Even though it was initially met with some criticism, Apple’s newest handset hasn’t had any problems flying off the shelf. Yesterday morning, the Cupertino company reported that it sold a staggering 4 million iPhone 4S units during opening weekend.

Not only did the three day sell-a-thon set a company best for Apple in handset sales, it also helped US-based carriers like Sprint and AT&T set single-day sales records. And it looks like the smartphone’s unprecedented run is only just beginning…

The fastest selling consumer device in history is the Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360 console. Microsoft sold a mind-numbing 8 million Kinect units in the product’s first 60 days on the market. The funny thing is, Apple is halfway there after opening weekend.

Next week, the company is scheduled to launch the iPhone 4S in 22 new countries. When you consider that it only launched in 7 countries initially, it’s feasible to think that the iPhone 4S could dethrone the Kinect as the fastest selling consumer device ever.

Call it Fanboism, call it the Jones effect, call it whatever you want. Apple’s winning.

  • John doe

    Thats crazy!

  • jamesandyori

    Could you imagine if it was the “5” that was released?

    The numbers would be greater! Now with all these people locked into “new” contracts who will be able to buy the 5 next year?

    Next year could be interesting!


    • Mmmmm

      Let’s hope it’s the 5 and not the 4SS! Ha!

      • jamesandyori

        4SS? That would be funny as hell!

      • neurofibromatosis

        There won’t be an iphone 5, it’s gonna be iphone 6 according to apples naming scheme!

      • Mmmmm

        How exactly do you figure that? Last time I checked 4 came after 3.

    • DebTym

      yeah. Imagine that it was not the iPhone 5. And I’ve read an article in redmondpie that says iPhone 4S was not the final project Steve Jobs worked on, it was the redesigned iPhone 5.

      – Cody, I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned another blog site. >.<

  • Max

    I hate it that my contract has expired and there is not iPhone 5.. I really want it, I don’t really mind SIRI since I also have 10 perfectly good fingers.

  • Emil

    jones effect? what’s that?!

  • iPhone4S(sucks)

    hahaha, I laugh in the face of all the bastards that get wet because Apple is becoming richer and richer every second with all the morons buying the iPhone 4shit only because is from Apple haha.

    • Emil

      Haha I laugh in the face of twats (YOU) who say it’s shit just because they can’t afford it 😀

      • iPhone4S(sucks)

        haha, and I laugh at the the face of retards like you that thinks that the rest of the people is like them (you).

      • Mmmmm

        Guys it’s iLaugh! Come on grade 1 grammar! Ha!

    • DebTym

      haha. I laugh because iPhone is more useful in this world than a sucker like you.hahahaha

  • jared

    i laugh at all your immaturity

  • Nazii

    I laught at you who think everyone is immature 😀

  • Nazii

    I laught at you who think everyone is immature…

  • Stormy

    Guys, millions and millions of people having the iPhone or wanting to get one but can’t. They can’t be all stupid. Call them fanboys or fangirls if you must but, remember this, there is a reason why they are. Apple keeps producing quality products that look great and work great so youcan’t really blame them. Personally, I love the iPhone and have, over the years, cancelled or upgraded the contracts many times to get all the iPhone thus far available. If you like a different phone, well, there is nothing wrong with that. I heard that there are good Android phones out there, like the Samsung Galaxy Sii, and if you own one of them, well, good for you. What I would suggest is this: go to the Android fansites and share your views and experiences with Android users and be a bit more productive with your time. Just because Apple and Android phone companies hate one another doesn’t mean we users have to.

  • Miranda

    How do i reserve an iphone when it’s always unavailable even after 9pm?