The Seas0nPass jailbreak tool has been updated with support for the Apple TV on iOS 4.4.2. Apple pushed out the minor 4.2.2 update for the Apple TV 2G a few days ago.

Seas0nPass supports a tethered jailbreak for iOS 4.4.2, meaning that you will have to re-jailbreak every time your Apple TV reboots. More details after the break…

The Seas0nPass developers at Firecore note that they will continue to support the last untethered Seas0nPass jailbreak for the Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.3. Updating is not required, but you do get these new features with iOS 4.4+ on the Apple TV:

  • AirPlay Mirroring: Now with video mirroring – wirelessly stream what’s on your iPad 2 screen to your HDTV.
  • Photo Stream: View photos recently taken on your iOS device and pushed to your Photo Stream in iCloud.
  • Trailers: A whole new way to browse and view hundreds of the latest theatrical trailers.
  • National Hockey League: Watch live games. View highlights, scores, and more.
  • Wall Street Journal Live: Watch up-to-date news, business commentary, and financial analysis from leading experts.

Here are the plugins that are currently working with the latest tethered jailbreak:

  • Media Player (works)
  • Couch Surfer (works)
  • (works)
  • Weather (works)
  • RSS Feeds (works)
  • NitoTV (works)
  • Overflow (works)
  • Remote HD (works)

You can find out more about what Seas0nPass lets you do with your Apple TV by watching Jeff’s video walkthrough.

To jailbreak your Apple TV 2G on the latest iOS firmware with Sea0nPass, visit the iOS 5 section of our downloads page and grab iOS 4.4.2 for the Apple TV and the latest tethered version of Seas0nPass.

You can follow our previous video tutorial, but make sure to have your computer near your Apple TV when it is plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. A tethered Apple TV jailbreak can be a huge pain.

  • BRS

    Does XBMC work?

  • Elvin

    Same here…XBMC work?

  • Jay-See

    Indeed XBMC does work but you have to do it manually using the latest xbmc nightlies. Do a google search for “xbmc appletv2 4.4.2”.

    • lol

      LOL, the result is only *this* page.

      • Lol2

        Lol too

  • Jay-See

    OMG without the quotes you noobs.

  • D. Nielsen

    Can Apple TV2 be jailbreaked so i can stream MKV files or simular? Or in other words – Do anyone know a jailbreak who can solve my problem. 🙂

    • xbmc

      What your talking about is xbmc. Great software, check it out.

  • George

    ¿Funciona el XBMC?

    como hago que funcione el XBMX, en la actualizacion 4.4.2.

    ayuda por favor

    Does the XBMC?

    as I run the XBMX, the 4.4.2 update.

    please help