So, you went ahead and took the plunge and jailbroke your iDevice running iOS 5. Now what?

It’s time to install some awesome Notification Center jailbreak widgets, that’s what! But before you begin your download frenzy, check out this video tutorial that shows you how to enable jailbreak widgets on iOS 5

How to Enable Jailbreak Widgets on iOS 5

Step 1: Download your widget from Cydia

Step 2: Go to Settings, Notifications, and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find widgets that are “Not in Notification Center”

Step 3: Select your widget, and enable.

Step 4: Tap Edit’ in the upper right-hand corner to rearrange the order of your widgets that are “In Notification Center”.

Step 5: Slide down on the status bar to reveal your new jailbreak widget!

There are tons of widgets currently available in Cydia. Check back a bit later, and we’ll have a listing of some of our favorite jailbreak widgets for iOS 5.

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  • Burge

    Busy day/night …lol..

  • ios Rock&Roll

  • Awesome!

  • Micke

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 on iOS 5 beta a while back, but tweaks utilizing Winterboard simply wouldn’t work, since Winterboard hadn’t been optimized for iOS 5.

    Can I use Winterboard now? Have they fixed it?

  • untethered iphone 4S please soon!

    • Sarcasm

      You do realize this is a blog and not a developer site, and that the power that be are already hard at work on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. It’s not like idownloadblog be like, “Alex wants an untethered Jailbreak, we weren’t going to post one but now I guess should!”

  • dw1981

    I downloaded Slide Center from cydia. How do I get it to show my pics?

    • Burge

      Settings . Notifacations ..and its in the there , you need to turn it on.

      • dw1981

        I did, but no pics are showing. The widget is blank.

  • AvenGerMK

    This is exactly why I am flabbergasted at apple customers. The second something gets announced or released the spaztastic Igroupies want all the tweaks and stuff right as soon as its released. No wonder why apple made te 4s. They don’t need money. They want to drop all the idiots to android so they don’t have to deal with all that incessant whining. I want this now I want that now. Did your mommy ever tell you NO!!!! GTFO!!! ???

  • albioni

    My wife has an iphone4,and i got to play around with ios5 for hours. I just bought the Samsung galaxy s2 for myself. All i have to sy my friends is that apple time os over. Not only android is much smoother and better but the phones have no comparison either. I am falling in love with android, and i swear to god the honest truth for me is that Samsung sgs2 along with android is way better than iphone and ios

    • Martin

      That’s your opinion. I think android sucks balls!!! And iOS is million times better os

    • MrDealHD

      Good thing you didnt test out the iphone 4s, because its been tested and is twice as fast as the Galaxy S2, plus the graphics are 7 times better. Yes, all this has been tested out by dozens of companies. I wonder why people always compare brand new android products with year old apple products, lol. It bewilders me…
      Also has does it feel having to use two hands to operate a mobile phone? your thumb cant extend around the whole screen unless your Rajon Rondoooooooooooooo….

      • DomPerignon

        It isn’t a matter of better and/or worse. It is a matter of preferences and likes and dislikes. Samsung Galaxy II and the new HTC’s are awesome phones. My wife just upgraded her HTC and I have to say that it is an excellent and very rewarding experience to use that phone.

    • thats your opinion, man. cant accomodate that with my hand its too big to be a handyphone

  • Anthony


  • Jason Masters

    I’m not on iOS 5 yet so my question is are the notifications better with stock or with the jailbreak widget option?

    • MrDealHD

      yo send me that pic son…saw it a couple years back and was like damnnnnnnnn…

      • Jason Masters

        Lmao at least someone here likes it!

    • DomPerignon

      Lockinfo is better that the new Notifications Center. Don’t upgrade to iOS 5 yet.

  • Jay

    Off topic. Is it just me or the shortcut button for the camera is missing from the lock screen?

    • Jimmy

      You have to double press the home button for it to appear.

      • Jay

        Nice. Thanks!

    • Jason

      I noticed that too! I thought there was supposed to be one.. confused.

  • Thank you
    it is time for developing widgets

  • John

    Help me please, my ipod touch 4g running ios5 is stuck on the apple logo and i don’t what to do. i tried to put it to dfu mode but nothing help please! ( and its jailbroken)

    • J B

      Did you try booting with redsn0w? I had to restore (from DFU) after wicarrier install. Redsn0w works, don’t give up.

      • John

        my ipod touch is fully working thanks

  • Adel

    Hey guyz I have a technical question. Does adding widgets to the notification center increase battery consumption??