Apple’s new voice technology, dubbed “Siri,” is really smart. It’s also got an attitude.

While Siri has been receiving tons of praise from journalists and consumers alike, Apple’s new AI system has one serious flaw: it doesn’t understand thick accents.

The above video demonstrates someone with a thick accent trying to speak to Siri in English. It isn’t pretty. (“Read dick.”)

Siri officially supports voice recognition from customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany. Accents seem to cause a problem, however.

Here’s another demo with an Australian accent (it actually works pretty well):

Let us know if Siri doesn’t pick up your accent during testing.


  • MALdito

    “Pfft” Den dis isa fackin’ juseless pess of chett! ….(¬_¬) LoL!

    • Acolz


    • malDITO


  • Darrin

    I think that was less of an accent problem and more of, a lack of proper English. Not insulting the guy, just saying that he left a lot of fill words out. What weather for today? Instead of saying something like; What is the weather like today? Time will tell

    • Walt

      my thoughts exactly

  • W@Nd3r

    Poor japanese..
    I shall do my best to fake an american acccent.. haha

  • Me

    Can they make siri takes hebrow or arabil language or does it imposabble :S

  • Night

    Yea, Siri sucks, mute ppl are having issues with it too!!!!!
    (On a serious note, I had problems understanding this guy, what did you expected from Siri?)

  • Me

    lol to speak hebrow ? or arabic its impossiable huh ?

  • Ever since I saw the demo of Siri at the keynote I keep picturing in my mind what it would be like if Sofia Vergara from ABC’s Modern Family attempted to use Siri. Thinking about how funny that would be I would love to see that written into the show. I think it would happen since the show is so Apple friendly.

    • malDITO


  • Juan

    This is just a wild guess but Siri is based on proper English so leaving out verbs may pose a problem.

  • MrBig

    really, there’s a difference between accent and proper knowledge of a language… mine is german. But I bet siri will understand my english better than this guys, I did not understand everything he said instantly. He left out half of the sentence and pronounces words absurdly…

  • iFlo

    Well, I agree with the fact that Siri understands proper English only. Nor will Siri understand thick foreign accents. I am French with a thick French Accent and as soon as I receive my Factory Unlocked iPhone, it will be the first application I will try and I will post videos on Youtube.