The stand-out iPhone 4S feature has to be Siri, Apple’s take on the virtual assistant. There’s something to be said for asking your iPhone questions or issuing commands, and having it go off and do the work.

Unfortunately, it appears that not everyone can experience the full magic of Siri, with some aspects of the digital AI not available for those of us outside the United States…

Numerous reports on Twitter and the interwebs have pointed to users in both the UK and Canada finding gaping holes in the functionality that Apple showed off at their iPhone event last week, as well as their numerous promotional videos.

New iPhone 4S owners in the UK and Canada have both reported that one of the party tricks of Siri, being able to find restaurants nearby, doesn’t work. When asking Siri to find eating establishments, or anything else location-based for that matter, our new digital friend politely refuses, informing disappointed users that he, or indeed she, can only look for businesses in the United States, and when you’re using US English. The same goes for maps and traffic.

Now before anyone gets the pitchforks out and heads to their nearest Apple Store, it’s worth remembering that even Apple calls Siri a ‘beta’ and they have said in the past, across their website no-less, that ‘features may vary by area.’

The good news? Apple has already indicated that they are working on bringing local search and maps available to additional countries in 2012.

Hopefully, and we’re all hoping furiously here, that Apple will see fit to extend their location-based Siri-goodness to those of us outside the States sooner rather than later, though who knows when that will actually happen?

Until then, we’ll just have to make do with talking to our iPhones for other things.

  • Revvxz

    Can you say, Fail? iPhone 4S = No improvement compared to the iPad 2…

    • How is that a fail exactly?

      • sparky

        Epic Fail… World Phone not supported outside of the USA

    • Cameron Carlyon

      I second that!

  • matt

    it has been known since day 1 that siri was restricted to a few markets and languages and that it is a BETA. apple stated further languages would be coming. how is this a fail? it’s doing exactly what they said it would do and is working where they said it would work. the fail here is you and others like you who can read but can’t comprehend what they read.

  • Johari

    Make it simple……you dont understand english eh…….

  • Me

    Epic FAIL

  • Shaz

    thank god i didn’t get this phone.. Canada is right above you guys!! gahh!

    • I know right? This totally breaks the deal! Can’t find restaurants in Canada until 2012? *Pounds heart repeatedly* How dare they! No more money for you Apple!

      • Mr.iPhoneGuy

        i live in dubai and i cant find restaurants or any location until 2012,that doesnt make sense at all!
        i hate apple now,we have to wait for more than 2 months.

  • iMarc

    Having a Beta means you can screw up and make all the excuses you want. Siri may never truly be International but iPhone sales worldwide are still gonna meet and exceed their targets. Siri is a gimmick and I doubt I will be relying on it anytime soon.

    • This comment

      They could also just work on siri and not release the iPhone 4S yet. Instead of that they gave us the BETA version. Better than absolutely nothing isn’t it?

  • John doe

    Thanks for the heads up! I canceled my pre order. Siri was the only reason i wanted it.

  • Shannon

    Don’t be mad that Apple only loves its American customers.

  • 877

    Surely in 2012 iPhone 5 will be out, so why get 4s now in Siri unsupported countries. I’ll wait here in uk.

  • David

    As a Scottish man Siri wouldn’t understand me anyways.
    I seen on TiPb asking if Siri was as revolutionary as the mouse and multitouch, as if, it’s one of the most gimmicky things made, right next to The Wizard.

  • inliferound

    I’m from Australia. A friend of mine bought her iPhone 4S yesterday and brought it over for the unboxing. Siri is fun to play around with but not really functionally useful in this country. Hopefully things change soon. I would love to get an iPhone for my dad but I’m not sure if the 4S is worth it. He might have to hold on to his Nokia candybar for another year =p

    • inliferound

      Also, the Australian accent is hella funny on our Siri! She definitely had trouble understanding us, though. I didn’t have the foresight to try and speak to Siri in an American accent to see if that made a difference.

      • Tom

        dunno if it was my accent but at the jb hi fi the other day, evrytime i spoke it said unable to connect to network but wifi and 3g were both on and working. annoying.

  • Ins0mnihack

    Does anyone know if you can at least set location based reminders in areas outside of the US? (I.e remind me when I get home..). If it has no access to maps outside of the US I guess not?

  • Roberto

    Hi guys do you think apple wants everyone around the world to talk with an American ascent ?

  • Roberto

    Hi guys do you think apple wants everyone around the world to talk with an American ascent

  • Cameron Carlyon

    GAY! Britain gets NO credit for even inventing the English language! When I go onto a site and it says what language would you like it has the word English with the AMERICAN FLAG BESIDE IT! Some people go as far to call it American! It’s called English: US! And by English it means ENGLAND’S LANGUAGE! Give us SOME credit!

    • This comment

      It actually is unfair yes, but US is just bigger.. Without the britain there wouldn’t even be the USA as we know it.

      • Cameron Carlyon

        If America is so big why didn’t they have their own language?

      • Frank

        If it wasn’t for the US of A, you’d be speaking German my friend… Sprechen sie deutsche?

      • Cameron Carlyon

        @Frank Typical of an American to bring up the war… Well I have news for YOU! We could have easily won the war ourselves! All you did was drop a nuke on Japan! And look at the amount of birth deforms there are now! Plus to get the nuke Britain payed you! To get the designs you threatened to kill Eisenstein who designed it! Plus if you hadn’t been to scared to join the war at the start rather than a year before the end THOUSANDS of lifes could have been saved!

    • David

      The size of a country has nothing to do with having its own language, considering nearly all Americans have ancestors originating from Europe, apart from native Americans of course.

      The large majority of immigrants were from the UK resulting in English being a more used language.

      • Cameron Carlyon

        Well even so I hate how English US is the default for almost everything and England was the one who made the language. Words like ”Soccer” and ”Underpants” don’t exist in my vocabulary.

      • Ins0mniac

        Hey we say “underpants” in Australia, and we haven’t bastardised (they even spell that word with a Z!) the English language like the USA! We still know to inset the letter U into words like honour 🙂

      • Cameron Carlyon

        @Ins0mniac Yes but the is English AU. I have an Australian friend and we always argue about the name Football or Soccer 😛 (I always win because you actually use your feet in Football unlike American Football :])

  • paul

    how do they expect any sales outside of the US? im in new zealand and i was really excited about this, but no siri and the 4s is just faster and more expensive, esentially a waste of an upgrade.
    im not gonna waste my time talking to my phone just to text. i would like to know how to get somewhere, or what the weather will be like, but until its released properly here, the 4s will have a dismal response

  • Apple Suck

    I am so pissed that Seri does not work in Australia, that Im done with Apple now and all there products. Going back to Android and PC. YOU SUCK APPLE!!! Australian’s (And other countries, should be able to sue you for misrepresentation, and false advertising)

  • Expatinuk

    You Aussie and Dubai guy, not to mention a few of you brits, sound like spoiled petulants frat boys that didn’t win the girl so are now trying to convince themselves that she is actually really ugly and they never wanted her anyway… Can you say ‘transparent’?! Get over it.

    And about the language, the US is the dominant economic power, overtook the UK and way surpassed it in the mid nineteenth century, and despite some catch up in the past 15 years by the UK, is still about 25% richer per head. Apple is an American company, as is Google and Yahoo and EBay… That is just the reality. Be happy your ex-colony did so well so that you don’t (yet) have to learn Chinese to use neat stuff. As the joke goes, be happy you speak a dialect of the American language!!

    • Ins0mniac

      Oi! There’s a few Aussies here and we aren’t all petulant whining wankers like Mr “Apple Suck” above, so calm the anger and patriotism just a little mate! 🙂

      I actually think it’s entirely reasonable that Siri’s location based features are only available in the US initally. I imagine there will be many little bugs to iron out, and much work to be done before it’s ready to be rolled out internationally.

      The fact that Nuance software understands so many accents (including the Australian accent) so well at launch, is impressive enough as it is, and you can still use Siri for making reminders and looking up information from Wolfram Alpha.

      However Apple could have made it clearer during the keynote that Siri’s location based features would be US only to begin with. A lot of people did buy the phone here, only to be dissapointed at the limited functionality of Siri. Should they have waited a little and/or researched the 4S better before buying? Yes. Should they just chill out and enjoy the other bazillion features of the best iPhone ever, rather than complaining? Yes./however unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way, and regardless of nationality, people love to complain when they think they are missing out on something. In this case I agree with you that it’s rather pathetic.

      • Cameron Carlyon

        Oh and Ins0mniac! If Apple announced a new iPhone and the main feature was mainly reserved for Britain, there would be an outrage in the US. It works both ways my friend…

    • Cameron Carlyon

      Oh Expatinuk! Your so full of SHIT! It’s called ENGLISH! SO FUCK OFF WITH YOUR WINING AND CALLING IT “THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE!”. Virgin is a very powerful company! From radio stations to retain stores to an AIRLINE! AND it’s BRITISH! Samsung is KOREAN! Not everything is American! SO SUCK IT! Racist Arrogant Fuckers Like You Should GET THE FUCK OFF iDB NOW!

      • Cameron Carlyon


  • corboco

    The fact of the matter is that the 4S is just a desperate catch up attempt to match the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has all the Siri find features and works perfectly well using the everyday english most of the world speaks (excluding the USA)

    You couldn’t really expect a corporation like Apple to actually promote the fact that the rest of the world other than the USA shouldn’t touch the 4S if they wanted a value for money upgrade and should wait for the 5 or will it be the 4X……better still buy a Samsung instead and get ahead of the pack!

  • Hey

    i hava question. so when Apple finally “works on bringing local search and maps available to additional countries in 2012.” that would probably be in an iphone 5 right ? or will you be able to use ur iphone4s still and jus “upgrade” siri rather than buying nother phone ?

  • David

    Heh, guys…chill.
    If you bought 4S, it’s your damn fault, don’t blame it on Apple. So you’re telling me you expect Siri Beta to work flawlessly? Think, ok? If you people think it sucks midget a$$ and troll about it, go f-ing make your phone, let’s see how your personal assistant turns out. Btw, I’m Cantonese/Chinese, we don’t complain and talk sh!t. If something sucks, we make our own! Sh!tty 4S? We cloned it when you all were crying and are selling them for one fourth of Apple’s price. Same hardware, materials. 😛 Quit b!tching. lolololol 😀