emails and I noticed a 7% drain in my battery after about an hour. The new features are, however the battery life has turned me off a little. I find myself charging my brand new 4S more often than I charged my iPhone 4 even after I used the 4 for a 1 1/2 years!

  • J B

    iPod Touch 4 iOS5. Battery dies. Reboot with redsn0w. The battery is at 96%. Unplug and it jumps to 100%. Has dropped to 61% while typing this post. Went from 80% to 35% in one hour this morning with minimal usage (bluetooth off).

    • J B

      Battery meter is useless on my iPT 4 w/ iOS 5. Beginning to reget upgrading.