I don’t know if Steve is literally watching over all of us, but I know that he’s watching over me.

The above picture was taken in my office. The portrait of Steve is actually behind me when I am sitting at my desk, making sure that I do a good job and don’t talk too much smack about the company he created.

I tweeted this picture yesterday and a lot of my followers thought it was pretty cool, so I figured I’d share it with you all. Some of you may appreciate it, some of you may find it creepy. To each his own, right?

As you can see, my iPhone 4S is missing from the collection. That’s because I don’t have a proper camera and I used it to shoot this picture. Next year my iPhone 4S will retire next to all those older generation devices.

I added this sentence to Steve’s portrait: “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” These words are taken from an old Apple commercial Steve made. These words became Apple’s unofficial motto.

Click the image to get the full version

If you haven’t yet, you can read my farewell to Steve.

  • Creeepy. To far

    • jamesandyori


    • ReanimationXP

      Yeah, how dare he have an idol?

      • Rob Matthews

        Thank you Reanimation. I mean how dare he admire a visionary who affected millions of people’s lives.

  • Howard

    nice 🙂

  • soccerkrzy

    I just want to throw this out there, curious what iDB’s response will be… http://www.mileanhour.com/files/2011/10/gatejobbs.jpg

    • You can read how I feel about that in my farewell to Steve, which is linked to at the bottom of this post.

    • ReanimationXP

      @soccerkrzy A good point, and definitely something people overlook more often.. I think people idolize Jobs because he was a rebel with a cause, and was successful in doing so. That doesn’t often work out for most people.. he’s an idol for rebels everywhere, and Gates is an idol for businessmen.

    • Muhammed

      Stupid thing… Love Steve

  • DebTym

    Stevastian??? Is that you?

  • Taylor

    I assume you’ll be bidding on his foreskin to add to that collection as well…. He was an innovator, not a deity. Give it a fucking rest. He wasn’t the only one at Apple designing the products. You’ll have plenty more to add to your collection in the future.

  • MrA

    I like your setup there. Question, did you get a white or black 4S? White might throw off the murale/collage/collection, not sure the right word I’m looking for…

    • I got a black iPhone 4S.

      • MrA

        Que bonito.

  • Bangity Bang

    Fapping at the office or banging the hot secretary won’t be fun any more.

  • jamesandyori

    It’s a “sin” that while we are receiving more entries like this that another blog has stated that Greenpois0n jailbreak is in the works for November and it will work for iPad 2 and 4s.

    Sebastian we all understand that you obviously have a bromance going here but dude stay focused we are about to receive a new jb and instead we will probably get another entry from you showing your new tattoo of jobs!


    • I am stating that an iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak is in the work. I am stating that an unlock for all devices/basebands is in the work. Statements don’t really mean anything without a proof 😉

      • jamesandyori

        My first link I hope it works!

      • I am not publishing this link on iDB. First it’s a site that encourages piracy, and maybe more importantly, this article you linked to is based on nothing at all. Yes, the Chronic Dev Team is working on a jailbreak. They all are. A post saying “they are working on a jailbreak” doesn’t bring anything to the table, especially when not backed up by real evidence.

  • Way to creepy – Yeah he was a great guy but man, you have taken it way to far.

  • ggmang

    Cool portrait and collection of iDevices

  • Angi

    Cool display Sebastien. You make me feel like I’m lagging behind with my measly 3 iPhones and one original iPad!

  • DebTym

    when i read the title “Steve is Watching Over Us.” I thought something miraculous happened to you

  • FunkyTang

    Is the pitcher of iKoolAid to the left or the right of the iOS devices?

    • MrA

      It hasn’t been milked from the unicorn yet.

  • Sean

    Lmao I only have my iPhone 1 and my 3GS in my collection. Using my 4s as we speak. Yea so I feel ya. For reason I can’t bring myself to sell them

  • Marcoarrossi


  • why the fu.ck are you posting this. ths is a blog site for news not a personal blog to see the shit you put in your office. fu.cking idiot.

    • Naver88

      It’s his pride dude

    • I put whatever I want on this site. You know why? Because it’s my site. If I want to start talking about Android or Nintendo, I will. HA!

      • Well if you keep posting stupid personal bullshit like this that you for some weird twisted reason hope to get praised for you’ll have have one less reader. I mean seriously WTF did you hipe

      • * I mean seriously WTF did you hope to acheive by showing us thus this pointless piece of shit.

  • Kurt

    No need to respond but. You keep talking about your devices you have because of pride.

    Furthmore. I know your liberal and are not tolerant towards others opinions. But you should consider your obsession not healthy.

    One more thing. Steve jobs is sadly in hell.far from looking down at you. He wasn’t Christian but a man who. On erred to Buddhism and later said he couldnt believe in God. That’s sad.

    • YOU’re sad. And you don’t know what “liberal” means, or else you wouldn’t call me that.

      I’m usually tolerant to other’s opinions, but only when they actually make sense.

      This is not an obsession, this is just paying respect to someone I admire, just like you would put a poster of Justin Bieber on your room’s wall, or whatever band you like to listen to.

      • I have no problem with you making this ‘shrine’ if that’s what floats your boat go for it. By why would you post it on the blog like we come here to how you decorate your rooms. It just shows the unprofessionalism of the site you’ll never see some stupid shit like this on engadget.

      • Yeah. I don’t want to be Engadget. They do a great job but they’re very impersonal. I mean, when is the last time one of Engadget writers replied to one of your comments? That’s not what I want iDB to be. And if we lose a few readers in the process, then fine. We can’t satisfy everyone.

        It’s not being unprofessional. It’s having different goals.

      • iPhone4Same

        i agree…you most definitely are a liberal.

      • Oh yes because you know me so well from reading my blog posts, you can tell that I am a liberal, my favorite color is blue and that I love Italian food, right?

        If you knew anything about me, you’d call me a socialist, which would still be way off. Don’t put a label on people you don’t know. It’s pointless.

    • Taylor Harris

      Kurt, you are, quite simply, a misguided fucking asshole.

      First of all, when telling someone that “they are” something, it’s correct to use the contraction “you’re” for “you are” and not the possessive “your”. Even more so than getting the 3rd grade grammar correct, it’s even better to be right when you make an accusation public.

      Sebastien has said NOTHING that indicates his political orientation. Your basis for calling him a liberal is completely absurd: “You’re a liberal and not tolerant of other’s opinions.”. No political, religious, or philosophical radical is tolerant of others opinions whether they’re conservative or liberal. I can’t think of a better example of that than you yourself Kurt. Not thinking in terms of politics, conservative has to do with adhering to traditional ideas and values (meaning that they are NOT tolerant of other opinions). Liberal means being open to new behaviors, ideas, and values so how the hell could someone be a liberal because they’re not tolerant of others opinions??

      You’re COMPLETELY wrong Kurt. You’re of the most moronic of this nation; the majority of people that recite information they’re forced to believe by their also moronic parents or early influences without questioniong a single thing for themselves. You repeat redundant fallacy after fallacy because it’s always what you’ve been made to believe but you’ve never asked, “Why do I believe this and doesn’t even make any sense??” Sadly, intelligence is exponentially diminishing in this world and everyone is becoming mindless zombies who believe what they’re told in childhood and never learn, believe, or understand anything else. In that sense, the zombie apocalypse is near…

      Why should Sebastien “consider his obsession unhealthy”?? Because the idiot who couldn’t even correctly use 3rd grade grammar told him he should?? I think it’s just as fucking creepy as the next person but damn…. You really think your ideas are ultimatums that are completely supported by scientific evidence in the universe just because you state them.

      How do you know that Steve Jobs is in hell? Did you peer into the spiritual realm and see him getting ass-fucked by everyone else that we “know” is down there? I didn’t think so. You probably think he’s in hell because his ideas and opinions don’t agree with yours, just like Sebastien is going to hell because he’s “liberal” as you say and you’re not.

      I don’t know how many ways I can say it: YOU’RE a dumbass Kurt. As dumb as they come. You’re far too infantile in your thinking to be playing big boy games like discussing and imposing political ideas upon others. If you have a response to what I’ve said (a valid one that is), I’d love to hear it. (moreso so I can be entertained).

      Let Sebastien keep being the sick fuck that he is with a shrine of Steve Jobs’ foreskin that also makes really good posts most of the time and you keep on being the imbecile that proves you know your place by not ever criticizing someone else on this blog again.

  • Agreed