I’ve always thought that Siri looked good, just not as great as Apple would want you to believe. I was a skeptic. I was a skeptic until about an hour ago when I first tried Siri for myself.

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better than any other voice recognition/control/A.I. you’ve ever used. It integrates commendably with the iPhone 4S, and best of all, it just works…most of the time.

Siri will, without a doubt, change the way we communicate with our devices going forward; it’s like the missing link that we’ve needed all along.

Check inside and see what it’s like to have small talk with Siri…

Needless to say, I’m throughly impressed with Siri, and I firmly believe if you try it, you will be just as convinced.

It’s one of those things that you just have to use in action to fully appreciate.

If you’ve given Siri a spin, by all means, share your thoughts about Apple’s new voice service. Do you believe it’s all it’s cracked up to be?

  • Charles

    I love Siri. But I’m gonna stick with my iPhone 4 till the iPhone 5 comes out.

    • gielk

      ME 2 maybe it is than in my language

    • +1 to Charles – I feel the same way.

      I do have a question – I updated my iPad 2 and for whatever reason Apple didn’t include Siri on the iPad 2 update????

      Huh??? WTF, why not???!!! The iPad 2 has the A5 Chip – isn’t that the reason for not allowing the standard iPhone 4 to have Siri??? I was really looking forward to trying out Siri on my iPad 2.

      Anyone hear why Apple held this Siri option back from the iPad 2???

      Thx, Eric

      • Revvxz

        Siri is iPhone 4S exclusive, they are hoping you’ll buy it JUST for siri, or some other marketing ploy.. A5 chip isn’t even a big improvement cause the iPad 2 has one.. iPhone 4S = iPadPhone 2 + Siri

  • J-

    That video actually made me like Siri less. Siri did not once reply right to any of your real world questions. Only in the scripted questions did it answer helpfully. I am still holding out hope for it, and to tell you the truth in 5 years, we will probably be talking to all of our devices. Which is a game changer. Is Apple the new Skynet in 2 decades?

  • J-

    Not once did iOS 4 ever do a double post for me.

    The first attempt came up as failed. Hmmmm iOS5 double post glitch?

    • QuarterSwede

      It’s the commenting system. Happens on OS X too.

  • emver

    nice vid… 🙂

  • FeO

    I love can’t stop asking question. But she won’t marry me lol.

    • emver


  • Rehan Ahmed

    The Siri is the only GREAT thing about the iPhone 4. Please do tell her to shut up, and lets see what she replies!

    • DebTym

      You SHUT UP!

  • d0ntp4n1c

    I think it’s BS that it wont run on 4. Its the only major reason imo to even consider a 4s (yes i know A2 and full airplay are there but meh) and Im not gonna shell out that much cash just for Siri. Just hopeing the pirates out there can port it to iphone 4 eventually

  • Jason

    With the exception of doing the whole reminders bit, I still havent seen this do much that that Dragon Go doesn’t do already. It also does some things Siri doesn’t do like play your requested songs, artists and movies in Pandora, Spotify and Netflix.

  • JR

    Im sorry but siri isn’t very useful on the “functionality” part. She does recognize everything you say but as for understanding it. Bleh. I am getting an iPhone 4S but lets be honest. Ive used “Voice Actions” on android for a while and while Siri does a much better job of understanding what I said, Voice Actions, or “Jeannie” as she calls herself is the the one that ACTUALLY has AI. She is able to read email, awnser questions about spelling and trivia and actually SAY the results back. Apple kept throwing around the word AI so much. When there really isn’t much (if any) AI actually in Siri. Merely good voice recognition software. That doesn’t equal Artifical Intellegence. that being said, it IS still in beta and no doubt will blow Jeannie out of the water in about a year or so. Im simply saying, if you wanna feel like having a conversation with intelligent awnsers, use Voice Actions instead. Don’t use that app on iOS though. It is available for it however the dev unfortunately is biased towards android.

  • prplaya420

    lol you should ask what it thinks about jailbreaking lol

  • why was it taking to long to load idownloadblog?

    • Probably because it was loading the full site and not just the mobile site

  • iGirl_in_SC

    Guys, please don’t forget that Apple themselves have called this version “Beta”, pointing out that more improvements are coming.

  • Roberto

    I think Siri is pretty cool, but, having the iphone 4 is not worth the upgrade. I watched several speed test today with the iphone 4 and 4s and there really isn’t much difference, same with the camera.

  • ReanimationXP

    Jeff, what did you ask it to download that it couldn’t?

    FBI documents? NUDIE PICTURES?

  • Shelbythekid

    Can you text message from it? Or will it open and emails???

    • money

      you can do anything that its integrated with. so yea you can text with it but you cant write email because you have to open the browser for that. you can use dictate to write them tho.

  • Tomb198269

    It’s not what I expected. Sad. Not worth the jump. The phone is super fast. Vlingo is just as good.

  • snackattack

    Does Siri work for the newest iPod touch with iOS 5 as well?

    • money

      only the iphone 4s, should know this by now 🙂

  • P0NY

    Nice vid, you should ask about Jailbreak 🙂

  • P0NY

    Nice vid, you should ask about Cydia

    • P0NY

      srry for the doble post 🙁

  • DomPerignon

    All of you iPhone 4 users don’t worry about Siri, sooner than later someone will hack Siri and then you’ll have another reason for jailbreaking it. I know that the Dev Team is not going to do it, because of the copyright but somebody else will do it. Just wait and see.

    • Danthony

      I agree I hope it happens sooner rather the later though

  • Frank

    LOL to this!
    Jeff: Why don’t you work on the iPhone 4
    Siri: “no comment”

  • money

    Are you really expecting a response when you ask opinion based questions?

    The best iphone website? I guess you were expecting Siri to say “apple”?

  • Rob12344

    Okay, Here’s The Facts, Those Who Don’t Want To Buy iPhone 4S Because They Have An iPhone 4, That’s The Point, Apple Aren’t Trying To Target You As A Market, They’re Targeting Newer Users, Or Those Mid Contract Who Get An upgrade, The Average Contract: 24 Months, So If You Purchased An iPhone 4 The 4S Is Merely Halfway Through Your Contract (Maybe) And Is Just A Free Or Cheap Upgrade, The iPhone 5 Is Ultimately What You’re Waiting For, Apple Is Trying To Target Those Who Wanted The 4, But Were Late In Coming To Get One, And So Decided To Wait, Or The Business Folk, As Siri Was Demonstrated Very Business Like With Setting Up/Moving Meetings And Such, Apple Looking At New Customers, Not Largely Concerned With Exisiting Customers As You’re Already Hooked, iOS Is Just Too Good, i Would Know. owned All The iPhones. Still Do To This Current Day. Food For Thought.

    • Nabeel

      Makes sense !

  • fdxgncgfn

    Telling from the ads, I always thought Siri was really slow. Looks like I was wrong

  • Jeff, what did you ask Siri at 2:45, before you asked about iDB?


  • Andy

    Jeeezz everyone’s so quick to jump on the “not good enough” bandwagon. It’s a beta! The point is to show that it works and works well! Think about when Apple adds third party support and access to Siri. Think about maybe downloading other voices for Siri, or skins.

  • elv

    for a beta, siri is doing well 🙂

  • N

    Why did apple release this beta in a production os?
    Doesent look that good when bragging about it and then saying: Oh, it dint work? Well its just a beta!

    Finish it, perfect it, release it. Isnt that how apple should do things?