Those crazy folks at Microsoft seem quite keen on this new release of Windows Phone 7 they’ve been working on, and with good reason. Windows Phone 7.5, or “Mango,” is starting to find its way onto new and old handsets alike, and people seem rather taken with the changes the Microsoft has made.

With that success behind him, Windows Phone boss Andy Lees spoke to The Seattle Times, and he couldn’t help dissing Apple and Google while upholding Windows Phone as the best option out there for consumers…

With regards to Apple’s new iPhone 4S, which the company finally unveiled on Tuesday, Lees was apparently surprised that Apple didn’t offer customers more choice in its smartphone line, though we’re not quite sure what he expected.

“From a pure hardware perspective, I was surprised they’re not giving the consumer more choice. People want a variety of different things.”

Google’s Android wasn’t safe from the flying bullets either, with the open source effort feeling the brunt of Lees’ silver tongue.

On Android, Lees said that the software is “heading down this chaotic phase” and that hardware is mostly to blame for the platforms inferiority.

“If you’ve used some of the (Android) phones, some of them are great, but some of them are not great. But it’s random.”

The reason for the troubled hardware landscape, according to Lees, is that there are “several cooks in the kitchen,” and that apparently offers too much choice for the consumer. (You can read our thoughts on Android in Cody’s piece from earlier this morning.)

It seems that Mr. Lees isn’t happy with anything on the market right now.

Unless he’s got a Windows Phone 7 device in his hand, of course.

  • Apple leaves me wanted a new look and feel. I have no power issues with my iphone 4 and have no need for iphone 4s.

    I may abandonship for the chaos that is Android

  • Jon Malone

    Question: Do you disagree with what he’s said? As a long standing iPhone user, I feel like I’m getting tired of the same.. Sure it’s better on the inside and all that, but I still would like a little bit of variety. WP7 seems to be taking an approach in between Apple’s “this is THE device!” mentality & Google’s “try all these devices!” mentality.

    • Casey

      Getting tired of the same? You realize the iPhone 4 is only just over a year old? I guess a million sales in 1 day proves that other people need variety too.

      • Craig

        16 months is hardly just over a year old and 1 million sales isn’t a patch on what they would have if they’d changed the phones look .. 1 design in more than likely 2 and a bit years sucks and upgraded camera or processors aren’t going to make me shell out like some blinkered fanboy. When my current contract expires my iPhone 4 won’t be upgraded for the same phone with improved things that mean nothing to me, there is nothing wrong with the speed or power of the iPhone 4 and if I wanted multiple processors i’d use a computer so i’ll be switching to a different make because the features that matter to me like expandable memory, customisation, bluetooth sharing of files etc etc will never be available on an Apple handset because they have the view that what they say people need or should have is what they should get, fuck that.

      • Casey

        Well if you have a 4 then there’s a good chance this phone wasn’t really marketed for people like you anyway. Just think if you had a 3GS, or no iPhone at all, would you still be so hesitant to upgrade? They know that only the more die hard 4 users will shell out the cash, but they expect many of the 3GS customers to make the jump. If you have the 4, then you are on the right track, because when your upgrade is available, something new will be just around the corner. People just react to the iPhone 4S without using a business sense.

      • kurt

        the problem with iOS is, it’s basically an app launcher with few frills. it would be cool to have all the features that android has. i love their moving backgrounds that are interactive, i love when clicking on a letter it vibrates…etc. i wish i could have webOS with iphone’s, ipad’s apps and a few features from android. (never used wp7 so i dont know what would be cool) but iOS? meh, you can have that crap

  • NaeD

    As I work for a reputable telecoms company in the uk I own an iPhone, android and windows 7 phone. Even with the latest Mango update (also called windows 7.5) windows is by far the inferior operating system and has a long way to go to even match the likes of android or iPhone. Maybe in a year or 2 windows phone will start to look good but for now it just doesn’t cut it as an advanced smartphone operating system compared to the rest of the market

    • Casey

      Sent from my iPhone.

  • I owned the HTC Shadow Windows 6.x phone…

    I now own an Apple iPhone 4….

    I will NEVER go back to a Windows phone – EVER!!!

    I will go Android before I would ever consider going back to a Windows Phone.

    – Eric

    • Jon Malone

      My fiance had a Windows Phone 6.5… WP7 is very, very different from that. It is not even comparable.

      • sf

        Are you kidding me? Windows moblie sucks ass compared to WP7.5. You can’t compared an extremely dated phone to an iPhone 4.

    • Alex

      I have to agree with the others. You cannot compare an outdated OS with a completely new one.

  • Eddie

    I have to say I took a serious look at windows phone 7 before I went w iPhone. The people connect and skydive is very cool. It just needs for app support.

  • Siberwulf

    I think MS made a huge mistake calling the WP7 a Windows Phone. It draws too much on Windows Phone 6.5. If they had just called it a “Metro Phone” or something like that, it would have probably not taking the unnecessary bashing from being associated with the previous versions of the Windows Phone OS.

  • Seiivo

    lol. Just the same with Windows, Apple and Linux.
    When will people get that it’s a matter of taste?

  • Lol iPhone and android users unit and take the rath of khan to the windows phone 😉

  • I’ll never go back to Microsoft for a phone. They have improved but they always lack the individual in their products.

    • Dude, have you even tried Windows Phone 7, or you are PMSing because you used Windows Mobile 6.5 which is waaayyy different

  • IP4S-4-Me

    Yes….and this would certainly explain Apple selling over 1 million iPhone 4S models in day one of pre-sale. I think they called it “record breaking” for Apple. Maybe this guy missed that memo. I’m still kicking myself for not buying more Apple stock this morning….damn. Regardless…I’m sure in time MS will certainly provide something that is just right for a select group of folks. Android is doing it…and I am happy about that. But when it comes down to it, and after watching a handful of friends/family use their Android machines…and watching them stall out, be slow to react, crash…I’m just that much happier with any iProduct I own. I love them, I love their simplicity for those afraid or not wanting to try tweaks, and I am EVER so appreciative of the quality! I am quite eager to get my pre-ordered IP4S on Friday.
    With all that said, to each his own. I really like that people like what they have. I like fair competition, but I also like watching Devs get so creative with every platform out there. It’s simply fantastic to see so much ingenuity out there! 😀

  • Simche

    Maybe Windows phone in the future, when windows 8 comes out, be more than just of what it is today… I’m more happier and more comfortable with my iPhone 4 so I won’t even think about a windows phone…

  • LT

    Had a window phone last year and it’s very different, but I’d never go back.

  • Ken

    I had an HTC 6800 about 2 1/2 years ago, running (I think) WM7. This much time later, they’re just now rolling out 7.5?

    • sf

      No, the HTC 6800 ran the shitty WM6. WP7 is much better and was released less than a year ago.

  • tc

    Yeah but Windows hasn’t been perfected and doesn’t have enough choice either so there it is…

  • saif

    iphone 4 vs iphone 4s
    5 mp camera vs 8 mp camera
    dual antenna cdma and gsm
    dual core processor
    and siri?
    i don’t see what else is new its a minor improvement but iphone 4 is fine as it is. because it just works!

    • Seng joo

      Wtf? No major improvement? FYI, Siri is a technology brought to us by DARPA (the one who brought us Internet, GPS and other deadly weapons). Siri may seem not important right now but it does make a revolution for computing

    • Seng joo

      No major improvement? FYI, Siri is a technology brought to us by DARPA (the one who brought us Internet, GPS and other deadly weapons). Siri may seem not important right now but it does make a revolution for computing

      • saif

        i mean siri is awesome but you can have that on iphone 4 too so there is no reason to buy another iphone 4s because it has siri unless you want a better camera and a twice as fast cpu which is good but i doubt it will effect an everyday iphone 4 user. Gamers would benifit from that. The iphone 4 is very fast as it is. I would love to have siri on the iphone 4 and eventually you might see it in the future its like playing nintendo on the xbox with an emulator. why can the have it ported to a phone that can basically run it? i agree with the darpa statement 100%

  • Lilirose

    Sticking to my iPhone 4. 🙂 It’s only a year old and works just fine thanks to the magic of jailbreak tweaks. 🙂

  • Fitu

    I dob’t really care what windows does with their phones, but I care for what they are going to do with windows 8! It’s like a computer with apps. Who the hell needs that?!?

  • Ahmed

    if record breaking figures is what proves superiority then Nokia 1100 is an unmatched device and very likely will never be thrown out of the throne because over 250 million units were sold and Nokia, to this date, is from 1 to 10, on the list, still the company that has sold the maximum number of mobile handsets….so numbers prove something but not everything. even though i love my iphone, i wouldn’t dare say WP7 is inferior….because WP7 is currently the only truly different OS around. with iOS, Android, Bada and the new look of Symbian it is sometimes hard to say which is which. i think if something is great we should acknowledge it. and there are so many blogs and websites where people have expressed their feelings about the release of iPhone 4S, clearly a lot were, including me expecting something bigger and better.

    • Seng joo

      In this 12 years, we have 33 major revolution brought to us by Steve Jobs himself. This year, there is only one revolutionary AI Siri that brought to us by DARPA and steves. Do u remember Jarvis in the ironman series? Yes, it’s coming soon in this week. Siri is not only within the phone, it works with gadget too. And Siri works perfectly with the iPhone 4S Bluetooth 4.0 technology

  • sean

    I mean come on , wasnt they the first to diss iphone back in 2007, and wasnt they the one’s that made zune as a answer to ipods….. microsoft cant tell me shit

  • msxy

    i selled my iphone 4 16GB black at 600$ in Africa and will buy iphone 4S soon and we bought samsung P1000 for my father’s birthday it’s the first time i use samsung galaxy but not bad !!!!
    it is sweet and i hope apple do the same size. not iphone of course neither ipad but something medium as the samsung i bought today.

  • Brandon

    I agree with this article. But throughout the entire time Cydia was in my mind so I don’t feel trapped with an iPhone. I do agree that android phones are chaotic though. They’re cool to mess around with but not useful

  • klouud

    The thing he fails to mention is that anything with the Windows logo on it is a piece of crap and is basically a ticking time bomb. I have never had consistent stability with anything dealing with Windows. Case in point – my brand new Lenovo computer that my school made me buy is running Windows7 and it crashed 3 times since I’ve had it. Not to mention it starts up and shuts down whenever it feels like it. Man I hate that thing… its nice to know that I now have a shiny new MacBook Air to use for school! BOOYAH!!

    • klouud

      Oh yeah… has anyone noticed that he looks almost exactly the way Apple portrays Windows users on their commercials? I had a good laugh.

  • khalid

    i got an iphone 4 and got an htc hd7 i love them both but what i love more about htc is the theme cuz its realy simple and nice and the windows u got and how u get the notifactions and all the other thing u feel like its alive, and to tell ya the truth its realy amazing but the store is FUCKED. can u belive that it got whatsapp before a month OMG. any wau am not saying the iphone is bad, the iphone is realy amazing but if its with out jailbreak its realy sucks. i feel like it needs a touch thats it nothing else and look whats ib cydia that makes the iphone amazing.
    iphone without cydia is okay but htc without app is fucked.

  • Micke

    Am I the only one who reacted to the fact that he thought that Apple didn’t leave the customer with enough choices, but Android leaves too many? Seems to me that he’s only nitpicking.