Yesterday we reported that Apple had released iOS 4.4.1 for the Apple TV. Unfortunately, minutes after pushing the update, many users reported that the new software was actually “bricking” their device, which let Apple to pull the plug and stop the release of 4.4.1.

It seems that Apple has fixed the issue and has started pushing iOS 4.4.1 for Apple TV again late last night…

You can now safely update your Apple TV to iOS 4.4.1 via the Software Update menu of your Apple TV.

  • Ryan

    Will the new edition successfully update on a jail-broken Atv?

  • Mike

    Wheres mine then????

  • T

    Does anyone know if this fix’s the airplay issue that came with ios5 update

  • Ed

    No update available for mine yet…I really hope it fixes the airplay/home sharing bug…

  • sagi

    someone knew when the jailbreak get out ? and if will be jailbreak for this software (4.4.1)?

  • T

    Mine does says that their is no update. Still on 4.4 with AirPlay issues

  • majax

    big mess , mine on 4.3 and ….that’s it , nothing DLs

  • benbong

    majax, I got the same thing : iOS 4.3 and : “Your TV is up-to-date”, even though it’s not …