No less than a few minutes after I posted about TwitterTask, iDB viewers and readers were on it like white on rice.

I hereby stand corrected; TwitterTask isn’t the only way to send out native tweets from anywhere on a jailbroken iOS device.

That’s because Ryan Petrich’s iOS 5 compatibility update to Activator wasn’t just some minor change to make sure it worked on the new firmware; no, it includes quite a few new features; Twitter and Notification Center actions being among them…

As we reported, PreferenceLoader was the catalyst for many other jailbreak apps and tweaks being updated prior to iOS 5’s release. Once PreferenceLoader was updated, the proverbial floodgates were opened.

As the Changelog indicates, Activator 1.5.7 is a major update to the staple app. Its new features include the following:

  • Support iOS 5.0 GM
  • Add “Compose Tweet” and “Show Notification Center” actions on iOS5.0
  • Add “Show Icon” option on the root settings pane
  • Update localizations
  • Store menu preferences alongside standard preferences
  • Optimize sending activator:didChangeToEventMode: for improved performance
  • Fixe SpringBoard eating single press home event if folder is open or icons are somehow in edit mode
  • Support activating spotlight while a folder is open

If you’re on iOS 5, and you haven’t updated to the latest version of Activator, I highly advise you do so now.

  • Good old activator! Ryan Petrich is one amazing guy! Props Sir!

  • CyPhErLoUs

    Your videos are the shit Jeff! Never a disappointment!

  • BLiNK

    can anyone confirm if this will now allow the Notification Center to be activated while in lockscreen mode?

    • Nope I tried it. But I’m sure someone will do it soon.

      • BLiNK

        thank you for checking. i am looking forward to that feature!

  • Bob

    Great video! Thanks Jeff. Looking forward to Activator on iOS 5.

  • jproubique

    just one of many tweaks i cannot wait to add to ios5!!!!

  • Jason Masters

    Isn’t that option available in iOS 5? If so why do we need the jailbreak tweak isn’t the stock option always smoother?

    • Juan

      the Twitter modal is only available from certain stock apps such as photos and maps. you have to “share” it which brings up the menu of how to share it.

      You can’t activate the Twitter model from just anywhere in stock iOS5.

  • Jason

    works like a charm! although I’m pretty sure I’ma jus hop back to qTweeter once that is iOS 5 compatible.

    • Juan

      wow. people still use qtweeter?

    • norm

      What did you jailbreak with? I used RedSn0w 9.9.7b and Activator is not working properly.

  • Nick

    Anyone know how to get the earlier version of Activator? I upgraded it on my iTouch 1G (from back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) and it’s messed with Backgrounder. I really like Activator so any help would be appreciated!

  • Safeer

    i update my iphone 4 with ios5. now i am missing “Activator” and “Cydia”. can anybody help me to get these?

  • i just did this and now its saying that the connection to twitter failed and wont let me tweet.