Hot on the heels of AT&T’s announcement earlier today that it has been seeing enormous demand for the iPhone 4S, Apple itself now seems to be feeling the pressure.

Earlier today we reported that the Cupertino company was forced to push back international shipping dates for the iPhone 4S, and now the delay has spilled over into the US…

9to5Mac sounded the alarm this evening, pointing out that Apple appears to have sold through its initial preorder allotment. The company’s website now shows an estimated iPhone 4S shipping time of 1-2 weeks.

If you haven’t ordered the new handset yet, but are planning on it, we recommend that you get moving. At the time of this writing, you can still purchase the iPhone 4S on, you just won’t get it by October 14.

  • sean

    We should here about tge total presales by tommorow

  • Just wondering if Steve Jobs’ demise had anything to do with Apple getting more sympathy purchases. A lot of them had otherwise found the new iPhone 4S to be not so very impressive..

    • Gabe Z

      Normally with a comment like yours, I would ignore and move on. I must say Adam, you’re pathetic.

      • BoardDWorld

        Here here

    • DebTym

      it’s not sympathy you fool. it is because with every iPhone it changes lives. , , ! , ,

      • Topsy

        Must you call people fools. If one person calls everybody fools, that means the one person is the Big Fool.


        Lol, yeah they were sympathy purchases of several hundred dollars and 2 year contracts. This little company called Apple would otherwise be unheard of to sell a phone successfully!

    • sean

      Well i guess every year is a sympathy purchase , cause every year they sell more than the year before. dont get upset haters ….It Just Works, lol

  • Lupin

    Meh I can wait

  • Antish

    Well well only an apple user will know it’s worth! We don’t have to hear rubbish from others, always trying to bring down the company’s name, despite apple users never do that!