Apple’s newest artificial intelligence technology is called Siri. Originally based off the Siri Assistant app in the App Store, Apple uses its own secret sauce and Naunce’s backend to create a super intelligent assistant for iPhone 4S users.

What you may not know about Siri is that it has an attitude and a sense of humor. Here’s some of the crazy things that Siri says…

This is my next’s Joshua Topolsky published a truckload of Siri conversations he had with his iPhone 4S review unit.

You can also visit Shit That Siri Says to see more hilarious comments from Apple’s newest technological marvel.

Who else is going to be asking Siri all kinds of questions over the weekend?

  • Daniel


  • Zodiac99

    Insane 😀

  • DebTym


  • Pryesh

    Whos your daddy?? You are – lol that is class

  • Burge

    Ha ha ha ha ha …

  • DebTym

    Can you ask when the next iPhone generation will be unveiled? hahahaha

    • Next year it is already on the news

  • Tina

    HAHA awesome!

  • hahahahah. SIRI is kool.

  • bossmads danish

    ha ha ha i vell have siri on my iphone, can I have that???????

  • bossmads danish

    what with, who is jesus / god ha ha

  • Awsome dude!

  • how i can install on iphone 4

  • Aineel

    Now I want Siri

  • LOL! Wow, that is almost borderline GLaDOS. Should I be worried that Siri might try to kill me?

  • I found these at

  • George

    Haha hilarious

  • Yellow

    Was expecting 42 for that one about life, but wow, this is hilarious. Now I really want an iPhone 4S

  • Siri- funded by Skynet.

  • alf15

    Will siri be installed on my iphone 4 once I update to i05?

    • Francesco

      its not ios 5 feature for the 3GS or the iphone 4 its build into the iphone 4S… so no u won’t get Siri if u update ur iphone 4 to ios 5 and to get Siri on iphone 4 the team has to do piracy before they can port it to the 3GS ,4…. and they won’t do piracy for porting it .. so your SOL

    • Hasan

      No , it’s only in iPhone 4S

  • EthanBB

    I really like that one with hiding a body 😀

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is awesome! I.WANT.SIRI

  • soccerkrzy

    Literally laughed out loud on the 2001 Space Odyssey reference.

  • Jason

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! okay now I’m buyin a 4S!!!!! LMFAO!!!! j/p wow tho, pure comedy! I can already see the late night sketches for Siri-

    • Ron

      Oh she bitches for a while about the pod bay doors, you have to keep asking lol

  • Sojo4x4

    Haha. Siri is a joke!!!!! No program can predict the mind of a human. Lmbo!!!!! Apple should gave kept this one

  • Luis

    Lol I was laughing for two minutes straight

  • Sohail


  • Apple sucks

    Siri is the biggest piece of crap of the face of this earth. I tired for 15 min for it to make a phone call and i just kept sitting there with the 3g wheel spinning. Why does it need the internet to make a damn phone call.

  • Bobby

    The voice recognition company is named NUANCE – not Naunce.

  • iphoneguy

    try telling it “i love you” you will roll over laughing at the random responses you get

  • Jacob


  • Polemicist

    LMAO… That was good…

    Yep I was expecting a 42 as well… But at least Siri could help with hiding a body – very good suggestions…. XD