Without a doubt, SBSettings is the de facto must have tweak among all jailbreak tweaks for the iPhone. I think if you took a poll of 100 people, 90 of them would claim that SBSettings is the one tweak that they could not live without.

With that being said, imagine my excitement when I heard that the iOS 5 beta version of SBSettings was ready for testing! I’m happy to report that it comes with tons of new settings, and beautifully integrates into iOS 5’s Notification Center.

Check inside for a full video walkthrough of the new and improved SBSettings…

What to Expect From the New SBSettings

  • Notification Center, and traditional Activator invocation. Both can be enabled simultaneously
  • New themes, including HD themes for Retina devices
  • Custom Notification Center style options
  • All of the traditional SBSettings features you’ve grown to love

There are a few bugs that need to be squashed, mainly revolving around the power options, and the Notification Center dock option. But this is beta, and bugs are expected.

As of now, SBSettings is totally usable and functional on iOS 5 GM, and I highly recommend it to anyone running a jailbroken iOS 5 installation.

To access the beta version of SBSettings, add the following repo to Cydia: http://thebigboss.org/ios5beta/

What do you think about the new SBSettings? Are you as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments section below.

  • Woody dog

    Iv had it for a few weeks and I don’t use the notification center pull down. Tried it for a while and just use bite6 and swipe to use sbsettings the old school way. It just works better that way for me. But the old school way is much smoother a polished both the beta that it was before

  • Mathieu R.

    I been playing with it since a few days and it’s working nicely, except I have a few bug with the notification center.

    Separate list : When it’s off it won’t use the same settings has the window drop down.
    Smaller toggles : I don’t see any difference with the size of the toggles.
    No Toggles Label : Does not remove the label.

    Is someone having the same bugs ?

  • Eddie

    Is there a way to contact the devs? I have one wish for SBsettings. In the power menu add an option to pin lock your device when you press. I usually keep mine on 15 minutes but sometimes want it to lock right away w out changing the settings

    • Spencer

      I may be missing something here or perhaps you are…… To lock the device with a pin, you just need to short press the power button on top.

  • Scaredy Shroom

    +1 if you think Apple should implement this into their OS. WE NEED TOGGLES!

    • Woody dog

      Yes if apple had bite and sbsettings built in or in the app store. I would not need to jailbreak. I still would I just wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t have it

  • Josh

    I can’t stand SBSettings. Not sure why. Either it’s because IN MY OPINION it kills the simplicity and pure-ness of my iPhone, or because I don’t really need to be turning on and off features like Airplane Mode, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth or WiFi. If I DO download it, I can only stand it for a day or two.

    One tweak I do NEED is NoSpot. It may seem pathetic, but I can’t stand that little son of a b*tch (Spotlight).

    • Karl

      That’s a horrific first world problem. I will pray for you.

      • Josh

        If only you made sense.

      • LifeBandit666

        This forum needs Reddit-style upvoting system just so I can +1 this ↑

  • Woody dog

    Very exciting times!!! I’v been playing with ios5 a few months. Now all the tweaks are getting updated. New iPhone on the way!!! Just hoping for a quick jailbreak for the 4s. The new 4s will be great but it will be hard to give up my untethered ios5 jb on my 3GS. And go to a stock phone.

    • LifeBandit666

      I didn’t know there was an untethered JB for iOS 5. Is it a beta iOS 5 or a beta JB?

      • There isn’t; it’s still tethered. Untethered in the near future perhaps, but not now.

      • Woody dog

        Yes i’v had an untethered jailbreak since beta5 or 6. Now on iOS5 gm untethered with a 3GS old bootroom. I jb with sn0wbreeze I think red snow is untethered for 3GS old boot. The untether is only 3GS old bootroom!!

  • John doe

    There is no untethered jailbreak for ios 5. There mighg not even be a jailbreak.

    • Woody dog

      Cronic said at jailbreak con they have five in the works. They just need to get the 4s to make sure all is good

    • Kjeldor

      THERE IS an untethered jailbreak for ios5, but only for the old bootrom 3Gs.

      Try downloading the latest snowbreeze and you will see on the screen when you open it, it says “This is only a tethered jailbreak except for the old bootroom 3Gs.

  • QuarterSwede

    I had it for a while. I don’t like how there are 4.5 icons in the notification center. UISettings looks A LOT better in this regard. I was using it through activator as well. If UISettings gains plugins for extra toggles I’ll drop SBSettings for sure. For the GM I’ve decided to go jailbreak free.

  • Ghazix01

    Anyone knows the status of lock info in iOS5 ? Is going to be updated and implementep in notification centre?

  • ic0dex

    Wow the icons are so ugly.

    • hxclos

      You can change the theme. I personally prefer the “Serious SBSettings HD” theme from Cydia.

  • Hiding icon labels. Yay!

  • oryaN

    the location toggle does not work … it is not open the location service ..

  • mosec

    Is it possible to move sbsettings toggles to the top of the notifications center, so that weather widget and other notifications show under?

    • Erik

      In settings, in notifications, you can choose the order. Press edit.

  • Jeff

    I installed it and every time i do instead of “return to cydia” it asks to reboot, which leaves me at a “frozen” reboot which i have to hard reset, restore and the rejailbreak

  • Kiralina

    Jeff, don’t reboot from that screen.
    Press home , connect the phone to computer, turn it off ,open redsnow, extras, just boot and you’ll be fine.