Apple today made iOS 5 available to the public, with the update now being pushed out via iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The update, first previewed back in June, has seen 7 betas seeded to iOS developers, as well as the final GM release after last week’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

Offering more changes than we care to list (we’ve already done that once), this is the biggest revamp of iOS to date…

The new Notification Center completely rethinks the way notifications are handled in iOS. Gone is the modal, intrusive system of iOS 4, and in comes a slick pull-down list of pending notifications. A new lock screen is the second half of Notification Center, giving users a list of all notifications that were received while the device was locked. No more missing push notifications!

You’ll also need iOS 5 in order to take advantage of iCloud syncing and backup service, and with all the new features that it brings, you’ll be wanting to use Apple’s new cloud service. We’ve spent plenty of time with all the iOS 5 betas over the last few months, and Apple’s baby has grown into quite the impressive little OS.

We strongly suggest you upgrade to iOS 5 at your earliest convenience, if only for the awesome wireless iOS updates it brings with it! Unless, of course, you’re one of the many jailbreakers who relies on certain jailbreak apps or an UltraSn0w unlock.

Up to the Golden Master release of iOS 5, the only working jailbreak was of the tethered variety, which isn’t really ideal. Our suggestion? If you really must jailbreak your iDevice, hold off upgrading to iOS 5 until we hear something concrete from the Dev or Chronic Dev Team. Unlockers who need to preserve their basebands should definitely wait for a jailbreak update.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. And you know where you’ll hear about it first? That’s right, iDB!

iOS 5 can be download right now in iTunes. Plug your iDevice in and start downloading! You can always head over to our download page to download iOS 5 directly to your computer.

If you do take the plunge, let us know what you think of iOS 5. If you discover any show-stopping bugs along the way, let us know.

Grab direct download links for iOS 5 if you need them!

  • Mike34

    Mine gave me the 3004 error but it did the upgrade to 5. After the 3004 error, the phone was frozen in dark grey. I pushed the 2 bottons to reset it and once it was completely black, I restarted it. When it came back alive (puf!) it asked me to connect to itunes, which I did. It asked me to reset the phone, and I started the reset. At the same time (!) the iOS5 configuration screen started. So I was answering questions on the phone and at the same time the reset was going on. Hope this helps.

  • Scooby

    Happy to report that after several tries my iPod T is now sporting IOS5. Pity I can’t get rid of the new Newstand feature, tis a little bit useless unless you want to pay a monthly subscriptions.

  • Austin miller

    Hi i was trying to update to ios 5 on itunes and it already was like on itunes but when it was done extracting the the software it gave me a 3194 error and stopped. I tried restarting computer and ipod and i have the newest itunes so i dont know what to do. Please help i want ios 5 but i cant cuz of the error.

  • Shaz

    ive had allll these problem.. im gonna give up for a couple days until the ios 5 hype dies down and i can finally get a hold of the server!

    My backup is taking hours! grrr

    • DMAN

      yeah, i go to update ios5 and click continue and yes update etc. and then goes to a progress bar saying “backing up ‘users’ iphone”… the green bar scrolling across meaning its “working” will go for about a minute or so and then stop, green bar goes away and now just a blank progress bar and nothing happens… so i hit “stop” and cancel the backup… tried rebooting and restarting itunes but same results…. what the hell is this!? shouldn’t this be a simple, update like every other IOS update that we’ve ever updated to!? why all the sudden does this GREAT, IOS5 become the biggest nightmare!

      • Nina

        exaclly the same and i dont know how but i made mine work again and the green line is going but it is just going for an hour or more only for the first backing up… and im not sure that its working at all…. and for the past 3 days ive been trying to get IOS 5 but its ike a nightmare like you said…. it is taking way too long only on the first step and this is the step that i just cant get through and for the past 3 days im staying on that step with all kinds of problems which stop the backing up…….

  • rachel

    well, it took forever…but definitely like the update. Not too fond of the way the text conversation screen looks with the green button. Too much green. The phone has been lagging and takes a while to load my phone book, also my mailbox has been acting up. I thought we were going to be able to have personalized vibration patterns?

  • Hasnain

    It is giving error (-1303) in the backup process saying:
    “an error occured while backing up this iphone (-1303)”

    please help

    • DD

      Same here anyone found a workaround?

  • Steve

    I put IOS 5 on my 4, the notification center icon is not there, it erased all my music from my phone and itunes. I also lost my email that I had on there.

    • Daniel

      Same here; I lost all my music. It takes space, but I do not find how to access it.

  • Kevin

    I updated and lost all my email. Phoned Apple support they said to restore from back up. I did that and it didnt work plus I also then lost all the photos I’d taken on holidays since the last back up. Aarrgghh.

  • Damian

    I update my 3gs iPhone to IOS 5 and its performance its much much better than 4.3.3. My 3gs runs like a new phone, faster and smoothly.

  • Steve

    Did anyone who put ios 5 on their iphone 4 find the notification icon that’s supposed to be there?

  • Robert Sheard

    I upgraded both my iPad2 and my iPhone4 and now neither will connect to my Airport Express unit.

  • Marine Hoo

    mine is a iphone 3GS i just upgraded to ios5 this afternoon, but after about 8 hour later , i key lock my phone..but i can’t unlock it .. i thought at that moment is out of battery (coz it left less than 10% ). But after i charge it through direct cord more than 10 minute (normally it will restart by it self) but i didn’t restart !!!!! izit crash ?? or ??? somebody pls help !!

  • Brandon

    After I updated my 3G S to iOS 5 the update went smooth no problem just rearranged icons and some missing apps but all in all it was good…now my phone is rebooting like every 20 mins and its annoying Apple said I would have to pay $29.99 to speak with an advisor…BOOOO!! This really sucks I SHOULD HAVE UPDATED!! DONT UPDATE!! YOUR GOING TO RUIN YOUR PHONE…..

    • Take it to an Apple store, and they will sort it out for you, may even swap your phone, all for free. Try doing a complete restore of your iPhone, and see if it still happens.

  • Amber

    Has anyone who lost all their music been able to get it back? I lost mine and I can’t figure out how to get it back. I’m soooooooo pissed. It just added a whole bunch of sh*t I don’t want and took away the stuff I did. What is the point of “improving the product” if it only ruins what we’ve all paid a good chunk of change for?!?

  • jim

    Been at it for about 14 hours now. Now on the itunes summary page it says cancelling back-up after several hours of restoring software. WTF? I can’t access anything on my phone. Itried pushing both buttons and won’t reset. Any suggestions?

  • Sean

    Same crap on my IPhone 4. When updating to IOS5 I get
    “An error occurred while backing up this IPhone (-37)”

    Have tried at least 20x but same error message.

    Everyone seems to have ideas, but I haven’t seen anything that works.

    Starting to look like Microsoft! Put out to market today and fix tomorrow.

  • J B

    Have you tried restore from DFU mode? Finnaly worked for me. All in app purchases are screwed up for me.

  • Anonymous


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