Apple’s iPad has dominated the tablet market over the last two years. Starting at just under $500, few competitors have been able to match the quality of Apple’s slate for the same amount of money. And nowadays it’s even harder to keep up.

GigaOM points to a major tablet sale going on over at Apple’s online store right now. The Cupertino company has hosted iPad sales in the past, but nothing of this magnitude by our recollection. Some iPads are marked down over $200…

The iPad 64GB Wi-Fi model has a special limited time price of $399. That’s $200 off of its current price, and $300 cheaper than the original. Want 3G built in? You can get the 64GB 3G + Wi-Fi iPad for $499, a savings of $230. Other models are also on sale.

As usual, these prices are all for remanufactured units. Apple’s refurbished products are highly regarded though, and come with new batteries and full one year warranties. If you’re in the market for a tablet, you might want to head over to

What do you think? Deal, or no deal?

  • d0ntp4n1c

    This is the iPad not the iPad2 yes? Stupid question I know but I see way to many people who refer to both is different ways v.v

    • d0ntp4n1c

      Nevermind just navigated to site and checked out system specs. Please disregard the stupid question.

    • Alex

      lol no its the ipad1.

  • Eddie

    It’s a good deal if you’re in the market for one but not something I would impulse buy just because it’s a good deal.

    I think these prices are steep for a refurb. Keep in mind Apple made money the first time they sold these and selling them again is almost all profit. iPad is outdated already anyway. Get iPad 2 or wait for iPad 3.

    • Brains530

      Yeah but since the people trading in their iPads get new or other refurbs its not as much of a profit as you would think. Plus the man hours it takes to actually do the refurb.

  • Mark

    I would rather grab another iPad 1 off craigslist for $150-$200 I know its risky but hey, no tax 🙂

  • If this was for the iPad2 I would jump all over it. Too bad.

  • Crush0685

    The cheapes iPad 2 is 499 refurbish and iPad 399 no good deals

  • babe

    Just Remember iPad1 always jailbreakable since bootrom exploit jailbreak launched makes it always best buy. It can also play m4v/mp4 1080p smoothly movie copied using copytrans manager.