The code ninjas at 9to5Mac have uncovered references to a new, more powerful Apple TV in the iOS 5 beta.

Since Apple started implementing the faster A5 processor in products like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, we’ve all been wondering when the Apple TV will see a specs bump. Practically, a move to the A5 chip in the Apple TV would mean that 1080p video content is coming to Apple’s beloved set-top box…

“Deep inside the iOS 5 file system is a reference to a Apple TV 3,1. This would be an upgrade from the current Apple TV’s 2,1 marking. The number changing from 2 to 3 represents major changes, and with the Apple TV recently gaining a fully re-designed case, we expect this upgrade to mainly consist of internal changes.”

This upcoming Apple TV will likely have more RAM alongside the A5 chip. The current Apple TV 2G can only handle 720p video playback due to A4 processor restrictions. Not only would this faster Apple TV be able to playback full 1080p video, but full 1080p content would likely be offered in iTunes following the product’s release.

9to5Mac notes that references in the iOS SDK have not always produced real results, but it’s a safe bet to assume that the Apple TV will see a refresh soon. Bluetooth support is also expected for the next gen Apple TV.

You can learn how to jailbreak your current Apple TV and add more features here and here. Expect a product refresh at Apple’s next event.

  • James

    Apple TV will continue to suck until Apple get with the program and put a frickin’ USB port on it, not every1 wants to stream shit.

    • Chris

      Exactly !

    • hxclos

      True. I bought both the AppleTV and a WD TV Live Plus and I gotta say, I prefer my WD TV Live Plus. Not only can I stream movies from my external hard drive, I get cool apps like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more. Only downside is that I had to buy a wireless USB adapter for it. At least iOS 5 will bring usefulness back to AppleTV

    • tho

      Oi Then dont use it! Thats THE hole point with Apple tv keyword>>>>> streaming!!!
      Apple tv rocks

      • moimoimoimoi

        hole? you mean whole tardo

  • Ken

    They are using A5 chip and try to stop jailbreak.

    • Binary-Stalker

      A5 chip doesn’t prevent the jailbreak.

  • sean

    I guess im going to wait for the upgraded apple tv then , ill still use my av cables until then. Cut the cords, +1 for wireless

  • Logitech Revue is my favorite.

  • JohnSloe

    This might help in getting the USB opern for external storage: