BigBoss has pushed an update to the semitethered jailbreak that brings multiple bug fixes and speed improvements. Version 0.7.9 of SemiTether is available in Cydia now for folks on iOS 5 that have jailbroken with a tool like RedSn0w.

The SemiTether jailbreak is being improved to make it a more viable contender to a full untethered jailbreak. BigBoss is working with saurik to improve his jailbreak alongside a mobile substrate Cydia update.

Change log:

  1. Device does not sync with itunes and only errors. Hopefully solved.
  2. Device reboots after 2-3 minutes.
  3. App sync issue – this is unworkable. Appsync hard patches system files and does not even use mobile substrate. I had to conflict with it. For now, semi-tether boot is impossible with appsync. You guys need to bug those guys to fix appsync to use mobile substrate (like everyone else uses).

BigBoss also notes:

“Saurik is working on an update to mobile substrate that will solve many of the issues with the semi-tether package. Hopefully this will be out in a day or two. At this time, we can finalize beta testing. I plan to hold further updates until after Saurik has released his mobile substrate update. Saurik’s updates will eliminate the need for the long 90 second respring on boot also.

This update was only tested on iphone 4. After saurik’s mobile substrate changes, more devices will be tested. Next updates coming in next 2-3 days.”

Once you perform a tethered jailbreak on a compatible iOS 5 device with RedSn0w, you can install the SemiTether package from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. A semitethered jailbreak functions almost exactly like an untethered jailbreak, except that you can only use certain stock iOS apps after a reboot until you connect your iDevice to a computer and execute a tethered jailbreak again.

If you’re confused about the difference between a tethered, untethered, and semitethered jailbreak, we explain it all here.

Here’s our video tutorial on how to install SemiTether:

Let us know what you notice in this update to SemiTether. Has the reboot time been improved significantly? Have you noticed any other improvements?

  • d0ntp4n1c

    This would be awesome if I could use it and still use installous or AppCake. Be warned that if you use this you will lose the ability to load those two apps due to appsync issue.

    • And we at iDB fully support the loss of those two apps.

      • jamesandyori

        Very, very funny Alex and right the point!


      • Lupin

        And what am I supposed to do if I want an older version of a free app? There are reasons to use installous besides pirating

    • Dorian

      Awesome heads up for the pricks that can’t pay up 99‹ or $9.99 for an app that someone spent a ton of time on making.

      You guys hurt both the iOS and the JB community.

    • DM

      My iPhone 4 with IOS5 is perfectly jailbroken and also installed semi tethered jailbreak. My intention for doing this jailbreak was to carrier unlock. But after completing this process it still shows ” Invalid SIM”. kindly advice solution to have carrier unlock. I am using an AT&T locked phone outside USA…

    • DM

      My iPhone 4 with IOS5 is perfectly jailbroken and also installed semi tethered jailbreak. My intention for doing this jailbreak was to carrier unlock. But after completing this process it still shows ” Invalid SIM”. kindly advice solution to have carrier unlock. I am using an AT&T locked phone outside USA…

  • zfrr

    no sence to install this. Better wait for the unthered jlbreak!

  • mersim

    hah everyone loves appsync and instalous sooo 0.5 of people will actually use this 😀

    • AsianLeader

      Hahahaha +1, WE LOVE Appsync and Instalous 🙂

  • Just Me!

    How about just release a untethered JB already.

  • mersim


  • DomPerignon

    Forget this gimmick, nothing beats a jailbroken iPhone with all its tweaks and apps working 100% on iOS 4.x.x. Half of the tweaks and apps for iOS 5 are full of bugs, even CYDIA crashes with some apps. I just went back to my wonderful and smooth jailbroken iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.3. I am going to wait for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 so I can give developers more time to debug their apps. This semitethered thing is just a stupid gimmick… no mail, no safari and so on. What’s the point?

    • Avionixoid

      Totally agree, I would at least wait for 5.something. 4.3.3 is stable and tested. I guess there won’t be untether for especially after comex jumped over the fence (if I understood right he is working for apple now).

    • Alex

      Imagine… you’re in the middle of the desert to take photos… you have a jailbroken iPhone… with tethered jailbreak… and then, it crashes! You have to reboot. Your friends are too far away and it’s starting to get cold! Quickly, boot iPh- oh right, it’s tethered…

  • Ryan

    would gevey sim unlock still work? i tried it on my extra iphone4 with IOS5 and it doesnt seem to work at all

  • CherchezLaFemme

    Can you use the Atomic or Apollo web browsers and other mail apps?

  • Isad


    • Vitica7

      Shut Up!!

    • Alex

      Okay, sure, here it is… oh, you got nothing? Well, that is because there is no untethered jailbreak yet!

  • Phil

    Actually, guys, semitether is not bad at all. Don’t flame if you dont give it a chance. By the way, there’s a new update; 0.7.9-1 which allows appsync!! Yayz!

  • Orlin

    No it will not allow appsync! I must delete it 🙁

  • Dvs

    You can still use the apps you downloaded on installous without having appsync, i tested this so basically i install semitether when im going to go out and installous/ appsync when i want to download an app. Works well for the time being!

  • KennyMackornick

    I don’t want for Installous or Appsync to use mobile substrate, since it always need more time to update when they are new releases of iOS, I think this is not usefull, I dn’t know why they pull out an app that makes your device reboot every 2-3min… totally pointless

    • guest

      Thats the time it takes to reboot.

  • kai

    Major helped me. I travel with work and was always in fear of phone dying and not having my laptop

    This takes the fear away XD

  • Kozaa

    And if i jailbroke with sn0wbreeze, will this semitether work for me?

  • JJ

    Hey can I ask has anyone tried this on an iphone 3Gs?
    Because before this it someone said it didn’t work

  • Cueball30

    Has anyone else experienced their 3G data going really slow after installing this update to semi tether on an iPhone 4?

  • Anonymous

    I just tried to install semitether, followed instuction, but when i hit install it didnt allow me and now the screen says Package Queue New Install, which can be is dead icon. Do you have any suggestion how to fix this? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Note says: The requested mod cannot be applied due to required dependencies that cannot be automatically found or fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Btw my FW is 4.3.5

    • Anonymous

      this is only for iOS 5 and what does BTW mean?

      • Blake Cook

        BTW = By the way

  • brin_lee

    I just installed the semi-tethered jailbreak on my iphone 4 5.1 and now I am stuck in recovery mode with the Apple Logo….help!!!!!!!!!!