Well that didn’t take long. Hot on the heels of iH8sn0w’s announcement earlier today that Siri wasn’t restricted to the A5 processor, we now have concrete evidence that the feature has been successfully ported to the iPhone 4.

Apple’s popular personal assistant debuted on the iPhone 4S exclusively last week, and everyone has been raving about its potential. Now it appears that iPhone 4S owners won’t be the only ones getting in on the fun…

9to5Mac just published this video of a jailbroken iPhone 4 running the Siri voice command system. The site has been working with Steven Troughton-Smith, a developer, to port the feature to non-supported devices. And by the looks of it, they’re well on their way.

As you can see, the Siri port is still immature at this point. Although it can recognize spoken commands and handle voice-to-text, it’s unable to pass commands on to Apple’s servers. It’s also running painfully slow, another side affect of the early port.

The site claims that they are continuing to work on the system to improve its functionality. And even though it doesn’t appear to be usable just yet, this is great news for folks who didn’t rush out to grab Apple’s latest handset. So when can we download it from Cydia?

  • rajesh

    another reason not to buy iphone 4S…:)

    • Tomb198269

      Yeah really

  • David

    Just buy an iPhone 4S

    • Shawn

      I would but I’m trying to my contract end. Yes I have an upgrade now but ATT has it so your contract ends 3 months later. And Im ready to go to Verizon.

      • How much is the ETF with so few months left?

  • $19.99

  • wasim

    Do if u don’t hav an iPhone4S you hav a jb iphone4

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t be surprized if Apple blocks commands not sent from iPhone 4s’s.

    • Shawn

      Wouldn’t all they have to do is make it so the jailbreak sends the identifier as a 4S?

      • Mike

        Yes, so now there is onlyreasons to update to iPhone 4s and both I do not need thank you

      • ReanimationXP

        Might not be that easy. Apple knows the serials of every 4S made.. would take one change on their servers to kill this.

  • wasim

    so if u don’t hav an iPhone4S you hav a jb iphone4

  • ic0dex

    I personally think that it will be really slow and nothing compared to the iPhone 4S. They should port it on the the iPad 2 instead of the iPhone 4. I still think that the A5 chip has a lot to do with how it functions.

    • Ace

      The dev mentiond it’s not the A5 chip. It’s that the ip4 GPU is not starting. They need the siri runtime code for this GPU. iOS has it for the ip4s.

      • hxclos

        I think he’s talking about the A5 processing speed. Just look at all that lag time on the iPhone 4. Can they improve the speed? Sure, but there will still be a noticeable difference in speed since the A5is much faster than the A4. The iPad 2 however, does have an A5 chip and thus be capable of handling Siri, but first we need a jailbreak.

      • Niclas Ullbrand

        @hxclos read the message again, it is slow bc of no gpu acceleration in the gui. Sirii does not need an a5, it will run fine with an a4.

      • Masters

        Well I have the 4s and Siri was slow for me last night major, depending on when this video was made, maybe the servers were backed up at the tIme and with them not being slammed from people Playing around it’ll be faster.

      • hxclos

        @Niclas This article makes no mention of that. The other article just says Siri isn’t limited to the A5 but doesn’t go into depth. Either way, there is an updated video with Siri working much faster on the iPhone 4 so you are right about the A4 chip. Good news for those of us who didn’t upgrade.

  • Robert

    This is just awesome news! Pretty amazing what they can accomplish on the first day the 4S was released! I believe the iPhone4 is more then capable of handling Siri and the JB community will have this perfected soon enough! Great work! Congrats…

    • Tom

      well said

      • Jonson

        Just wait for iPhone 5 to come out next year or so.

  • emver


  • Jeff

    It’s immature? What does it throw it’s food at you and tell fart jokes?

    • Erik K


    • Ernesto

      He means it’s not ready. It’s still in its infancy state. Immature is not always used to call someone a child. But your comment was pretty funny the first time I read it. Haha.

  • Sherwin


  • Sherwin


  • This is f*cking awesome. Can’t wait to have a Virtual friend lol

    • Tomb198269

      Its nothing like that. It’s really no better than any other voice recognition software out there for a mobile device.

      • Frank

        really? Google voice commands are obsolete compared to this…

        Google voice command example:

        -“Say a command”
        -Err… Call Josh.
        -“Did you say call Abel?”
        -“Did you say call Thomas?”
        -“Did you say call Martin?”
        -For christ sake, noooo!!

  • Danthony

    This made my day I’m am soooooooooo pumped

  • Danthony

    This made my day I’m am soooooooooo pumped I really have no reason to get a 4s now

  • Already?????

  • azharhamzahya


  • Mac

    Cody hope you are not dreaming!!!

    • Dave

      Please post

  • Hopefully they will make Siri fir IPhone 3G 🙂

  • Hopefully they will make Siri for iPhone 3G 🙂

    • Frank


  • Icycl3z

    It probably will not be available for the

  • Icycl3z

    It probably will not be available for the iPhone 3G/3GS —-

  • emver

    but for a beta, siri is doing well

  • Woody dog

    Impressive but looks very slow. It’s going to be like 3G on ios4. It’s not worth having

  • Woody dog

    It’s very quick on 4s

  • GP

    What about SIRI for iPad2 ??

  • manoj

    Any chances for getting SIRI to 3GS?

    • N

      Yes, a lot of people that is commenting should’nt be. It will run om 3gs, but not on 3g(it didnt get ios5).

  • RavingRabbits

    To those fucktards who keep saying it can only work on the A5. The port is SLOW currently because of the lack of the gpu files (no hardware acceleration), if u guys bother to notice, the whole ios is slow in general, not just siri.

    Always known it was possible for Siri to be ported anyway, not buying that hogwash apple throw out at us that only 4S can run siri.

    • N

      Go easy on them, now I know why there are so many stupid comments here. They really can’t read!
      Thats why they want sirii in the first place…

    • Craig

      U r the fucktard.U poor fucker can’t afford an iPhone 4s so u bag apple.Its not there fault your a bum

      • N

        @Craig I feel sorry for you man, I do hope you get better soon.

        Don’t you worry about me, I’ll probably get an 4s when it’s jailbroken. It will run great alongside my 2011 mbp 15″, 2011 mac mini and ipad2 3g.

  • moob

    I would doubt it. 3G could barely cope with iOS 4 and I’ve held off updating to iOS 5 on my 3GS until I see or hear of some speed results. apple say it’ll work but at what cost.

    • N

      Ios5 does not support 3g, so no go there.

      But 3gs does, and sirii is not that demanding. It will run fine.

      • moob

        thanks i realise the limitations of iOS5 on 3G, what I meant was iOS4 killed quite a few 3G’s that I know of, Apple said yeah fine they’re compatible and yes they do run that OS but with huge lag, does iOS5 therefore kill the 3GS in the same way. if it lags as much as the 3G’s do on iOS4 I won’t be upgrading.

    • Josh


      The 3GS runs FINE on iOS 5 (not just fine, it runs even better than 4.x). It has all the features, except for Location-based reminders (at least I haven’t benn able to use it) and Siri of course.
      You SHOULD upgrade

    • chrispx


      Josh is correct. iOS 5 runs great on 3GS. Anyways, if you have your SHSH saved and you’re careful, you can update while preserving the baseband and roll back the iOS, but you won’t want to after using iOS 5. It’s snappy like 3.1.3

    • chrispx

      Josh is correct. iOS 5 runs great on 3GS. Anyways, if you have your SHSH saved and you’re careful, you can update while preserving the baseband and roll back the iOS, but you won’t want to after using iOS 5. It’s snappy like 3.1.3

  • Joe

    Hope that the price of the cydia tweak won’t be so high…
    But actually it does worth a bit of money (10-20$)

    This is another reason for keep your iPhone 4 & don’t buy the iPhone 4S…

    • 877

      The Siri port, if for a price, will also be cracked on cydia for free.

  • super lag

    • N

      Read the article? Try that.

  • DomPerignon

    I knew this was coming to the jb community SOONER than later. In a couple of weeks this app will be 100%.

  • Elvira

    any idea how to make the old siri works on 3gs? (the original one)

  • Taz

    Recieved this email from apple this morning….


    Dear Tarrant Lines,

    We appreciate you being among the first to order a new Apple iPhone.
    We’re working, quite literally, around the clock to make sure every unit arrives on time.
    But even if 99.999% do, however, a few will not. Unfortunately, your order has fallen into that last category.

    We’re truly sorry.

    Rest assured that we’re doing all we can to get your iPhone delivered to you as soon as possible. We will deliver your iPhone to you on or before 17.10.2011.

    Again, we apologize for this delay and appreciate your understanding.
    We expect that, once you get the iPhone in your hands, you’ll be thrilled.
    If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 0845 600 1683.

    Kind regards,
    The Apple Store

    I now hate apple.

  • Mac

    It does require the A5, look how slow the phone was running, that is what apple is trying to prevent.

    • MrDealHD

      Do you guys know how to read. Does not need the A5. The whole phone is running slow because of the mising GPU files. There is a second video on youtube of him doing it again with some gpu files and it runs smooth as the iphone 4s. I hate idiots…

  • Jeswin


    Bro, read the comments above…

    It does not require an A5 to run it…it’s sluggish because of lack of gpu acceleration; which they are working on ..

    Nothing to do with the processor chip..

  • svnelvn

    ^ The iphone 4 may not be able to run smoothly on new 3d rendering games, but no way will an iphone 4 give in to some siri voice recognition. if you think about siri what it does is very simple, searching and typing for you basically, i bet a 300mhz cpu chip will be sufficient to run that smoothly

    • DomPerignon

      Siri, before being pulled out from the Apple Store worked flawlessly on the iPhone 4. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t now. As soon as they solve the gpu acceleration thing, Siri will be available for the jb community; it is just a matter of a couple of weeks.

      • Miboi

        In fact Apple will port siri 2 another devices when final vers is out of beta. Welcome 4s beta testers 😛

      • Miboi

        In fact Apple will port siri to another devices when final versioni is out of beta. Welcome 4s beta testers 😛

      • MiboiIh

        In fact ApPple will port siri to another devices when final versioni is out of beta. Welcome 4s beta testers 🙂

  • Zack

    That’s so slow I wouldn’t want to use it anyway…

  • K.S.A

    it is so slow if slowing fixed when realased will buy it>>>>>>>ان شاء الله

  • Abdul


    A video has been updated off the iPhone 4 running Siri and since then the hacker has gotten further. From the last video people jumped to conclusions on how much the older device could run however this video proves that the UI can run smooth. Now Steven has to connect it to Apple’s server and find a way to distribute.
    Check it out


  • S

    I purchased the 4S but there are problems if your phone is restricted. If you use the *82 feature when calling those you want to see you number, the voice activation does not work. Also, if you have your contacts listed with the *82, it doesn’t allow those on your contact list to call with a recognized name associated with the number. You just see the number.