With over a million iPhone 4S units pre-ordered and countless more sold through retail stores today, it’s no wonder that carriers’ activation systems are crippled. If you’ve been having problems activating your new iPhone, you’re not alone.

We’ve actually been having quite a few issues ourselves today, and have been searching for workarounds to get our new handsets active. After a lot of digging, I’ve come up with two pretty good alternatives to the typical activation methods…

The first method I came across is courtesy of Arnold Kim of MacRumors. He suggested trying to visit my carrier’s online activation page, and so I did. While this worked for several people, it kept redirecting me back to iTunes for further assistance.

Of course iTunes didn’t work, so I finally broke down and decided to call into my carrier’s (AT&T) customer service. Surprisingly, I was only on hold for a couple of minutes. And when the representative picked up, she was more than happy to help me.

After verifying my name and the last four digits of my social security number, we went to work. All I had to do was read her my phone’s IMEI and ICCID numbers (found on the back of the iPhone’s box in the barcodes), and within moments, I was activated.

Now these methods may not work for everyone. There’s several variables involved when dealing with cell phones, and the fix isn’t always a simple one. But if you’re having problems activating your iPhone today, these methods are definitely worth a shot.

Did either of these work for you?

  • Casey

    Mine finally worked through iTunes after about 4 hours!!

    • Omar

      Att.com/activations. Worked for me.

    • Jeri

      thanks! I’ve been letting it run for an hour and a half and I was just ready to give up! I’ll hang in there and let it run

  • Gus

    I tried 3x with no luck at all. Left the phone off for about 10-15 minutes, tried again and it went right through. Either I got lucky, or the servers aren’t getting as hammered right now….

  • north

    Canadian iPhone shipments originally due to arrive today by noon were delayed till Monday at Noon.

    the crap part is when it first got to Canada today, they drove it right by my house to another sorting facility

  • Tomb198269

    I had no problems, my iPhone came around 3:00 p.m. I was up and running in less than 15 mins. Maybey there was not a lot of people getting an iPhone around my area?

    • no

      Same here.

  • ic0dex

    The stupid FedEx guy left my iPhone 4S right I front of my door. Humm what should I do ?:)

  • Sean

    Mines was a breeze activating mine

  • Bruce Bernfeld

    Can I just remove my SIM card from my 4 and put it in my 4S and skip activation?

  • Bruce Bernfeld

    Can I just remove my SIM card from my 4 and put it in my 4S and skip activation

    • rdqronos

      You can try it, not saying it’ll work.

  • bicky bajracharya

    i am from nepal and i have iphone 4s and i have a problem in activation of phone.plz suggest me ?????????