WhatsApp Messenger, a popular IM app, has gone free in the App Store. What makes WhatsApp different from other IM apps is that it is cross platform, meaning it works on Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia phones.

WhatsApp is currently free in the App Store for a limited time. This is because Apple took WhatsApp head on with iMessage in iOS 5

WhatsApp has its advantages over iMessage. First off, it allows you to message other users on different platforms. Along with that, you can also do BBM like features, such as broadcasting a message to all your friends, and sending your location.

If you’re interested in download WhatsApp, you can do so here.

What do you think? Do you use WhatsApp Messenger? Or do you prefer iMessage?

  • What happened? Are we Android or what? Just kidding. Go grab it those of you who don’t haven’t! If BB servers don’t go down again, you’ll be using it a lot! 😉

  • zaba

    i love whatsapp 

  • W@Nd3r

    Whatsapp FTW of cos

  • Tdecker

    Is it iPhone only or something? I cant seem to locate it

    • Juan

      Yes, it’s only for iPhones. Your device needs a phone number since that becomes your “username” for message routing.

      I’ve been using WhatsApp for almost 2 years now. While it does have it’s server issues from time to time, it’s a great messaging network.

  • i literally have no friends using this in the uk or abroad, anytime i mention it i just get a look of “wtf is that” then they offer me their BBM pin or something

    • iJoke

      I guess the British don’t know whatsapp?! Geddit? Hoho!

  • clementine

    I like whatsapp!

  • ken

    i just updated my IOS to 5 and my whatsapp cant be use =(
    any idea how to fix it???

  • Anderson Labadie

    I want the best for my iPhone

  • samkit

    please give me your apple id to dwnload it.