Everyone loves a good app sale, and we’ve seen quite a few of those over the past couple of weeks. But what about an app, music, iBook, and video sale? That’s what’s going on at Best Buy right now.

9to5Toys, a site dedicated to finding the best deals in electronics, points to a Best Buy sale that ends this weekend. Apparently, the nation-wide retail chain is selling iTunes gift cards at a nice discount…

The sale knocks 15% off of the retailer’s selection of iTunes gift cards. These cards can be used to purchase any content from the iTunes store, including music, video, books, and both Mac and iOS applications.

15% may not seem like a lot, but the money can really add up. For instance, a $100 iTunes gift card is going for $85 bucks. The nice thing is that customers can purchase the discounted gift cards either online or in-store.

Deal, or no deal?

  • Batman


  • Batman

    I meant that the offer is an awesome deal.

  • Will

    They probably feel bad how bad they F****** up on pre orders for the iPhone 4S . I had the worse experience with best buy. I was the first one who was in line to pre order my white iPhone 32 gig on the 7 th . Went to the store early on the 14 th and told me my phone wasnt there … Lol and barely got it Wednesday , by going to the store and complaining .

    • Your mother

      Just go and fck yourself up the wall. Such a minor thing and you are complaining here.