A quick note to let you know that the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is now available in the iBookStore for $16.99. The release date was officially scheduled for November, but it was moved ahead when Steve passed away 18 days ago.

The book is also available right now for Kindle on Amazon. As of tomorrow Monday October, 24th, you’ll also be able to buy this book from your local bookstore…

If you don’t fell like reading, you can always buy the audiobook for $17.95.

I originally pre-ordered a copy of the book via Amazon, but I quickly canceled when I found out I would not receive it for another week. Instead, I will go to Barnes & Nobles tomorrow to buy a hard cover copy of the book. I encourage you to do the same.

  • Mac

    hi Sebas I let you do the reading and tell me
    what s up in the book.

  • Ria

    Totally getting this!

  • Wma

    An untethered jb wil not be released till apple release 5.1 to fix all the bugs

  • 1337inside

    I ordered this book over amazon few days ago, here in croatia in won’t be in stores for some time…

  • Pyroboy1911


    Got mine as a pre-order for $9.99, plus it was delivered to my iTunes just a couple of hours past 12am on the 24th in Australia.

  • tdecker363

    There’s a show on discovery science tonight at 10 (cable/ch 104/eastern time) about how Steve jobs jobs changed the world

  • Daniel

    AU$9.99 in the Australian Book store.

    Considerably cheaper for some strange reason.

  • monkers

    Why do you encourage us to do the same? I’m interested why would you feel the need to say this.

    • Casey

      Don’t be a jackass.

      • monkers

        Don’t answer questions that aren’t for you little boy, it’s a perfectly reasonable ask so wind your neck in

  • sthrngrl

    reading mine, now… interesting story.

  • Justin M.

    A week from amazon? Mine just shipped today and is due on the 26th.