AppVV has managed to get its hands on an iPhone 4S. The video demonstrates Apple’s revolutionary Siri voice technology and early benchmarks for the device.

This video demonstrates the Siri settings in iOS 5, as well as “Raise to Speak” mode…

The BrowserMark score for the iPhone 4S confirms that it is indeed twice as fast as the iPhone 4 in Mobile Safari.

Raise to Speak for Siri has been a previously undocumented feature. A user will be able to hold the iPhone 4S up to his/her face and speak to Siri like a regular phone call. That should help lower the level of awkwardness that will undoubtedly be there when people start talking to robotic voices on their phones all day long.


  • d0ntp4n1c

    Uh video is broke and I dont read….chinese?

    • kokhean

      The video works fine. Luckily, I’m Chinese so I can read Mandarin =D

  • gielk

    uuuhm okeee…

  • iDalam

    for who ever can’t watch it.. watch it from the original site

    or.. download it from here.. ( i re-uploaded it on mediafire )

  • John

    Can’t see it on either iPad or iPhone. I thought this was an iOS site.

  • babiloe

    Ipad2 mine runs at 76394 and that bench iphone4s runs about 89000 according that site. And the galaxy s2 runs at 50000 and tab 10.1 runs at 84000 according anandtech

    • goofygreek

      That might be a iphone biased site becuase my galaxy s2 just hit 94334. Best thing to do is run the test at least 3 times and then take the average.

      • babiloe

        Actually it is a trusted site for computer and hardware review for years. I don’t have samsung ones and iPhones for testing it for direct compare. Thank you for feedback.

  • Wms

    Unrelated post but i need some help, when i tap either the safari or youtube icon on spribgboard more than once they seem to disappear? Anyone know how to resolve this?

    • Ken

      Try to reboot (hard reboot) your device.

  • peter jansen

    Doesn’t run iphone, ipad & in safari, chrome on win7, but it’s probably (can’t read nor capy paste/translate) a server overload. I guess that everybody wants to see this video

  • peter jansen

    Click on the Macrumors link, it runs from there.

  • peter jansen
    • I replaced it with that YouTube link. Thanks, Peter.

  • DebTym

    am I deaf?

    • flako2914

      Lmao we must be

      • George

        No sound 4 u…..har har round eye

  • Jacksparrow

    Something very wrong with this video I think maybe it is in japanese or Korean. I dunno.

  • I woner how Siri will react to a cus word in your request. Some ppl just cuss in every f**king sentence….