Apple officially released iOS 5 yesterday, with several new features including, iCloud, iMessage, Notification Center, Reminders, Newsstand, Twitter integration, and much more. Since the release of the new iOS update, Apple servers have been getting smashed with the amount of people trying to download and install the new OS.

While many of you have reported troubles with updating to the new OS, we’d like to see just how many of you have upgraded, or haven’t upgraded…

Take our poll below, and feel free to sound off in the comments with your experiences upgrading and whether or not your diggin’ iOS 5!

  • Doug

    no, only because there is no untethered jailbreak.

    • ^ This one.

    • whirldy


    • Gato-9


    • gr33n13m0n

      Yes, I have iOS5 since beta4 on my phone. With the tethered JB

    • soccerkrzy

      You would think they would have that as an option….

    • Antish

      waiting for the untethered jailbreak too!

    • Mike

      Surprised that this wasn’t an option. It’s what I’m waiting for.

    • Burd

      Me too

      • Eddie

        Can they add this to the poll already!!! Who is kickstar13 anyway. He should be banned from posting articles

    • Marco

      exactly!!! it should have been in the poll!!! also no Ultrasn0w yet is another eason not to upgrade for me!

    • PB!T

      Same here 🙂

    • moob

      yup, me too, this one should’ve been a choice

    • Exactly 🙂

    • e f f

      same here

    • Klaus

      exactly !

    • Samuel

      Still waiting for the right JB one.

      • Justin

        Same reason as the comments above. I was wondering how could there not be such an option

  • Francesco

    bet if i try, i can get ma ipod back to ios 4.3.3 🙂 its easy

  • pikCu

    No, because tethered JB sux :/
    staying on 4.3.3 until untethered is out

  • MALdito

    Same here, no bcuz it’s a tethered jailbreak and I can’t preserve my baseband on windows 7 with redsnow. Only when I can do both, then I will upgrade.

    • im with you brother

    • Solid Snake

      Same with me. I’m on a 3GS with 4.3.3 and a Windows XP PC, so I’m waiting until I can unlock and JailBreak untethered at the same time, preferably with redsn0w.

  • Coach

    Updated and now MyWi on demand isnt working. Probably going to downgrade.

    • Will

      Dumb ass , once you update you overwrite all files meaning no more jail broken phone for you .
      P.s you can’t downgrade either . Noob.

      • QuarterSwede

        You can downgrade iOS 4.x. Now who’s the dumbass n00b?

      • moob

        of course you can f**kin downgrade!!! 😐

      • DomPerignon

        You are wrong! I just downgraded from iOS 5 to good old 4.3.3. Jailbroken iOS 5 SUCKs!

  • Michael

    Waiting on my new 4S to arrive. Once that happens, then I will upgrade our 2 4’s and 3GS. Didn’t want to upgrade yet as I knew there would be heavy traffic. Will upgrade next week.

  • Joel

    No, no Gevey support. Found that one out the hard way… You guys should definitely do up an article mentioning that.

  • Eddie

    No because I want an untethered JB. Still in 4.2.1. I have plenty of time and know I can because I did it for my gf but I don’t want to upgrade mine

  • sahil

    no, only because there is no untethered jailbreak.

  • fuvio

    There really should be an “I’m waiting for an untethered jailbreak” option in that poll. I like my jailbreak functionality. I’m not going to lose that for a couple of shiny new toys I’ll get tired of in a day or two.

    I’ll upgrade when it’s convenient.

  • sex

    yes and it is perfect ! even without jb !!!!

  • Captain Obvious

    Yup….. My iPad 2 came to me with 4.3.5 already installed so saw no reason not to…..

  • pikCu

    without JB? really? 😀

  • mersim

    eeem NO beacuse ultrasn0w isnt updated yet and i like to have an iPhone and not an iPod 😀

  • @besmartenough

    I’ll stay with my jailbreaked 4.3.3 on my 3GS — iOS 5 hasn’t convinced me yet. Why change if everything goes perfect?

  • Why am i getting Error 3200 when viewing this post about iOS5..hahahaha

  • Samuel Cortez

    There’s no luck for me anymore,I have error 3194 and I have tried EVERY SINGLE THING:
    I have changed the hosts file.
    I have tried the TSS server.
    I have tried to turn off the wifi.
    I have tried to change The extension to hosts.ics
    I have already updated to iTunes 10.5.

    • d0ntp4n1c

      I had this too and resolved by opening prompt and running
      ipconfig /flushdns

      now clear out all entrys from host file and update with the IP that was listed when you pinged save reopen itunes and try that

      • Nabeel

        Was stuck with this stupid error 3194 on my laptop . So after struggling to download iOS 5 for 8 times and no luck i finally changed the laptop and what do u know … It worked like a charm in the 1st attempt .

  • i’ll stay with my jailbreak 4.3.4 ….

  • Will

    Jailbroken phone are the best . But you know what ,with this update ios5 , I love it . It’s clean , fast and my phone doesn’t go to safe mode every once in a while anymore ! I like that! Honestly , I’m going to take a break of jailbreak tweaks and stay stock for a while . Of course , I’ll jailbreak my phone once again in the future , no doubt of that. Meanwhile , I’m going stock for now !

    • Jet

      I agree.

  • Shawn

    Is this a semi tethered jailbreak? Like I can boot it but Cydia and Safari won’t work. Or is it a whole stuck at apple logo screen tethered jailbreak?

    • 877

      Stuck at apple type

  • Shanna

    The camera is not showing up on the lock screen as it was suppose to but the upgrade was easy. I wonder if it didn’t get the full upgrade or if I need to change a setting?

    • Dylan

      Double tap home button…

  • Gabriel

    All the new so called features are just a exact copy stolen from developers ie lock info vs notification centre and so on and on maybe Siri would make a difference so all the tweaks are the new features I don’t think so.

    • moob

      stop talking rubbish. how can they be stolen? have you been living under a rock recently? JB dev Peter Hajas (Mobile Notifier) was hired by Apple for the sole purpose to develop Notification Centre.

  • untethered

    no, only because there is no untethered jailbreak.

  • subb

    waiting for UTH JB!!

  • Donavan

    I have untethered on my 3GS 😛

  • only reason im staying out its to preserve the baseband so when i sell it to ge the 4S i can get few extra bucks for having it unlocked. even when im from att

  • SirRufio

    Upgraded the work iPhone 4 to iOS 5 and really saw NOTHING special at all ! Funny how everyone’s still awaiting ujb – if u need freedom get an Android phone & forget the cat and mouse game all together.

    Off to sell some 4S’s.

  • Alexander


  • Sneib

    Downloaded iOS 5 firmware last night from iDB and updated today from Jailbroken 4.3.3 🙂 everything went good and not a single problem came across 🙂 now I’m wondering should I Jailbreak yet or wait untethered.. If I jailbreak tethered can I just re-jailbreak when untethered is published without restoring in iTunes..?

    • 877

      +1 would like to know this too

    • Stilgar

      Yes you can re-jailbreak when untethered comes out without a restore.
      I am running tethered and all is well. I never shut my phone off so it is no problem for me.
      It is a bit messing when you first start to add things from Cydia cause certain things don’t work and put you in Safe Mode. Most of the time you end up re booting and going back to RedSn0w to boot it.
      Otherwise all is well.
      Just be careful what you from Cydia. Not everything is compatible yet.

  • jamicheema

    i have updated to ios 5 my imessage setting stuck on waiting for activation any fix?

    • Ayush

      iOS 5 sends a message to activate both iMessage and FaceTime, a very nominal amount.
      Make sure you have enough value to send a text to apple servers. 😉

  • Justin

    Upgraded, haven’t had much time to mess with it, job kinda pulls rank.
    Trying to figure out a few things.
    I can create a new album, not sure how to move pics to it.
    Maybe missing a setting, but thought the led was supposed to flash on new messages, etc.
    Liking how notifications do not interrupt what your doing.

    • d0ntp4n1c

      In the main album where pictures are all tiled you can select photo/s and then choose Add To

      • Justin

        Awesome, thanks.

  • Tai Mai

    i updated my ipod and ipad2 yesterday. It took me about 4-5hours to update 2 devices through Itune. I had problem with internet, firewall, error from itune.
    But the best way to update was do it manually. What i means here is download firmware file..then use itune to update with the file has update. With this method. I updated my second ipad very fast. I did not get any error from itune.

  • Spencer

    Whole experience was painfully slow due to traffic but iOS5 installed and my phone is stock for the first time in two years. Already missing 5 icon dock and SBSettings. I am tempted to go to a tethered JB that I have always avoided. Is it a real pain in the ass?
    How many of the popular Cydia tweaks are iOS compatible? Is there a list somewhere??

    • Spencer

      That should read iOS5 compatible….. Sorry

  • d0ntp4n1c

    I upgraded after a bunch of unknown errors and I regret it only because most of the jailbreak tweaks dont work. Even the beta bitesms that should be working crashes when i try and open the main app (pop up txts and replys work though) I already went through the pain of downgrading after trying beta gm and I decided to just deal with it till the devs start updating the tweaks.

  • i updated to ios 5, but i heard that ultrasnow 1.2.3 is still not updated,, so i downgraded to 4.3.3 but after all stuff, (tried with both Pwn & Snow & Redsnow) when i completely install ultrasnow 1.2.3 and also rebooted sucessfully; I’m still not getting network signals, Y… its just says “Searching” nothing more, I’m on 3gs, 6.15.00,, plz help, plzzzz, i got to away from itunes for a week, plz help guys!

  • 877

    Yeh upgraded to iPod 5 then jb using redsnow. Tethered jb is a pain in the arse but it’s done and it’s up and running. Not sure it was worth the hassle…

    • 877

      *ios 5. Autocorrect is just as shite lol

  • :)

    No because I have an old iPod touch 2g 🙁

  • ak47

    no, because jailbreak for ipad 2 isn’t out yet

  • Damian

    I updated my 3GS to IOS 5 and its performance is incredible !! My 3GS is running faster and animations are smoothly. I recommend everyone with 3GS to update to IOS 5 as soon as you can do it.

  • Rose

    What apps are you running on your 3gs?

  • Rose

    I’m not convinced yet whether or not to upgrade. I’m still on 4.1.

  • mostapha

    waiting for the untethered jailbreak too!

  • Rose

    Is it worth upgrading to 4.2.1 from 4.1 or wait for the untethered ios5? Im running 4.1 on a 3gs with 6.15.00.

  • Rose

    Is it worth upgrading to 4.2.1 from 4.1 or wait for the untethered 5? I’m on a 3gs.

  • spanznet

    i upgrade my 32GB iPhone4 from 4.33 to 5.0 and its reported capacity is now 13GB?!?!? tried all manner of restores, it will not go above 13GB anymore. None of the usual downgrade to 4.3.3 tricks work either. i’m stumped.

  • I found upgrading easy, but only thanks to iDownloadBlog’s links to the iOS 5 direct downloads. Thanks, guys! I gave up my tethered jailbreak for it, but I’d rather have the Twitter integration and Notification Center over my jailbreak tweaks. The ONLY JB tweak I really miss is Backgrounder, but I can live without that until an untethered jailbreak arrives for iOS 5.

  • Marine Hoo

    mine is a iphone 3GS i just upgraded to ios5 this afternoon, but after about 8 hour later , i key lock my phone..but i can’t unlock it .. i thought at that moment is out of battery (coz it left less than 10% ). But after i charge it through direct cord more than 10 minute (normally it will restart by it self) but i didn’t restart !!!!! izit crash ?? or ??? somebody pls help !!

  • Heather

    Basic Question – once I upgrade to IOS 5, can i still text with people who have not upgraded yet? I upgraded my daughter’s iPod today and she couldn’t text anyone, now I am worried about doing mine. I imagine I am just missing something simple but just looking for some reassurance

  • David

    Tried at school didnt work so got the ipsw and iTunes exe file and took it home worked a charm allso I’m on a 56k connection so yeh d