Last weekend, Apple and its carrier partners opened up their iPhone 4S pre-order pages to record-breaking sales numbers. This is by far the most successful iPhone launch in the device’s history.

Though the handsets aren’t expected to start arriving until this Friday, some parts of the globe are already receiving shipments. We saw some of the first screenshots of the iPhone 4S earlier today, and now we have the first hands-on video…

This short clip surfaced in a MacRumors forum earlier today:

Although the video gives us some further insight into the Siri feature, it doesn’t really cover any other components of the phone in detail. Stay tuned to iDB for a complete video walkthrough and review of the iPhone 4S.

  • @Max_Kas

    For being the first iPhone 4S review by a user in the world… This kid is useless. Someone get Jeff an iPhone 4S already.

    • Justin

      lmao too true

  • Justin

    So many new ‘futures’. I wouldn’t have that of ‘features’ as a hard word to say for a person who’s first language isn’t English. Shows how much I know.

  • ishaan

    shoots at 180p ?? if it’s got that, i don’t want it..

    • T

      +1. Hahahahahaha

  • Daniel

    Metronome definitely doesn’t come on it -_- That is an app from the App Store. Not a “future”.

  • Dusean

    Lmao, Stop giving tha fella a hard time , he tried

  • Dick Fontaine

    Unless you can speak multiple languages, you probably shouldn’t give someone a hard time about their English

  • Gus

    What happened? All the bashing about his english made him replace it with that “music”? lol
    Nice work guys

  • Ashi

    fake video. See, the aluminium side body casing, 4s does not have cuts in its casing. This is iphone4 running on ios5

    • Jueiqiajhsuqaqppanajshhsbqbqbqhhqajjz

      Iphone 4 cant use siri so it must be the new iPhone.

      • fl0wingfire

        +1 ^o^

      • Jack

        Siri can be used on iphone4, it was a paid app in app store untill few days back, now it has been removed.

  • Murdoc

    He didn’t use an app, Siri is intgrated to ios5 in the video available only in ip4S

  • Fbhiv

    The future lol

  • Josh

    iDOWNLOADBLOG?! WHY DID YOU DELETE MY COMMENT?! Good Lord, I was just asking for help or advice! Really nice of you, people. Not like I was trolling or advertising products like most people do. Now I know where NOT to seek for help.

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      • Josh

        All I needed to know. Didn’t need to shut me up like that.

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      • Josh

        Ok then! 😉