MacRumors points to a report from Reuters citing that AT&T is seeing extraordinary demand for Apple’s new smartphone. As most of you know, Apple opened up iPhone 4S preorders just after midnight (PST) last night.

The company has been met with a lot of criticism over its latest handset, which it unveiled last Tuesday. But that doesn’t seem to have affected consumer demand for the device. AT&T believes that they’ve already sold 200,000 of them…

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered online last night to ensure they’d be among the first to get the new iPhone. They battled through extended delays and site crashes to secure their orders.

And, according to Reuters, they did so in record numbers. With AT&T alone selling nearly a quarter of a million handsets in 12 hours, the iPhone 4S is on pace to set all kinds of sales records.

As MacRumors mentions, in comparison, Apple sold 600,000 iPhone 4s last year during its first day of preorders. But that number included the US, which means only AT&T at that time, and several other countries. Wow.

And this was the phone that some critics called “disappointing.”

  • Derpy

    Are you trying to imply the 4S WASN’T disappointing.

  • Dusean

    Aw yea , SPRINT HAS SOLD OUT OF THEIR IPHONE 4S 16GB….. Dddaaaammmmnnnnn

  • sean

    It just works

  • ic0dex

    Let’s just call it the iPhone 5 so people can feel comfortable.

  • Tbv

    I will keep my iPhone 4 and wait for next year. I wanted a 4 inch screen. Even my wife was not happy with the the way the 4S is identical looking to our iPhone 4s.
    I love iPhones, but I will not just waste my money buying another slightly improved model, just because it has an Apple logo on it.

  • mema

    “Apple sold 600,000 iPhone 4s last year during its first day of preorders” FAIL you mean iPhone 4 if you were talking about multiple you should have done iPhone 4’s

    • Negative

      4’s would imply a contraction, like “4 is”.

      Saying FAIL and being wrong makes you seem like an ignorant teenie-bopper who attacks people on the Internet because he doesn’t have the balls to raise his voice enough to be heard in the real world.

      • iPhone4Same

        4’s can also mean ownership iPhone 4’s screen is identical to the iPhone 4S’

    • fdxgncgfn

      you still play Club Penguin? What a baby

  • MrA

    “They battled through extended delays and site crashes to secure their orders.”

    This was me, but the battle was A victory. I got my 64GB white iPhone 4S at about 4am central time.

  • Max


  • JakeH

    The 4s is a fairly substantial upgrade (twice the processor speed and magnitudes greater graphics being one of the smaller factors) … but I still don’t know if I would have made the switch if I had the “old” iPhone 4. Given I have the 3GS with an expired contract, it was practically a no-brainier though.

  • Sarah

    I am still not convinced that a much bigger screen is a good thing. They could probably reduce the bezel a bit, but if they made the actual phone any wider I don’t think I could type one handed well anymore :/

    Why not just get an iPad if you want a huge iPod?

    • iPhone4Same

      stupid comment again………….people want a 4 inch phone not a 9.7 inch phone. what don’t you get???

      • Dusean

        The sale figures contradicts what you say what ppl want. Next time say it’s what YOU want

      • Sarah

        4 inch is awkward for a lot of people … what don’t you get???

  • Rosalinda_Mullen W

    I applied to believe megapixels were crucial but I caused a shooter and he said the same thing. What’s more crucial is the quality of the lens and iphone features a pretty good lens. My pastime is astrophotography and the iphone does fairly good with that