I never understood why Apple decided to make the iPhone like the iPod touch — separating the iPod app into Music and Videos — but I guess they are wanting to move away from the “iPod” moniker.

If you hate having separate Music and Video apps as much as I do, then you’ll certainly be interested in Unified iPod for iOS 5 — a jailbreak tweak that brings the iPod app back in style on iOS 5…

Regaining your iPod app is as simple as installing this free tweak from Cydia and respringing. Once you’re back to your Home screen, the familiar iPod app will be back in its normal place, while the Music and Videos apps are no more.

The only downside to this tweak is a very nitpicky one; the Videos icon that appears in your iPod app’s shortcut links are missing. Surely this was just an oversight, and there’ll likely be an update to the tweak to address this issue.

If you’re sick and tired of two icons taking up the space of one, then try out Unified iPod for iOS 5, and let us know what you think about it below.

  • Bill

    I actually prefer the two separate but its nice that people will have a choice. that’s always good! – D

    • I also agree with you.

  • dan

    Im not on iOS5 to check, but. Can you not still just use ifile (or software of choice) and go into the springboard.app folder to the N72AP.plist an change the unified ipod capability from false to true then respring?

    • MALdito

      I did something similar to get it to work in iOS 4.3.3. The only thing I did is change the “unified ipod” to “unified-ipod” and it worked completely, even uniting the music and video option to ipod in the settings menu, which is something that some of the tweaks I tried don’t do.

      • MALdito

        P.S. I don’t have iOS 5 yet either (I’m waiting for the untethered jailbreak), so I don’t know if the same technique will work. Hopefully it does.

  • gielk

    with time zone are u jeff ?
    i like to watch this site but it is verry diffecult to know when there is a realese

    • I’m eastern time, but I post videos 24/7. Generally during the day, but it could be at any time depending on the urgency.

      • gielk

        it is more when you say in a post you say tomorow at the end of the day in my country it is now the end of the day you know ? 😉

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  • CJ

    Waiting for Springtomize 2 tbh, it had the unified iPod option before and does way more than any other tweak, hopefully it’s out soon.

  • A Person

    If you hide the Music and Video apps in SBsettings, the video icon will appear in the iPod app.

  • Meh

    The video icon not showing must be iPhone only as it shows up on my iPod touch.

  • Dadditude

    Any word on whether or not this tweak works on the iPad?

  • Sweedestchef420

    Meh I donno I dont mind it I think the iPod seams to load up quicker without loading the videos too. Cuz I listen to music alot more than I watch videos it’s not a big deal

  • agree too! but it seems to their policy.

  • andriy

    I solved the problem should install tweaks and write in nXXap.plist unified-ipod

  • andriy

    need to reload the ipod

  • Kevin

    Has anyone found a solution to the missing Video icon? I installed this tweak and Videos wasn’t available under the unified ipod app. I uninstalled it and while the ipod app went back to Music, my Video icon is no where to be found. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  • I have a little problem… I have installed that app, and when i removed it, it just crashed, so that the music app is without a icon and the videos app is still gone, and when i click the music app it goes as the iPod app would open(when i had it installed), it even shows the message concerning the videos app… Could i get a little help, please?

    • Jim Bailey

      why on earth did you remove it! It works perfect and it sucks having the music and videos split into two separate apps.

      • Because my Videos weren’t on the iPod app, neither on the springboard! They just vnished! And it was crappy to go to spotlight everytime to search for it and then open it… I’m restoring my iphone now… Now I won’t install it…

      • The only thing you need to do is delete “libhide” from Cydia and you’ll see again your Videos.app 😉

  • Hey does anyone know how to solve the videos app disappearing issue? My vids were gone like the Other guy, after uninstalling the unified iPod my videos.app was gone….

  • About the videos disappearing, has any solution come up that is any good?

    • Anonymous

      Read the comment above yours. Go to SBSettings, then Poof and scroll down and turn on Videos.

  • karim lotfy

    Hey GUys Sb settings solved the problem of the Video Vanishing Icon