Notification Center is far and away one of the top features of the new iOS 5, but it’s not without its opportunities for improvement.

Case in point, you can only see four lines of text maximum on any of the messages that are queued up in Notification Center. There’s no way to customize the length of the messages that are displayed.

There’s also the annoying matter of having to tap twice to clear out any messages. NotificationCenter Enhancer seeks to address these issues…

In the video, I compare side-by-side my iPhone 4S iOS 5 installation, with my jailbroken iOS 5 installation running on my iPhone 4. With NotificationCenter enhancer, it’s entirely possible to read the full body of an email moderate in length, or an extra long text message.

It’s also very nice to be able to clear out messages with one tap, instead of two.

Want to try out NotificationCenter Enhancer for yourself? Head over to Cydia where you can download your own copy for $0.99.

What do you think about the enhancements? Is there anything else you’d like to see added?

  • clementine

    this looks great! if i had a jailbroken iphone i would get it :0)

    • Rick

      It’s not that hard to jailbreak it I did my iPod in less then 5 mins! And to the guy under me not all of them are

  • JT

    Question: why are all jailbreak apps’ names one word with no spaces?

  • CG

    It would be nice that for messages and/or emails that the clear button would also have the option to mark them as read or perhaps another option to delete them altogether from the Notification Center without having to go back into the native app to do that. This tweak looks like it would be the place to have these settings or options available.

  • MALdito

    Having 11 lines is ok I guess bet after a few of them pile up it just seems like more of a mess and hassle. I’m looking forward to when someone is able to make the notifications collapsable like in the iOS 5 concept videos that where shown on iDB a while back.

  • AmpliHelix

    More Lines by Ryan Petrich is free and does the same thing minus the one tap clear.

  • BLiNK

    it’d be nice if it was possible to delete individual notifications one by one instead of all or none

    does anyone know if this is a possibility yet?