Apple’s iOS platform rules the roost in the enterprise, according to new figures released by Good Technology.

The firm, which offers push e-mail, mobile device management, and security products for mobile phones, released the numbers that appear to show both the iPhone and iPad dominating device usage in the enterprise market.

According to Good Technology, the results show a “clear preference for Apple products,” with the figures seemingly proving their point conclusively…

Apple’s iPhone accounted for 61% of enterprise smartphone activations during the third quarter of 2011, while Android made up the remaining 39%. The nature of Good Technology’s business means that RIM’s BlackBerry platform is not counted in these numbers, nor is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

It’s a similar story in the world of tablets in the enterprise, with the iPad taking a whopping 96% of the market. Android, for its part, makes up just 4% of activations for the same third quarter.

It’s worth noting that Android boss Andy Rubin recently said that there are “6 million Android tablets out there.” That’s a fraction of what Apple sells in one quarter.

When combined, Apple’s iOS devices made up 70% of all device activations in the enterprise market, according to Good Technology’s numbers.

Apple’s products also dominate the list of the top ten individual devices to be activated, with the iPhone 4 sitting pretty in the top spot. The most activated Android smartphone is the Sprint EVO 4G, and it’s mildly outdoing the aging iPhone 3GS.

Those business types really do like their iPhones, don’t they?


  • Well, of course, go to an Android blog and you’ll see different results. I rarely believe these studies anymore.

  • Glarus

    Looks to me like the Android smartphones are closing the gap pretty quickly based on the months shown. Let’s see this same chart 6 months from now and see how things look.

  • Pff the reason why the activation of android increases is easy => Cheaper, Wide enough market for normal users(not really for gamers) and some other things like freedom of file transfer by Bluetooth…

    iPhone is for the people who wants to pay good amount of money with an very stable OS, that also has the largest app store…

    So make your choice depending on your budget and things you want.

  • AvenGerMK

    @ killing master… Dude obviously you live a sheltered life. I live my iPhone but the things that can be done with an android phone is phenomenal. With ios all you can do is tweak what they give you. Whereas with android you can completely redo everything. It not about Bluetooth technology. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on idb. Android can easily be used by gamers. And some android phones on contract cost as much as an iPhone on contract. Do more research before you post next time. And people get the iPhone because with only 4 different release models apple has changed the phone market drastically over the years. They are not top of the line specs to be sure but they do perform extremely well.

  • wtf man really? Its just an example that bleutooth tech is limited on the ios devices.
    And secondly, you are who the dumb one is because you didn’t even read fully what I wrote man!

    Android can easily be used by gamers. = “Wide enough market for normal users(not really for gamers)” =>> with that I mean that android has lesser games then Ios.

    And some android phones on contract cost as much as an iPhone on contract. = Did I ever say something about the prices with contract? I am not a freak like you buy I just know that iPhone products cost individually(So NON-Contract!) more then ever an android phones would cost.

    So stop talking like a smart guy! It’s not because I make some mistakes(that are fault for you) that it means that you need to start calling me dumb.

    • H


    • fl0wingfire

      I agree with you and all, but compared to him, you really do sound dumb. Just sayin ^_^

      • Ah I sound dumb, why?

        Maybe because: I am Dutch, my English is 3th priority language, I am 17 years old??

  • highhorz

    lol… what a great picture.