The Xtand Go is an extremely flexible, minimal car mount that lets you easily access your iPhone from your dashboard or windshield. The mount is adpative to your smartphone, meaning that you can use the Xtand Go with or without an iPhone case.

German engineering makes the Xtand Go an incredibly reliable mount that’s also adjustable for the iPhone’s portrait and landscape orientations. The Xtand Go works perfectly with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and attachable “Go Buttons” can be used to let any smartphone attach to the Xtand Go quickly.

The Xtand Go’s adjustable mount lets you rotate the iPhone a full 360 degrees for the perfect angle. The mount itself is pocket-size, and it stays out of the way when you’re traveling.

Once you’ve used suction to attach the Xtand Go to your dashboard or windshield, you can insert your naked iPhone 4/4S without having to adjust the mount’s brackets. If you have another smartphone, cased iPhone, or even an iPod touch you’d like to mount, you can use the included glue-free “Go Buttons.”

This looks like one seriously cool iPhone car mount. The Just Mobile folks already make a ton of great accessories for Apple products.

You can buy the Xtand Go car mount for about $50 on Amazon. Prices range based on the retailer and country.

  • Ethos

    This is exactly what i need

  • mplsboywonder

    I love the “ProClip” mount I have. They are made exactly for each automobile model. Very sturdy an unobtrusive. You should give that a look as well.

  • Rey

    Bracket needs to be adjustable for use with the powermat case for ip4

  • I like that! I currently keep my iPhone in the cup holder. Not only does it scratch the s*** out of it, but I can only have one cup at once.

  • clementine


  • soccerkrzy

    I’ve been using the Kensington mount, it includes vent clips to mount it on the vent, which is incredibly useful if you don’t quite trust a suction cup to hold.

  • soccerkrzy
    • AppleBits

      I have 2 of these. I love(d) them. VERY adjustable. ONLY downside is that if/when the unit gets bumped…it ruins something between the suction and the bendable bar. Then it doesn’t stay in place well. But overall, I’d buy another simply because of how versatile it is. I don’t attach mine to the windshield, either, which I think is illegal in some states. I have a sort of hard smooth plastic area next to the gear shifter…so it suctions on there, and my phone is visible without being in my way at all. Thanks for posting the link. I may buy another since I’ve ruined my other 2 over the years. lol

  • banjoe

    How strong is the suction and how sturdy is the unit?

  • Mike

    Could you make a review video of this?
    Also, if my iPhone has a very thin case, then how exactly does it attach?… I have to glue a piece to my case to attach it? Or what? I don’t want an extra little thing always attached to my iPhone 4 case. Thatd be stupid!

  • Ryan

    Ha! $50. That is one huge rip off. Here’s what’s better


    clear case: $2
    Self-modified garmine mount: $4
    velcro: $1

    put it all together and it’s $43 less than that fancy thing.

    • moob

      neat but for the sake of $7 id take the xtand over a home modified mount any day, especially where holding an expensive gadget is involved 🙂

      • moob

        Lol sorry mis-read that, not $7 cheaper, $43! that is even more impressive but still not worth risking, imo.

  • Jason Masters

    Bracketron @walmart 12$ best stand ever portrait landscape and extending neck it blows this fancy high priced designer suction cup out the water!!

  • Mike

    Could anyone explain what the go button is? You connect the glue free go button to iPhone case… What does that mean? Does go button always stay connected to case or can it come off when you take iPhone off mount

  • Salvador

    Try to use ram mount I am a semi-truck driver and it works great

  • nice one.