So you downloaded that pretty Aluminum Notification Center theme mentioned in our iOS 5 WinterBoard video walkthrough, and it didn’t work; now what?

Fortunately there’s a workaround for the Notification Center theme issue, as many people made me aware of after our video went live late last night.

Inside, I’ll show you how to enable Notification Center themes on your iOS 5 device, using a handy workaround…

How to Enable WinterBoard Themes for Notification Center

Step 1: Follow our WinterBoard walkthrough to install a new Notification Center theme.

Step 2: in iFile, SSH, etc, go to var/mobile/Library/Caches

Step 3: Make a backup copy (optional) of ‘­tionCenterLinen’ and delete the original.

Step 4: Respring. If you don’t have SBSettings or other respring tool, you can respring via WinterBoard.

Step 5: Open Notification Center, and you should see your new theme!

Special thanks to everyone who sent this tip in to me. You are too numerous to name. It’s obvious that you guys are really passionate about your WinterBoard themes!

By the way; what do you think about that iCloud-esque Aluminum theme? I think it’s pretty slick.

  • Wma

    You sound ill?

  • Sb

    Is this only for a jailbreaked phone?

  • Sb

    Is this only for a jail broken i phone?

    • jamesandyori


  • jamesandyori

    Awesome! Worked great!


  • Kriss631

    I’m jailbroken tethered on ios 5
    If I install things from cydia and enable it on winterboard and says to respring should I do it or that will cause it to get stuck ?

    • jamesandyori

      You can respring @ anytime!


  • CrazyBraulz

    Just wanted to mention that if the backup of the ‘’ it doesn’t matter if you deselect it or remove winter board you will not get the original theme for the Notification Center… This happened to me even though I like my new theme 🙂

  • Kriss631

    Thanks you James
    The reason I ask was because on my jailbroken 4.2.10 would get stuck so yeah thanks

  • slayerist

    I dont have­tionCenterLinen under var/mobile/Library/Caches
    I have only ..

    any ideas ?

    • Burge

      It’s not a folder..,look to the bottom of the caches folder

      • slayerist

        thank you very much for the input .))

  • @max_kas

    I have 2 notification center themes available to whoever wants them. Just follow me on twitter @max_kas and I’ll send them to you.!/Max_Kas

  • jedoonat

    Yeeeahh…., I think I’ll just hold out till later once everything settles. The aluminum theme is pretty cool, but I can wait. I am loving all the new apps and tweaks in iOS 5! You can put everything in notification center, and have it all look nice 🙂 Now if only Theme It would fix their iOS 5 compatibility, And MiVtones, wish that those guys would make a comeback with iOS 5 compatibility.:S

  • Matt

    FSWipe Cache will do the same thing with just a push of a button. Try that out its updated for ios5 to fix notification cache

  • Sam

    How do you restore the linen theme?

  • M@d@@pp1E

    Doesn’t work for me.
    Screw this- I’m just going to wipe the whole cache folder clean and see if this does the trick…

    Damn Winterboard..

  • M@d@@pp1E

    Oh god, that didn’t work! I lost all my apps on my homescreen! DON’T do this!

  • Ethos

    this is useless cos all notif will cover this

  • Sam

    Anybody know how to go back to the original linen theme?

  • bob

    this sucks….. its to much work and it is buggy and lame..

  • Josh

    Nothings works for me, probably my superior tech skills…ha! I think my prob. Is winterboard(imagine that). Selected themes in winterboard do not stay selected after respring. Normally that would indicate that the theme was not Installed, correct? But, I am doin all the file swiping before hand. 3GS IOS 5

  • Kiko

    Will the jailbreak for iPhone 4s be compatible with a sprint iPhone 4s? If it is how can I do it?

  • Hello, doesn’t work for me 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Jeff will these themes work with IntelliscreenX?

  • the deleted file comes back every time and doesn’t work for me. do you know the reason???
    I have 3gs Iphone with IOS 5 jail-broken.

    thank you in advance

  • Same problem as MOH’D TAWFIK, any fixes?

  • I have got jailbroken iPhone 3g on iOS 4.2.8 and any winterboard themes doesn’t work! Thsi video dosen’t help me 🙁 What to do ?!?!?!?!