Apple today took a hammer to its curent lineup of iPad 2 Smart Covers, discontinuing one color and adding another. The rest of the lineup has also been given a minor makeover, according to MacRumors.

The move comes alongside a silent MacBook Pro refresh, with Apple choosing not to make an announcement about the changes to either product.

Smart Covers have proven popular amongst iPad 2 owners who want to protect their giant 9.7″ screen without adding the unwanted bulk of a full-on case. These changes refresh the six-month old colors, while also making the interior of all Smart Covers the same color as the exterior – a change that should have been made before they ever went on sale! The Product RED cover is still two-tone, though…

Those wanting to pick up an orange polyurethane had better get down to their local Apple Store before they are sold out, because Apple decided to pull the color from its lineup, with a beautiful dark grey color taking its place.

According to reports, all polyurethane Smart Covers now appear “more vibrant” with blue, green, pink, light gray, and dark gray making up the new list of choices.

Strangely, the navy leather Smart Cover is now reportedly “more navy,” though we’re not entirely sure what that means. The remaining tan, black, cream, and red colors are apparently unchanged.

Price-wise, nothing has changed for either the leather or polyurethane models, with the covers still priced at $69 and $39 respectively.

Will you be double-dipping, or is one Smart Cover enough for any sane person?

  • Dalle

    The Macbook Pro also got an update.

    • Gabe

      They said that knob head

  • Arben

    haw can have one ipad 2

  • Buck

    Mine ipad2 different smart cover

  • I wish they had the dark grey when I first purchased my iPad 2. Oh well.

  • prplaya420

    lol you should be taling about intelliborn X, becuase it is monday lol

  • Thebeanstalk

    The “more navy” remark means less black looking and more blue because the older ones were very close looking to the gray ones. Almost impossible to tell the difference without seeing a side comparison.

  • daMan

    The RED one has red on both sides. I just looked on at the SmartCovers.

  • Z

    They get dirty looking with time of use, so a new fresh look here and there wouldn’t hurt my iPad 2 😉

  • Z

    They get dirty looking with time of use, so a new fresh look here and there wouldn’t hurt my iPad 2