iOS 5 is finally available to the public, and fortunately, it can be jailbroken with only a few simple steps.

As of now, this is a tethered jailbreak, which means you must perform a tethered boot when rebooting your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad 1.

Inside, we’ll show you step-by-step how to jailbreak iOS 5 with RedSn0w 0.9.9b3

As always, you can head over to our dedicated RedSn0w page for more information.

Do you plan on jailbreaking iOS 5 now, or waiting until there’s an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak?

Note: This works with iPod touch G3, and G4, iPad 1, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.

  • StoN

    My 3GS (of course iOS 5) is also untethered ๐Ÿ™‚

    • xaid


      • mohamed farouk

        of course old boot like mine

  • mehul

    tank s for a jailbraek my phone

  • Dee

    Hi there,

    I am able to Jailbreak fine, but when I have to reboot using redsnow. I keep getting an error saying “No Identifying data fetched”

    Can you please help or let me know what I am doing wrong?

    • jjnick

      Did you find a fix for this? I’m having the same problem.

      • Dee

        No, I haven’t yet.. I am planning to just restore it and leave it until the next update comes along..

      • Dee

        okay, I found the fix, before doing the boot now go to redsn0w go to extras and run the “Recovery Fix” first and then do the just boot step again. It worked and I am glad.

      • jjnick

        Thanks Dee I’ll give that a try.

  • Shaz

    omg thank god!! i fixed it.. ive never done a tethered jb and didnt realize that it would be STUCK in recovery mode loop until i restarted it with redsnow! UrgH!

  • tash

    when is the release of ios5 untethered and not the GM? pls help. waiting in vain ๐Ÿ™

  • HomersDK

    I successfully JB my iPhone3GS running iOS5 untethered ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tash

      care to share?

    • Ariel

      How did u unlock it iPhone 3GS unteathered? I’m trying to update to ios5 without already messing up my unlock. Please help!!

      • HomersDK

        I have an old 3GS, probably with old bootrom?
        But i’m talking about Jailbreak, i’m not talking about unlock.
        My phone is already full unlocked from the company 6 months after I got it (Denmark).

  • Sam

    I am able to jb it, but its gets stuck on identifying when i try to ‘just boot’ it…HELP!!!!

  • Khaled

    i did everything it says but at the the apple mark keeps on going on and off, what seems the problem ? Help plz !!

  • Modz

    Anyone claiming to have an un-teathered phone running IOS5 is trolling

    • Not really. iPhone 3GS actually can be untethered jailbroken.

      Unfortunately, for other devices there is no untethered jailbreak so far.

    • HomersDK

      Apparently the 3GS with old bootrom (before september 2009 or something like that) can JB un-tethered.
      My iPhone is untethered, believe it or not.

      • mohamed farouk

        that’s right ,, mine too

    • mohamed farouk

      ur wrong ,, I have iphone 3gs with old boot and I have Un-teathered jailbreak for my Iphone on IOS 5

  • ArsenalLover

    When will be unthetaring JB will coming??

  • Carlos

    I already jailbreak my ipod touch 4g (iOs 5) but I open Cydia and it doesn’t open

    • Kriss631

      You have to turn it of and reboot it

    • Ceasar

      Hey Carlos,,

      U have to( Just boot ) than it will open and work

      Sucess And ENjoy

  • Kriss631

    Hey JEFF,
    Isn’t there a link for windows to jailbreak?


    • bolletje

      go home and cry

    • Steve Jobs

      U MAD BRO?

  • vivek

    when is the untethered jailbreak of ios5 for iphone 4 going to cme..??

  • Nestor Martinez

    I have Iphone4 BB 1.59.00 and I have carefully followed the steps you provided.
    After ITunes finishes the restoration I can see IOS5 working but Iโ€™m getting both in the Phone and iTunes are saying SIM not valid.
    I have used redsn0w just boot option but still the samething.
    Is my understanding that to unlock I need to install ultrasn0w from Cydia, but Iโ€™m not able to get to Cydia until the SIM card issue is resolved.
    I will appreciate your help to move out of this dead end place!
    Thanks in advance.

    • DMac

      I believe you can install ultrasn0w using custom ISPW. I would suggest you add ultrasn0w as a “special package” during the jailbreak process. Another

  • meek

    What if you already have ios 5 on your phone, how do you jailbreak it without clicking the firmware in redsn0w? i have that issue, when I download ios 5 attemtpting to jailbreak it, I get a message sayin the file is encrypted & yadda yadda. Error. What can I do to fix this issue?

  • Bunthai

    I jailbreak my iPhone 4 already but when install some app in cydia it asks me to reboot diceve. After that my iPhone has only apple logo. What this the problem?

    • DMac

      At the time of this post, redsn0w is only available as a tethered jailbreak.
      Fix: after system restart, device must be booted using redsn0w boot modulation.
      redsn0w 0.9.9b6 > Extras > Just Boot > DFU mode > have fun!

      another alternative is iBooty for 5.0

  • keith

    i keep getting “usb communication problem” from red snow…any ideas??

    • Yo!

      Do you read? I mean, can you read? Or watch a video and understand plain English? Because most of the questions asked here are the results of people (I almost wrote retards…) who have the anwers available but are too dumb or lazy to find them – it’s so much easier just to post a message and look like morons. That you are.

      • DMac

        Quite the contrary! This jailbreak has proven to be unstable – NOT RECOMMENDED!

      • DMac

        (Moderator) feel free to remove my previous comment. Posted in the wrong thread :S

      • Yo! sucks!

        You’re an idiot and a jerk. You insult the guy because you’re too stupid to realize that the answer to his question isn’t that simple. Try a Google search yourself and see if it’s that obvious. Also, learn proper grammar before insulting others.

    • Yo! sucks!

      Some people had luck by going into the program’s properties and running in XP mode. Others have gotten away with disable the Apple USB driver. My experience with disabling the Apple USB driver is that if it doesn’t work, restoring your iPhone can get tricky because iTunes needs it enabled to do a proper restore and the driver under “Device Manager” sometimes disappears or re-enables/disables itself unintuitively. Good luck.

    • @keith, i had the same issue, again and again. I use Windows 7 64bit, under the properties of the redsn0w exe i activated compatibility mode for Windows XP (SP3) and finally it worked! Hope it will help you

      • Sniver

        @Dave, thanks this really helps me! But after that i just got a black screen at the Jailbreak Processing for a looong time, then i plugged out and in the usb cable and it worked for me as well! Thanks!

  • win7

    How do you install apps now, do you have to install installous?

    • x


  • CocooBoy

    the jailbreak is unstable!

  • win7

    i jail broke my ipod touch, and when i try to open cydia it wont let me, and the same happens with safari i open it and it closes by itself, can you help me please thanks

    • win7

      some body please help me

  • everyone visit my new jailbraking site at io5 unthered jailbrake out soon:).

  • George

    How do you find if you have old boot I want to upgrade to ios 5 but don’t want a tether jb I have a iPhone

  • hix

    i have version 4.2.1 i want to upgrade to 4.3.5 how to do it with out losing anything ??

  • who are ya

    ive a 3gs and when jailbreakin it auto select bootrom before it then said old bootrom so does it mean if i jailbreak iso5 it will be untethered???

  • Anthony

    Guys i have a big big problem, My friends iPhone 3GS BB 06.15.00 wont install Custom 3GS 5.0 firmware only 3G 4.2.1, now i am unable to Flash any Custom 3GS firmware back on it, i just get an error (not compatable with this device) i know its a 3GS cause when i did it it had a compas. any help would be greaful.


  • ฤฐ work out!

    ฤฐM SEXY AND ฤฐ KNOW ฤฐT

  • Untethered Jailbreak ios5, any news????? so late..

  • any news about Untethered Jailbreak of IOS 5?????????

  • Josh Pressley

    Good Video… Only thing missing would be to tell Window users where the ipsw files are ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks man

  • Anonymous

    can i jailbreak my iphone 3gs with never version tethered plz

  • omakad

    Jeff now that 5.0.1 us out, is it possible to still make jb for ios 5.0 if I’m currently on that firmware. I’m aware that apple is no longer signing shsh the same way as before so I’m guessing at this point I can only do 5.0.1 jb? Is that correct?

  • If you recently purchased iPhone 4 with pre-installed iOS5 inside you have to every time you boot tethered manually point to downloaded ipsw and then hit to ‘Just boot’ otherwise you get: “No identifying data fetched”.

    • Anonymous

      hi, well i have downloaded a ios 5 ipsw file not dmg as i can not seem to convert it with everything recommended on the internet like transmac and stuff, when i try to point it to the ios 5.0 file it says not compatable with this version?

      i bought the iphone 4 from the shop with ios 5.0 pre-installed on bb 04.11.08 i think it is, and dont seem able to jailbreak it??

      • Hi Toby!

        Are you sure you downloaded correct version for iPhone 4 GSM not CDMA?

      • Anonymous

        Hi, mate…thanks for that, yes it was a gsm version well I d/l a gm one I take it as it was the same and redsnow was ok with that one, so got it j/b now…
        Just one if the unlucky ones with bb 04.11.08 stuck on orange ๐Ÿ™ I want 02..
        So just need to wait for ultrasn0w to be updated.
        And thanks for the reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hey i just jailbroak my iphone 4 but the cydia is white and i cant enter it ? any help ? please

    • Anonymous

      did you find out why as this has just happened to me.

    • Not a big problem. Just reboot your device tethered again and all should be just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am on windows and have a 3gs iphone on ios 5, got it from a friend and I want it unlocked from orange uk, can you help a complete idiot when it comes to computers, by the way the iphone at present has no sim card in it , does this matter

  • Chris Nasseh

    Is There An untethered jailbreak ios5????

  • Evrything passed great execpt that IAM GETTING NO SERVICE PLS PLS HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!

  • shibu varghese

    Hi, I bought a IPhone 3GS unlocked version, Jailbreak. I restarted the phone and now it just sits at Apple logo screen
    How do I resolve it please help

    • Hey, you just need to open the redsn0w thing, click on “extras”, then “just boot”, do everything the it tells you and u’ll be okay.
      If u can’t do it with my help, look fot a tutorial at this site, I’m sure there is something for you.

  • my redsnow wont open properly. it wont open with my itunes, and otherwise it opens a million and one internet explorers and i have to shut down my computer…. whats wrong with it? haha

  • Help!, I tried jailbreaking an iPod touch 4g and I finally managed to get the IPSW, so I downloaded redsn0w 09.9b1 through 09.9b9 and every time I select my IPSW it say that it’s not supported on this version of redsn0w. What am I doing wrong, I’ve been watching videos and read FAQ’s but nothing seems to work. Please HELP!? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Ok I have an iphone 3g and 4.2.1 and am trying to jailbreak and unlock but I keep getting “Usb Communication Problem” from redsn0w everytime i attempt. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hey, mine is with that problem to! and i donยดt know what to do D=

      • Mynt clan

        did u guys solve the problem?

      • I have jailbroken without problems. Have installed Cydia no problem. Only when I try to “Just boot tethered” do I get the “USB communication error”. Tried all USB ports – don’t have another computer handy. Win7. Latest version of everything (including drivers!)
        Any solutions yet?

  • Also I am trying to correct error 1600 in itunes when trying to install 3g 4.2.1 snowbreeze ipsw but it is not working. I have tried editing the host file, iReb, Tiny umbrella but I keep getting 1600. Help please

    • Erik Adofo-Mensah

      I’ve tried so many times. I have an iphone 3gs, First jailbroke it on my mac with redsn0w, only got parts of it to function and work. No cydia, no white icon at all, but definetly jail broken, on ios5 just only certain things work. NOW i retried to jailbreak it using sn0wbreeze, and it worked, until it was time to do a tether boot. Now i have a brick as an iphone. I keep getting USB communication problem when I atleast try to boot it with redsn0w and its not doing a damn thing. Tried different cables, different ports, and even different computer. Don’t know about anyone else but my life has temporarily paused since i now have no iphone ๐Ÿ™ HELP

  • Anonymous

    I recently recieved a iPhone 4 for Christmas. I would like to allow my grandchildren to play games with the mirroring functionality on my old 3GS. The 3 GS is not active. Is there a way to jailbreak an inactive iPhone 3GS?

  • Hi
    I have an ios 5.0.1 jalbroking if I may say.

    however , when I restart the iphone I need to open redsnow and go to Exras > just boot
    I know all that !!

    the problem is : the iphone won’t pass the pineapple logo , it just sits there
    hapened to me more than ones , nothing at all !!

    in the end I had to restore it and jalbreak it again .

    could you please help me with that !!

    Excuse my english I’m Arab ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gurek bedi

    Untethered jailbreak ??????

  • when will be be an untethered jailbreak :(????

  • Anonymous

    Is there a diffrance between the 5.0.1 and the 5.1

  • yes mytia, theres a huge difference, 5.0.1 is the previous version of the iphone software wich you are able to jailbreak and use freely, as opossed to 5.1 wich was released early this month and can not be untethered jailbroken meaning (its a pain in the ass) lol, dont update to 5.1 if your on 5.0.1 hope that helps =)

  • can someone text me to hlep me on everything about jailbreaking my iphone my version is 5.1 (9B176) and the modern firmware is 05.16.05

  • my number is 3377943579