Want a quick way to play your favorite playlists without venturing into your iPod app? Then check out SBMusic, it allows you to create bookmarks to your favorite playlists, and save them on your Home screen.

SBMusic is a jailbreak tweak that not only allows you to create custom bookmarks, but custom app icons as well. It’s a great tool for those of you who want a quick and easy way to play your favorite tunes…

In theory, you can create an infinite amount of playlist bookmarks, all with custom app icons. Considering that the app icons are nothing more than Home screen bookmarks, it’s easy to delete them individually once you’ve moved on to something else.

SBMusic will set you back $0.99 on Cydia. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

  • Chuck

    I love it. Always wanted a short to hear my music shuffled!

  • Massie

    Is there an option to launch from the lockscreen?

    • rdqronos

      You could in theory create an activator action that launches it.

  • Keith

    That’s…… Kinda…. Whack? Lol

  • Binary-Stalker

    Can iPod Touch users use it offline?