Dev Team frontman MuscleNerd made an interesting comment on Twitter today about the future of PwnageTool and RedSn0w for iOS 5.

Both jailbreak tools will be essentially merged together for an upcoming iOS 5 jailbreak. PwnageTool has been a Mac-only jailbreak tool for years that allows iPhone users to preserve their basebands. A future version of RedSn0w will let users create custom IPSW files to preserve the iPhone’s baseband as well…

The benefit of RedSn0w is that it’s available for Windows and the Mac. PwnageTool will continue to be updated when there are untethered jailbreaks released, but RedSn0w will handle every new firmware jailbreak from now on.

The Chronic Dev Team is also working on an iOS 5 jailbreak that will be made available in the form of GreenPois0n. An untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 will be released soon, with a jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 coming out later.

Visit our downloads section to see the past versions of RedSn0w and PwnageTool. We have a video tutorial of how to perform a tethered jailbreak on the iOS 5 GM with RedSn0w.

  • keith

    so once an untethered jailbreak for ios5 is released..will i be able to jailbreak it into my iphone 4?? including siri and the notification center???

    • Nope, When an iOS 5 jailbreak is released, you won’t be able to jailbreak.

      • Nice one


    • Francesco

      this will not put Siri on an iPhone 4.. They will have to find a way before Siri its available on an iPhone 4.. This only jailbreaks the idevices

  • Francesco

    Finally, but will Pwnage tool only be a Mac like it always was????

    • Mac and pc all in one but yes it will still be updated for Mac

  • prplaya42

    siri is a different project

  • Percy

    It was about time!

    • This comment

      Yes sure, so many people are already using it right now since it isn’t even out yet.

      • Percy

        blah blah blah, you won’t even leave your name…
        I prefer to have everything in a single application.

  • Dave

    What exactly are the benefits of preserving the baseband? Does this have to do with carrier unlocking or jailbreaking?

    • Sillybear

      Carrier unlocking

    • Francesco

      It has to do with unlOcking.. Not jailbreak it.. It’s so u can be unlocked even thou they make. New ios update

  • Jason

    great news, glad to hear this.

  • Mirco

    is it save to run a untethered jailbreak over a tethered jailbreak or better a restore ?

    Thanks for an answer 😛

  • Y8

    I think for a newbie like me that would be a great Idea to lessen the confusion…

  • Jida

    Question : can i update to ios 5 right now and jailbreak it later ?

    • Azhar


  • Ai

    Does Geevey sim work on IOS 5?

  • Haymaco

    Is there any hope for Ipad 2 ios5 Jailbrake
    Thank you

  • King Nothing

    Can someone answer the question that if we jailbreak iOS 5.0 tethered now, can we re-jailbreak it with an un-tethered version?

  • Binomal


    As the iPhone 4’s with a baseband of anything other than 1.59 are not carrier software unlockable – so if you’ve done a stock FW upgrade at some point and your baseband is higher, will this release sort out that problem by masking the baseband & therefore enabling Ultrasnow or similar to do a carrier software unlock ?

    Ive got iOS5 installed currently jailbroken & tethered using snowbreeze but the baseband is 4.10.01 . I restored back to iOS4.3.5 then ‘preserved’ the baseband used Ultrasnow to upgrad to iOS5 – I couldnt go back any further than 4.3.5 though – itunes doenst let you go further now so its still carrier locked !

    Will this new stuff fix this ?