The Cupertino company has had a rough time sorting out its Apple TV updates over the past few weeks. It seems that all the trouble started when Scott Forstall’s team released iOS 5 to the public earlier this month.

Last week Apple released a software update for its media hub (4.4.1), but it was immediately pulled due to customer complaints. Apparently re-releasing it still didn’t do the trick, because tonight Apple seeded 4.4.2 to Apple TV owners…

The software update, like the previous version, is more of a maintenance release than anything. The new software includes a number of bug fixes, including issues with audio and video playback, and the fast forwarding and rewinding of live events.

If you aren’t experiencing any of these problems, you may want to skip the update for now.  Given the number of Apple TVs that have been bricked by software updates in the past week or so, it might be a good idea to hold off until it’s deemed safe.

  • Memmox

    Stop saying cupertino company!!
    Sounds so damn lame

    • Laughing Out Loud! No it doesn’t.

    • Clayton M.

      No it doesn’t.

  • Applied this update tonight and it reset the Apple TV to factory defaults. Had to re-setup WiFi, HomeSharing, etc… #FAIL

  • Cupertino Company – lol

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    Thank for this news!

  • Stango

    I have been trying to jailbreak my Apple TV 2 with no success. I have tried Snowbreeze & Greenpois0n with no luck. The one thing I am confused about is what version of IOS I have. When I check the settings it says 4.3 (2557) but I keep seeing posting for 4.3.1, 4.4.2 WTF? How do I know which IOS I actually have? I need a good video that shows in detail how to JB my Apple TV2. Someone please help me. Thanks

    • eagle

      you are not the only one ,i ve ,exactly the same problem….good luck for us

      • Stango

        Yeah. These nerds that keep posting these JB videos leave out crucial information. They need to realize that they are posting videos to wide audience and each of us having varying computer skills. With all the videos I have viewed only one person had said to check the version of software I had on the ATV2 because the JB software only works on certain versions. SMH I have spent over a month trying to figure out what was the problem since I couldn’t JB. Now, I know why because I had never updated the software on ATV2. Now that I have a IOS5, I will have to wait until someone makes a JB that is simple and untethered for IOS5 version now. I will wait until they post a video using Greenposi0n which is the most simple JB software out there, IMO. That program you don’t have to do all that SSH and typing in codes.

  • eagle

    thanks for your fast answer.Until today ,maybe i tried all or most of these JB ,every time i reached the final stage ,i mean this answer: your device is now fully jailbroken but i never got something new on it ,software to inject,except once ,i did it on the ATV of my friend and finally he was more lucky,lol… By the way i agree completely with you ,the best one is greenpois0n,but unfortunately there is no more JB on this fu…version of 4.3 (2557)