Last week Apple held a special event on its main Cupertino campus to celebrate Steve Jobs’ life. The event was streamed all around the world to Apple employees, but unfortunately, the rest of us were not able to watch.

Apple today posted the video of the full event for everyone to watch…

The video can be streamed directly from Apple’s website.

In order to see the video, you’ll need Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow, Safari on iOS 3 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows.

[Thanks Jason]

  • Kikaida

    Is anyone able to watch it? I get a page that says “Available Soon. Please check back later”

  • Armando Lara

    ^^^ Same here dawg. Yo Apple, what’s up with that?

  • Rob

    Try Safari. Weird huh?

  • Chris O.

    I got the same message and I tried using safari on my computer too.. oh well

    • WORKS on iPod Touch 4G…. No problems as of 7:46pm

  • Chris O.

    Oh it works on my iphone though

  • Isaac

    do you guys think they´ll post it as a podcast like with the keynotes?

  • WORKS on iPod Touch 4G…. No problems as of 7:46pm – 10/23/11 AZ-USA Time!

  • 1337inside

    it works on iphone

  • Kikaida

    Hrmph…. Works on my iPad, but not on Chrome om my PC…

  • To those of you who can’t get the video to load on your desktop computer…. read the last paragraph of this post.

    • 1337inside

      i have quicktime and it doesn’t work, there is a message on apple site for it

  • I

    Why is Tim Cook isn’t using iPad when note is needed? Mmm!

  • AMB

    Just watched it, nice stuff but a little useless on the musical pieces… Had to skip those.

  • Luis

    Interesting on the Desktop cant see it but on the iPhone 4S yes…

  • MrA

    Also Steve Jobs biography is available through iBooks.

  • Vitica7

    Does anyone seen Comex or Peter Hajas among the audiences?! ;D