For those that don’t follow Android news, the Galaxy Nexus handset is the new flavor of the month. Built by Samsung, the new device sports a ridiculous 4.65 Super AMOLED HD screen, and about every other feature you could ask for.

However, Samsung’s mobile president Shin Jong-kyun believes the phone is missing something — Apple’s patents. Just before the new Nexus was unveiled Tuesday night, Shin told reporters that Apple shouldn’t have any problems with this one…

TUAW points to an interesting article by YONHAPNews, a Korean publication, regarding Shin’s comments on the company’s latest handset. “We will see if the (Galaxy Nexus) will be 100 percent free from Apple lawsuits,” Shin said.

It’s obvious that Samsung is trying to avoid more legal trouble with Apple, considering how many issues it’s caused for them thus far. Shin also added, “now we will avoid everything we can, and take patents very seriously.” That’s probably a good idea.

Samsung currently has injunctions against it in Australia, Germany and several pending in other countries. They’re essentially blocking the company from selling its Galaxy Tab and other products. Yeah, it might want to start taking patents seriously.

  • T

    “now we will avoid everything we can, and take patents very seriously.”

    Did they just admit to coping apple

    • KRM

      They sure did 🙂

      • Carsten

        Wow the new phone really kick ass, I want it, I want it!!

    • AMB

      No they admit to have run into troubles with Apple concerning its patents

      • Velizark0

        They did it

      • Velizark0

        They did it

    • +1 BINGO!!!!!

    • killa

      th galaxy doesn’t even look like the iphone imo…

  • Letel

    They admit that Apple are dumbass and they don’t wanna have anything to do with them…

    • Micke

      Yeah, sure. But they are still going to supply Apple with their A5, and probably A6, processors. Please check your facts before you make a comment like that. It’s better for you and me both.

  • bobzii

    hahah dumb bastards 😛 bupass apple by copying its products theyr fuckin stupid! Apple Users Wont Change into FREAKING SAMSUNG

    • Telejeesus

      I change back to Nokia when Sea-ray comes out before x-mas. My ip4 was first and last APPLE product.
      Maybe someday I could by some Apple device when Apple have shrink to small and nice company. Or at least when they stop bein the big bully. And that WILL happen latest 2015 🙂

  • ElBarto

    No wonder that thing looks so crappy and cheap. Hahaha. And yes they just admitted to copying apple.

  • I just got myself an iPhone. My friend notoced during the keynote that they had major bugs during the presentation itself. I can only imagine how its going to look when they roll out the devices to the users.

    • Micke

      The hardware, and software alike, is probably still in a beta phase. It’s not fair to make assumptions like that having only seen the presentation.

  • Jt

    They admited that they walked in on apples patents. Not copying them. The patents today are rediculus in many ways. Yet you still dont cross the line. Many times you have no idea you crossed a line until its to late. Probably like apple with samsungs 3g system. Now they will do research and look for pattern breaks so it wont happen again. Has nothing to do with copying

  • Telejeesus

    Anyway Apple has been copying things for decades now.(Computer things etc… And how much they pay to Nokia for each iPhone? LOL)

  • Rob

    Wish The Andriod Wasnt So Filled With Holes, The Hardwares Great But The Software Is Like A Broken Road With Tonnes Of Potholes In, Such A Shame.

  • Smche

    so… The samsung galaxy nexus… I stick with My Iphone 4 and live happily ever after instead of having à ‘super ‘phone with android s*it OS 🙂

  • TT

    Let’s be honest, everyone steals from everyone, it’s just how the world works. If people didn’t steal other people’s idea’s, we would only have one cell phone company, one kind of pizza, one fast food restaurant.

    Although I love my iPhone, I eagerly await the release of each new phone and OS. It only makes the competition stronger, and the products better. I love seeing the new technology that can be coming to the iPhone next.

  • S4K

    both devices SUCKS. Gimme the GALAXY NOTE ~~~~~~~