What do you get when you mix a slideshow with iOS 5’s Notification Center? You get SlideCenter. That’s right, there’s little creativity in the naming department these days.

SlideCenter allows you to stream all of the photos from your iPhone’s Camera Roll, right into Notification Center.

Check out the entire video demonstration after the break…

SlideCenter is still in beta, but I already have a wish list of improvements that will hopefully be bestowed upon this promising widget.

First, I’d like to see PhotoStream support; as of now, it only streams content from the on-device Camera Roll.

Secondly, there’s no way to skip photos, or anything else; once it’s set in motion, it just keeps looping.

Despite those few shortcomings, SlideCenter shows promise; it’s good to remember that the widget is still in beta. If you want to try it out in its current iteration, add the BigBoss beta repo to your list of Cydia sources: http://thebigboss.org/ios5beta/

I’m interested to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding SlideCenter. Do you think it shows promise? let me know in the comments below.

  • Gus

    Nice little tweak. An option to pick what folder it streams from would be a big plus, especially with the addition of being to make folders with iOS5. Maybe you can get them to add that too Jeff.


  • Craig

    Aesthetically it doesn’t look good, the background is a different colour and the edges are too rounded compared to the stock widgets, also what is your fixation with that duck !?!?

  • Omar

    Hi…after i installed it my notification center dissappeared…had to reboot and remove it…

    but there is another news…in that repo is the sbsettings for ios5…i’m giving it a try…looks great

  • This seems very ‘Yeah…you -can- do it, but why would you want to?’ to me. NC seems like the last place you’d want a slideshow going on. Nice to see the flexibility of it, but the practicality of this tweak is lost on me.

  • themes

    Don’t see much use for that what I want know is can you get rid of that stocks widget??

  • Mr.Helper

    im am an ipt nerd on the gm but i cannot f***** figure out how to start a slideshow grrrrr
    e-Mail me if u know how @ chickencool75@hotmail.com and/or mr.helper75@hotmail.com
    preferably the second address if it works

  • Joeyjojo

    Didn’t work for me.

  • Alan

    I want to know how to get the Bluetooth, Airplane, Wi-FI etc buttons please?

  • SlideCenter is a great new widget for ios 5 notification center. But the Problem is, if you want to run SlideCenter, you have to delete all events and albums.
    In other words, SlideCenter only works if you just have your CameraRoll Pics, Thats a BIG Minus for this Tweak (Point 6 of the Tutorial).
    1. backup pics
    2. delete 101APPLE 102APPLE…folders
    3. go to /var/mobile/PhotoData/MISC, open DCIM_APPLE.plist
    4. rewrite the “DCIMLastDirectoryNumber” to 100, “DCIMLastFileNumber” to 0.
    5. save this plist file and replace it
    6. go to /var/mobile/PhotoData/ , delete all files except folders and plist
    take a picture and go back slidecenter, it works!

    Hope an update will fix this problem, or is there a possibility that i dont know yet?

  • bob

    lame and silly….