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  • patrik 46

    Hello, I accidently upgraded my iphone 4 with IOS 5 without preserving baseband.Therefore I know have the baseband 04.11.08. Now how can i unlock this?

    • NO way guy, sorry …

    • dileep kumar reddy

      same problem

  • Acolz

    Allright I create a custom iOS with sn0wbreeze yet the file is 27mb. Is that normal? When phone is in DFU I SHIFT+Restore but it’s just stuck at like the beginning of the restore procces. Any help?

    • I did something but mine file is 793mb, I thing u did something wrong …

      • Acolz

        Yeah figured a while ago… Needed to run sn0wbreeze as Administrator. Stupid windows -_-

  • Kriss631

    No it’s not I believe it’s suppose to be smaller than 25mb I think

  • chris

    So, I haven’t seen it discussed a lot.. but does anyone know if you can definitely use the tethered iOS 5 jailbreak now, then “upgrade” to the untethered jailbreak that comes out later without needing to restore again?? It seems like a theoretically good idea but little to no mention of it on here

    • Burge

      You should be able to run it over the tertherd jailbreak