The iPhone 4S, which Apple introduced earlier this week, includes several improvements over its predecessor. It sports a faster processor, an all-new operating system, and what is likely to become a class-leading 8MP camera.

One addition that Apple has been fairly quiet about, however, is the handset’s support for Bluetooth 4.0. In fact, as several sites have pointed out, the iPhone 4S is the first smartphone to support the new technology…

Bluetooth 4.0 packs some significant advantages over previous versions, but its most important attribute has to be its low power consumption. According to ITProPortal, the new tech uses around half of the power of previous Bluetooth profiles.

Although there aren’t many accessories available yet that take advantage of Bluetooth 4.0, it opens the door for all kinds of possibilities. Headsets and other Bluetooth accessories are currently limited by their excessive battery drain.

Outside of peripherals, the new technology could have some other uses as well. As we reported back in July, Apple’s latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini products contain support for Bluetooth 4.0. Maybe we’ll see file-transfer support at some point?

The nice thing about 4.0 is that it’s completely backwards compatible, so all of your old headsets and accessories should still work. And hopefully we’ll see manufacturers, including Apple, take advantage of the new tech sometime soon.

  • Tangz

    It sucks that you can’t send files through bluetooth to other phones on iPhone…

  • James

    Who cares ?? If you still can’t send files via bluetooth it’s not news .. Are Apple the only company who blatantly exclude function that people want and can get with any other manufacturer ?? i.e bluetooth file sharing, expandable flash memory, ability to use the phone as a usb drive, themes etc etc etc, I love the aesthetics of the iPhone but the functionality sucks tbh

    • Ehsan


    • Joe

      There are apps that allow the transfer of contacts and stuff over wifi and Bluetooth. There are also apps that the iPhone to be used as a storage device as well.

      • James

        There are jailbreak tweaks to do it that cost a fortune, why should I have to pay to do something on my phone I could do 5 years ago on a Nokia !! .. As for storage device, you are wrong, i’m well aware of apps like Phone Drive etc that let you store files on the phone but i’m not talking about that, i’m talking about plugging my iPhone into a computer and it being detected as a storage device that files can be dragged and dropped into then transferred to another computer.

      • XepptizZ

        “that cost a fortune” really? I’ve never found the prices to be outragous actually.

      • @James
        Surely Nokia phone’s bluetooth features are working so well that people are buying them. NOT.

    • Tangz

      You asked me who cares, and I’ll answer:
      I care!!!!! Because bluetooth is useless if you cannot send files through it on the iPhone!

    • Tangzt

      You asked me who cares, and I’ll answer:
      I care!!!!! Because bluetooth is useless if you cannot send files through it on the iPhone!

  • sean

    There is also a new no-code pairing system that will simplify the connection process, and some argue could give Bluetooth the chance to pull of NFC type activities such as sharing information with another phone or even making payments. via –

  • Ross

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    • MrA


    • Neal

      U crazy? No!

    • XepptizZ

      This smells like a friend-set-up.

  • forgot

    I think it will go further. Apple has, very subtly, embraced the idea that people are using the iPod Nano as a watch. With the iPod Nano running a neutered version of iOS, I think there’s a real possibility they could add Bluetooth 4.0 to the Nano, allowing people who use it as a watch to view incoming notifications, alerts, and such. They’re trying to keep the size down, which is probably why it hasn’t already happened.

    • Woody dog

      It will be like the Dick Tracy watch. Just tack to the watch that is on bluetooth to iPhone with Siri and it does what ever you tell it to do. Haha I could happen

  • moob

    I don’t care if it’s Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 24.0 I would still be able to pick up a mobile device for a minute fraction of the cost of an iPhone and still have greater Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Jailbreak

    i never understand why we can’t do file sharing on a iphone wat is wrong with file sharing

    • It’s just trying to prevent piracy from advancing even further.

      • No. This is what they say to make a good image. The reality is, they want to encourage (better say force) people to purchase from iTunes, so they make more money.

        also some people say Bluetooth file sharing is not supported because iOS uses a closed file system in which each app can only access just it’s own files. Which is true, but they can still allow bluetooth file sharing. but they won’t.

  • Eldaria

    What annoys me the most is that I can’t tranasfer my phonbook to my car’s bluetooth system, it works with almost everyother bluetooth mobile phone out there, but not my iPhone.

  • Steven Malnati

    Does anybody know if we pre-order the iPhone 4S through AT&T if we get it early or on the 14th or will we get it after that date? Anyone have past experience with getting their 4 early when pre-ordering directly through AT&T? I stayed up until freaking 4 in the morning and I am NOT about to wait an extra 2-5 days for that crap. Any help?

    • Sonia

      No one really knows for sure. I heard most people who got theirs early or on the day of launch, but not too many that got it after that date.

  • daniel

    iPod Nano with BT 4.0 (paired with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) that you can use to talk to Siri, and view notifications. Also, Push Notifications on Mac that also get delivered to mobile devices and visa-versa.

    • forgot

      Yep, that’s pretty much what I said……..