What’s better than the 5GB of free cloud storage that Apple offers with iCloud? How about 50GB of free cloud storage from Box.net!

That’s right, the popular cloud service is going head to head with iCloud today by offering iOS customers a shot to claim 50GB of free storage, for life, through the company’s app. This is an insane deal…

Box has had a popular cloud storage app (very similar to Dropbox) in the App Store for quite some time. Until recently, Box only offered 5GB of free storage, exactly like iCloud. The folks at Box have obviously taken the threat that iCloud poses for third party cloud services to heart, and now customers can snag 50GB of free storage for a limited time.

If you download Box’s free app in the App Store today, you get 50GB of free storage for life. It’s that simple. If you’re an existing Box customer, update the iOS app and sign in with your account to claim the free storage.

Box won’t store files larger than 100MB, but 50Gb of free storage is 50GB of free storage. The iOS app lets you also stream photos and music via AirPlay to an Apple TV.

Download Box’s free app for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store today. The promotion ends in 50 days.

[Business Insider]

  • tedchow2002

    this is AWESOME

  • sgx71

    the app sayz : 50gb for 50days
    we lose 45 gb’s after 50 days ?

    • Nabeel

      Yeah confusing isnt it ?

    • Ken

      They are giving away 50GB of storage free for the next 50 days. If you sign up on day 51… No free 50 GB for you…NEXT!

      So basically, sign up now…get 50GB free for life. Sign up on December 4th…you only get 5GB.

  • i heard in order to actually be able to access the info from a computer you would need to be a paying customer..any input on this?..

  • Beelzebub

    It says the promotion ends in 50 days that means people that create an account before then get the 50gb right?

  • Potamus

    This is not very clear. I signed up today but it says 50GB for 50 days, NOT lifetime…

  • Karl

    Yup, they must have renegged their deal — too many sign-ups? I only got 50GB for 50 days, 5GB after that. Back to dropbox.

    • koes365

      i signed up threw my iphone n it said 50gb for life thank you for joining….

  • ZombieJ

    Anyone know if DropBox is doing something like this? I already use Dropbox and would hate to have to switch.

  • iMarc

    iTunes Description

    Size matters: Get a FREE 50 GB lifetime account for file storage and sharing through Dec. 2, 2011. To get your automatic upgrade, download the Box app on your iPhone or iPad and register or sign in to your account – it’s that easy. Box provides simple, secure sharing from anywhere – letting you easily store files online, send big files fast,

    FREE 50 GB lifetime account

  • alon

    Got my 50 GB storage..:)

  • bc

    And from the Box.net blog:

    “That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re giving away 50 GB of free storage to anyone who uses a Box Personal account on an iOS device. That’s right, it’s 50 GB in the cloud completely free, forever.”

  • Karl

    When I signed up using my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1, the box.net app told me: “50GB for 50 days”. In their forum I see users saying it’s for life. Clearly they have some communication mismatches going on.

    • bc

      Based on what their blog says (see above) I think it’s safe to assume they mean 50gb for life for everyone that signs up during the next 50 days. (as well as current customers who upgrade their mobile app to the most recent one)

  • slumpey

    can you upload videos to box.net?

  • EthanBB

    Useless … only 100MB per file and no Sync on Mac/PC

  • koes365

    i signed up threw my iphone4 on 4.3.1 n it said 50gb for life thank you for joining….
    so i got mine…

  • I just signed up and they gave 50GB for life, at least that’s what showed up on the screen