Apple has another hit on its hands. Earlier today, the Cupertino company announced that it received a staggering 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders in the first 24 hours.

With shipping dates now 1-2 weeks out, those looking to score an iPhone 4S by Friday are running out of options. But before you set up camp outside of your local Apple store, you may want to give Best Buy a try…

Several sites have been reporting this weekend that the retailer is accepting in-store iPhone 4S pre-orders. For a $50 deposit, Best Buy’s mobile division (which is an authorized reseller for all major carriers) will reserve a handset for you.

iPhoneinCanada has confirmed with Best Buy that its pre-order offer will last until Friday. Then the 4S will go on sale at retail stores across the globe. And word on the street is that Best Buy is offering up to $300 in cards for iPhone 4 trade-ins.

Customers will be able to pick up their pre-ordered handsets on the 14th at their designated Best Buy store. We can’t confirm that all stores are participating in the iPhone 4S pre-sale, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re having trouble finding one.

  • I thought it was 1-2 weeks to wait till it ships

  • I was at a Best Buy here in Nashville 2 hours ago. The pre orders don’t help you much on Friday the 14th. Say there are 150 people in line when you arrive. You have to get in line behind them even if you have a pre order and wait. If they sell out of the iPhone you have pre ordered before you get there you are SOL. Starting Saturday they will hold your iPhone for you.

    Given that there is a 100% chance they will sell out of the iPhone 4S on Saturday a pre order doesn’t really help you get one on Friday. I’ve read this is the case online elsewhere so I’m pretty certain this is a corporate wide policy.

    • Jerry

      I went to Best Buy this morning and though you are correct that you may have to stand in line; Best Buy confirmed with me that orders are filled based on when the pre-order was placed. Best Buy was told me that they will attempt to call prior to set up an appointment so I don’t have to stand in line.

      • sean

        That was exactly what was told to me by radio shack. They also told me , they the amount of iphone 4S’s coming in is based off how many preorders they have, so if they have like 10 preorders , they are going to have 10 iphones plus a additional 5 for walk-ins

  • sean

    Radio shack was another, but i think they stopped their presales yesterday

    • BKzJustO

      RadioShack extended they’re pre-orders up until Thursday 13th now so you can check with you’re local store but I’m pretty sure it’s a nation-wide thing.

  • B

    I work at Best Buy and everyone is right. The pre order only guarantees you will get a phone, not when that will be. You will still need to wait in line and u might not get it on Friday. However the next batch that comes in will be fulfilled based on pre order queue. It may be weeks before you get one

  • Salvador

    I was at best buy in central ave in Yonkers
    They still taking pre-orders.

  • Iphone4Sguru

    The person who said they work at best buy is WRONG!!!! They are filling the preorders only. You cant walk into a best buy on the 14th and get a iphone 4s unless you have a preorder. Thats the only way they are selling it.

  • Idiot


    LOL that makes NO SENSE at all. NO retailer would RESERVE for customers and not have any on sale for walk ins. You must be what 10 years old?

  • J

    I made a pre order and was at the central ave yonker bestbuy store on the 14th at 7amwaiting online only to be told there are no 16g black sprint iphone 4s in stock yet, they took my name and number and told me they would call me and email me as soon as they come in. Sucks for me ,cant wait to get my iphone, i hope by at least next week i will have one for it will my first iphone. wish everyone luck.

    • Kea

      The same thing happened to me! I preordered on the 7th went to the store on the 14th only to be told that they didnt have the shipment for the 16g iphone 4s for sprint! And no one seems to know when the next shipment is! This is beyond frustrating!

  • J

    Day 6, Oct 19,2011 still no email or call from best buy about my iphone 4s 16gb from sprint. if your going to have pre orders at your store make sure you know when deliveries are coming and how many your getting so you have an answer for your customers when we call. Best buy you suck donkey balls, the answer i get when i call is not yet we dont know when we will email you. Get your facts and inventory knowledge correct for the future , never again will i pre order anything from Best Buy. My hands up flipping you the bird,lol…..

  • Lor

    Best Buy has no control on how many or what type of iPhone 4s they get in. I’ve been waiting for a week now and I have a preordered phone. All they can tell you is I don’t know.

    • Brian

      They do know. Check Best Buy Forums and you will find out they knew before taking pre-orders that they wouldn’t have any Sprint iPhones until Oct 31. Look at your paperwork and you’ll see they do not guarantee your pre-order until the 31st. They are being punished by Apple for leaking the fact(in Sept) that Sprint would have an iphone and the iphone 5 was coming out. The problem is, Best Buy knew ahead of time and still tried to take pre-orders to get their sales; all the time lying to us about when they would get phones.

      Here’s your solution. Go to Best Buy, cancel your pre-order and get your money back for your giftcard. The FAQ and the back of your receipt says they are obligated to refund the giftcard. Then, check online at Apple. After 9pm, you can reserve a phone at your Apple store of choice, if they have them, and pick it up the next day. Or, go to Sprint Store and reserve.

      There is an issue now that we are a week out of launch day though. Sprint and Apple stores, at least of this weekend) are out too. We may have missed the 1st wave of phones, due to Best Buy. Which means, you might have to wait until the following week, close to the end of the month.

      THIS IS BEST BUY’S FAULT!! I will never shop there again. Consumer relations will even give you another $50 giftcard to keep the pre-order if you call them, but I say NO WAY!! I will not be bought buy a company that doesn’t care for their customers. Read the Best Buy forums, you will see this is an issue all over the country. Best Buy should lose millions because of their attitude toward the situation.

      Good Luck!!

  • J

    Just called best buy, the minute they pick up the phone they say thank you for calling best buy we are currently out of the iphone 4s how may i help you. I just laughed and hung up lol…. I guess one day i will get that email or phone call to pick up my phone…..

  • Zee

    Best buy just emailed me sayin it can take up to 21 DAYS!!! WTF

  • J

    me too zee….

  • Kea

    I just received an email from best buy saying unavailable to ship!
    Wtf does that mean?????
    I haaaaaate best buy!!!!

  • J

    me too kea just means we have to wait even longer now.

  • Zee

    i got the same BULLSHIT!!!!!!